About MTV The Show Voting (no matter who you’re voting for/voted for)

Here is the breakdown of how votes count:

Pre-score (before The Show is on air): 

  • Album sales + Digital Sales + SNS (tweets, views on Youtube, etc.) = 35%
  • Views on Tudou + Paid vote items (China) = 35% (many people are assuming that BTS won this based on the Tudou website ranking)(this is what we all just did)

Live Voting

  • Text votes during The Show – 15%
  • Tudou Votes – 15%

We really won’t know who won until it’s announced, tbh. But I think I know one thing for sure: a lot of us love both Bangtan Boys and UNIQ <3


BIGBANG - MC Interview @ 150503 SBS Inkigayo!


SEAN: “YG BOBCHA bring you the best food!

“Hyun Suk hyung sent the YG food truck to support us on ‘Running Man’~ I was so happy that we could serve the famous YG cafeteria food to the members and the staff of the show. Thank you Hyun Suk hyung! And to the ladies from the kitchen and YG staff who came out all this way because of us, thank you.”

Translated by: soompi


150503 [Instavideo] Jung YongHwa (After Work) SBS Inkigayo - Special MC

cr: AllAboutJYH


obviously im going thru the identity-building, “experimental look” phase, slashing lines into my head and oscillating between animeish haircuts, bearded or babyfaced, and glasses/contacts. after all, outward appearance is the most immediate and observable component of your identity, especially to other people.

what’s less observable is that i spend too much time in everywhere but the present.

i dwell on the hardest parts of the past and fixate on pain.

conversely, i too heavily identify with an ideal future self that doesn’t exist (and before, mourned a future that never was nor would be) and the cognitive dissonance becomes overwhelming.

when i actually do take the time to reflect on the present, its in a mirror… obsessing over “imperfection,” loosely defined as whatever discrepancies exist between what’s here now and the future i want for myself, rather than whatever progress i’ve managed to make through navigating repeated L’s.

this is not something i would normally care to write, especially for you as the reader. but maybe by example it can be helpful for people who relate with me.

at the risk of oversharing in hopes for complete transparency/honesty with myself as a form of self acceptance…

i grew up fat af, lol. it was adorable. i got thin. recent depression sucked what few pounds i kept right off me last year. so i started training again.

but still, i think i struggle with some kind of bdd (and also likely orthorexia or an ednos due to longterm paleo dieting and intermittent fasting) in my relentless pursuit of the glo up. tru, i couldve developed my delts, traps, and pecs more. yea, i could be leaner and waited until i had the six pack. also, i could be bigger for my height.

in no way should that admission suggest im giving up. i probably will do all that and get closer to the results i want for myself. more important is that i realize for myself that it doesn’t matter that much if i can never let myself be happy with the results.

in the meantime, this is me and the body that i have. i cant hide from that. i worked hard to get here! i should be proud. this is my first attempt. how’d i do?