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Every female idol video has a butt shot of course.

You know what—I LIKE the glitter shorts.  I bet her managers were like, Amber you can’t just wear basket ball shorts for your music video you HAVE to dress up a LITTLE bit, wear something fancy and put those snapbacks away I’m not going to tell you again young lady.  But THEN her stylist was like, pssst Amber hun look!  We removed the sequins from the TTS “Twinkle” dresses and sewed all 2 million of them to your shorts so no one can say they aren’t fancy now and look it totally matches nothing else in your outfit, it’ll remind people you’re still in f(x)


Great Banksy street art photos and quotes

“The greatest crimes in the world are not committed by people breaking the rules but by people following the rules. It’s people who follow orders that drop bombs and massacre villages”

”If you want to say something and have people listen then you have to
wear a mask. If you want to be honest then you have to live a lie.”

“Become good at cheating and you never need to become good at anything else.”

“People who get up early in the morning cause war, death and famine.”

”There are four basic human needs; food, sleep, sex and revenge.”

“Nothing in the world is more common than unsuccessful people with talent, leave the house before you find something worth staying in for. ”

“Think outside the box, collapse the box, and take a fucking sharp knife to it.”

“You’re mind is working at its best when you’re being paranoid. You explore every avenue and possibility of your situation at high speed with total clarity.”

Naruto in 'The Last'.

So I finally got to see The Last in theaters (it was amazing) and can we just talk about how thoughtful and considerate Naruto is in this fucking movie? 

Even before he realizes he loves Hinata, he has complete faith in her abilities and has no doubt that she could protect herself if she walked home alone.
Then, once he finds out that the scarf was for him, he realizes how bad she must have felt when she saw him with the scarf Kushina made him. And what does he do? He takes it off. He takes it off and puts it away and doesn’t wear it anymore so that Hinata can have the opportunity to give her scarf to him without feeling like it won’t mean something or mean as much to him. 

When he asks her what she had wanted to talk to him about and she says it was nothing and that she wants to be alone, he says he understands and doesn’t try to push her into talking. Even though you can see it clearly hurts him that she’s pushing him away, he doesn’t try to force an explanation out of her and gives her space. And it’s completely heartbreaking because he’s obviously so in love with her and he’s so dense and doesn’t understand why yet he still doesn’t pressure her to talk about it. 

And finally, when she has an opportunity to give him her scarf and it’s completely destroyed, what does he do? He asks for it anyway. And you can see in her eyes how sad it makes her that she’s spent all this time knitting all of her feelings into a gift for him and all she has is this torn scrap. You can see in her eyes how obviously inadequate she feels giving it to him, but he tells her that it doesn’t matter, that he wants it anyway and will cherish it. HE SAYS HE’LL CHERISH IT. And he wants to be with her until he dies, like what the fuck Naruto you little shit when did you get all these slick moves and cheesy lines? 

He has so many little moments like this that aren’t even a major part of the movie yet make it 100x better because it shows how real his feelings are and the extent he would go to in order to make her feel better when she’s sad and to make sure she knows that she’s all he wants and that nothing she could ever do would ever be inadequate to him. He will literally cherish every single thing she does for him and I just can’t even explain how amazing this is to see their character development.

I just have a lot of feels about this movie you guys.


Miles & Monroe (feat. Frank and the Blonde Cadet) | 2.18

"Rachel did this to you."

Treat yourself to things. 

Being girly won’t make you any less of a feminist, it won’t make you stupid or vain. Researching make up, thinking of cute outfits, liking a boyband, doing stereotypical girl things is not a bad thing. You don’t have to pretend to be tough just because you aren’t one of ‘those girls’. Men have thought us that everything women like is bullshit, so in order to claim our rightful place in society we seldom tend to go away from the things that interest us, being tough and ‘one of the guys’ even if it’s not really our preferred way of life.

1. Avoid the tell-tale freshman signs.

If you’re fine with everyone knowing you’re a freshman, I guess it’s okay. But nothing says freshman like the ID/keys/lanyard combo over a free freshman t shirt. There’s not even anything wrong with using a lanyard – just don’t wear it around your neck. Last year my sister made me swear never to do these things. I didn’t know why, but I listened, and now I’m thankful. This is one of the few things college students notice.

2. Try lots of new things early, when it’s easy to get involved.

At my university we have Quad Day, where many of our hundreds of RSOs (that’s Registered Student Organizations) set up shop on the quad and try to recruit new members – most of whom are freshmen. If it sounds even a little interesting to you, get more information! And as tired and busy as you’ll be those first few weeks, try to go to some of the meetings. Meeting people in college is very different than in high school, and student groups are a great place to start.

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Dear future boyfriend,
  • you’re not allowed to have the passcode to my phone 
  • you’re not allowed to tell me what to wear/call me a slut for what i wear. you’re my boyfriend not my keeper
  • under no circumstances can you put your hands on me unless I say it’s ok
  • you’re not allowed to tell me what I can and cannot do with my body and life. If I wanna cut or dye or straighten my hair or wear 5 layers or nothing at all, I will. If I wanna travel and you wanna stay where you are cool, I’m not staying with you
  • I will not depend on you for everything
  • I will not put up with mind games
  • treat me the way you’d want your future daughter to be treated. treat me the way I treat you
  • I will not drop everything I’m doing to be with you
  • I will not compete for you
  • Dependency isn’t cute. Clingyness isn’t cute.
  • I won’t tolerate secondhand compliments
  • I will not beg you to stay
Life with OCD

 Okay so. One thing that drives me absolutely fucking mental is people who say “Oh I like things clean, I have OCD” or “I like things straight, I have OCD”. OCD has nothing to do with that, so I just wanted, I guess to inform people. Everyday is hard, it wears you out so badly because you are always making sure you aren’t doing anything wrong. It’s invisible too, most of the time. When you feel like crying because you haven’t tapped something or a math question adds up to those numbers that you have a physical fear of. It’s EXHAUSTING! but no one can see it. OCD is when you get bad thoughts or visions in your head, they can be anything from a loved one being hurt to being afraid that you will go to hell to everything feeling wrong and you feel physically uncomfortable. The fears are so immense that the only way you have to silence them are to perform rituals or compulsions to silence them. This is where the symptoms like being clean, tapping things, counting things, repeating phrases in your head comes into the equation. These rituals can be basically anything, but however big or small, they can take over your life. It can stop you being able to go places, stop you from doing things that you want to do.

This is me: So you wake up and it’s there. The counting in your head begins like it had never stopped. Counting in 4s, making sure you don’t take the wrong number of steps, touching things 4 times. DOING EVERYTHING 4 TIMES. Matching up the movements on one side of your body with the other. The fear of saliva and having to always avoid it. (people think I’m just being squeamish. But I’m actually terrified) and more. All day. Everyday. To try and block out the fears (Don’t want to put these online) that run around my mind constantly! And then you are completely warn out and then any stresses in top only make it worse and make the compulsions worse. And then you finally get to bed, with your body practically wilting but your head WON’T SHUT THE FUCK UP and so you can sit there for hours with all these thoughts racing round your mind and trying not to move to avoid the need to perform rituals and then eventually you sleep and when you wake it all starts again.

I guess what I am trying to get across is that OCD is a real disorder that millions struggle with and it destroys lives. It is not a fly away thing, it’s not “just one of those things” It’s actually terrifying and I along with many many others have to live with it. So please don’t disregard it as like ‘not a real illness’ because it is and it’s awful.

Okay rant done Ta :) xx

took a lot to post this, be nice x

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"Here!" Mycroft says handing John ten bags of clothes, "now tell Sherlock to stop complaining." "What's all this for?" John asks. "Ask him," Mycroft snaps and storms back to the car. "Sherlock..." John says carrying the bags to the top of the stairs, "what have you done?" "Nothing," Sherlock says innocently, "I was just telling Mycroft that since we're such different body types we can't wear each other's clothes. I can't help it if he thought I was complaining and bought us clothes that fit."

awww hahahaha XD

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Exo reaction to you being extremly pretty without makeup 💕💕 i forgot about this blog .. DONT HIT MEEEEEE

But we aren’t…

Luhan: … You’re beautiful! I always thought it’s true that girls are uglier without make up and actually it’s not! Whole life in lie.

Kris: God, thank you for this girl, I can safely look at her in the morning.

Suho: Babe, have you done something with your hair?
Y/N: No… actually I’m not even wearing any make up.
Suho: … Whoa. *amazed* You’re stunning.

Xiumin: … Oh, my! You’re… so perfect… Natural beauty!

Chen: *says nothing but looks at you in way, you’re starting to be embarrassed*

Baekhyun: Am I as pretty as you areee? *joins you in front of the mirror*

Chanyeol: *your beauty became inspiration for him and he wrote a song for you about how his only love reminds him of spring flowers and summer sea*

Kai: I knew you’re natural beauty… See, I was right. You should never wear make up again.

Lay: *asked you to show him your pretty face without make up* Y/n… AMAZIN!

Kyungsoo: *when he knows that every other member is amazed by how beautiful you are* I know, I know. She’s mine. She’s perfect.

Tao: *talking with Chen while waiting for you* Oh, oh, it’s her. Look. Look how stunning is she! Look!

Sehun: Not sure if she’s amazingly beautiful or just it’s some sly-tricky-invisible-make-up-thing…

Yo I have nothing against Madison. Whatever is going in with her I’m not going to say anything because that’s not my business but her wearing Odd Future is. I bet you she can’t name five songs. And I’m not saying this to be like she can’t be a fan or anything but even OF crew doesn’t take pictures with anyone unless they know 3-5 songs. To top it off lots of people are wearing their merchandise bc it’s “urban” and “grunge”. So please sit the fuck down Madison with your fake ass eyelashes trying to trick people into thinking you listen to Odd Future. I seriously bet she can’t name anyone in OF besides Tyler the Creator. People like that piss me off. Alright I’m done.

This is why I refuse to say I’m Charlie, you can now arrest me do whatever you want with your shitty justice. Check out on my tumblr and tell me I’m terrorist because I reblogged a black flag, and I’m wearing hijab on my dp, and I simply follow a beautiful path. I’ll never support your Charlie! These words of mine might sound harsh, but these three racist journalists have played with fire and they got what they deserved.

Three innocent souls were killed and did absolutely nothing, were bright people, wonderful kids. Oh wait, no they were Muslims, this is why they were killed because of their religion. And no one, NO ONE, gives a damn. Where are your march around the country? Where are you at hypocrites? Where is your support dear country of human rights?


I’m ashamed to call myself French citizen. Where are my rights at?????
Rape is a crime of violence not passion.

We live in a society where Victim-blaming still exists. To make it clear to anybody, there is absolutely nothing you do that can cause you to get raped. What you wear isn’t consent, being drunk isn’t consent, being in a relationship still isn’t consent. There is no right or wrong way to get raped.

In many cases over time, there have been a lot of victim blaming scenarios, whether they say “She never said no”, “They were flirting with me all night”, “They sent me mixed signals” These aren’t excuses to say what you did was right. No women or man is to blame for the violence that got committed on them. Rape is about violence, control and power, not about sex.

there is nothing more heartbreaking than finally summoning up the courage to say that enough is enough, and then to still have your struggles mocked and invalidated. you claim you believe in equality, but when i speak up about racist issues concerning me, you say “people make jokes all the time”? oh yes, it’s a joke, when you’re scared to leave the house because you don’t want to be called out. It’s a joke, when your sister is told to stay home because she should avoid being arrested for wearing the hijab. It’s all a joke when theres not one day when you’ve woken up and said “the world is beautiful and I want to live”, because your people are dying for no reason everyday. I’m just like everyone else- I wake up, I get dressed, I go to school, just like every other kid. So why is it so difficult to accept us? but my family overseas, live in such a war-torn country that they could die any day, and you don’t care. when people dress up as “terrorists” at school but you say it’s ok because it’s ‘just a joke’. just because it hasn’t happened to you, it doesn’t mean it’s not an issue. but whatever happens, I won’t stop believing what I believe in. the world has made me too scared to admit to anyone that I am a middle-eastern muslim girl, and I don’t regret it. The worst part is that if I died, or if someone were to assault or kill me out of spite, everyone would just sweep it under the rug.

Today I thought, “I wish something interesting would happen” and then I dropped my wrist brace in the toilet. Well, I sort of accidentally threw my wrist brace in the toilet while I was doing a dance in the bathroom while waving my wrist braces in the air.
Today I got made fun of a bunch. I got made fun of for the way I talk and how much I wear my wrist braces. Surprisingly, I did not get made fun of for accidentally throwing my wrist brace in the toilet.
Today was a bad parents day. There is nothing like nonverbalness or partial nonverbalness to convince my parents that I am just being defiant or that I’m super disabled, scary disabled, *missing*, or both, can we have both? I need a bingo board that says stuff like “do you want me to drive you to the hospital” and “we’re going to take away your door” and “but you could talk before”.
Today I learned that sunglasses are not only good for delaying the onset of headaches and changing the way your face looks but they are also good for making it harder for people to see that they’re hurting you, which is good, not because I think my parents like hurting me, exactly, but because if they’re hurting me, then it’s working, then I might give in and cooperate if they just try a little harder…
Today I did a lot of rocking back and forth. A lot of stimming with Mardi Gras beads. Mardi Gras beads are great to stim with but a lot of them have a jigkazoo of lead in them so you have to be very careful not to put them in your mouth.
Today I wore my queen skirt. My stained glass skirt. Today I discovered that I can pull my skirt up instead of down when I use the bathroom, which is exciting because it has less steps.

Since when do police have the audacity to arrest a girl topless walking down the beach yet anyone can walk into a gas station and buy a magazine of a girl topless for 20 bucks. Since when is women’s anatomy and damn decency worth 20 bucks.
We’re trapped in a pitiful world where girls are pushed to try and please the thirsty eyes of every person passing by only to be called a slut, even when the men saying that are drooling over the thought of her looking up at him. We’re taught to suck in our gut and wear makeup till we fall asleep but we get nothing but disrespect back for it. It’s astonishing that society still believes that they have control over our confidence by pushing pictures of models with photoshopped skin in our face and diet pills to slim down our dignity but guess what you twats, we don’t live to please you anymore.