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Silicon Beach Fest!

Last weekend, the inaugural Silicon Beach Festival took place in Santa Monica featuring the newest and most intriguing start-up tech and entertainment companies in LA! By rubbing elbows with 2,000+ attendees, organizers, sponsors and volunteers over the course of the weekend, Team Viddy DEFINITELY made a strong appearance!

To kick start this jam-packed weekend, we attended the Opening Night ”Startups Uncensored" presentation hosted by Docstoc’s very own CEO and Co-Founder Jason Nazar and popular comedian Ben Gleib (who has his very own Viddy account with us!).  The two comically informed over 500 entrepreneurs, investors and techies how to BEST speak in public and master presentations.

Jason Nazar’s professional experience in presentations perfectly matched Ben Gleib’s witty and comical explanations of public speaking. From spot-on voice impressions of Jack Nicholson and Al Pacino, to relating soggy pancakes and Heinz Ketchup to speaking efficiently, Gleib and Nazar kept the audience laughing the whole evening.

After the presentation, it was a must for Team Viddy to get a quick comment from Gleib, a Viddyographer himself, to post to our Viddy pages. After a few great speaking pointers, we ended the first portion of the night at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel before continuing on to the Opening Night Cocktail Party at the Viceroy Hotel.

At The Viceroy, we were fortunate enough to meet a great assortment of CEO’s and entrepreneurs of multiple start-up companies and were able to spread the name of Viddy to those who did not know! Here are a few pictures of the night from Digital LA! (Keep an eye out for the black Viddy shirts!).

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- Team Viddy (@mtribble91)