anonymous said:

p=008799 LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. WE HAVE A HATER. OH YES, TODAY HE WILL PAY. WITH HIS TEETH. AND WITH HIS BLOOD. Blood is it have connection with the symbols? Is it John gonna pay with bond? and what do you think the meaning with teeth?

Blood would be mentioned regardless of the Breath connection, here; it’s an appropriate context for the word. If you HAVE to stretch it to mean something aspecty, you could say that he intends to have the flighty, breathy John pay, take responsibility for a transgression he probably thinks he’ll get away with, and that sort of retributive sentiment is very Blood? (Think Jack Noir and his epic grudges, for instance.) But you really don’t have to read that far into it, and I don’t really see a reason to here.

What’s much MORE significant is his sentiment that John will pay with his teeth. I’m sure you all know what that means…

Clearly, we ALL know what’s coming.