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Yo Dot, wanna ditch class and go get something to eat?

For once Lapis didn’t even catch us… immediately. Took us a while to figure out what they wrote on there, too… theovercookedrunt

BOY HOWDY WHAT A DAY I *recites extensive list of things I’ve had to do today to friends who are feigning polite interest*

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i love reading your laviyuu fics; it always makes my day whenever i see that you've posted up a new fic:3 i remember reading breakfast on pluto and i just knew that i am going to be in love with your storytelling and how you capture different facets of kanda and lavi ^3^ so if you don't mind me asking, what drew you into the laviyuu ship? (because i love your fics so much and gahhh i just want to see what you see that makes them your OTP <3 <3 <3 <3)

oohhhhhh thank you n////n 

Please don’t regret this because you got me started about Lavi/Kanda and I can’t shut up about them so:

1. I started shipping them not very seriously look at my life now *sighs* because I wanted to read more dgm fics after trawling through Yullen ones and there wasn’t any other pairing that really caught my interest (I actually liked Kanda/OC fics the most but they’re rarely written well)

2. I can’t say when it became a problem but it has a lot to do with this shipping manifesto: Chronicles of Tragedy and Love, the Tale of Lotus and the Rabbit: the Lavi/Yu Ship Manifesto. Though outdated now (’twas written way before the Alma arc) it opened my perspective to the different facets of both of them that made me believe they could work not just well, but great together.

a) One thing that was mentioned that I will never forget was about Lavi meeting Allen for the first time and already knowing what happened (with Lala) and calls him ‘beansprout’. Who else calls Allen that except Kanda? Though it’s so subtle but it implies that Kanda and Lavi converse behind the scenes, much more than the usual I’M GONNA KILL YOU RABBIT and HEH YOU CAN’T CATCH ME YUU-CHAN, which I think is so important in that canonly, they communicate. How great is Kanda communicating with anyone, truly? You don’t see many panels with them together, but you also can’t say they don’t sit and talk (without the shouting) sometimes, because they clearly do.

b) Their personalities also bring a huge set of dimensions, which I love. I don’t write canon verse much but Lavi as a Bookman is incredibly angst squeezing worthy. He has to be curious by nature, I’d think out of all the exorcists he must be the most curious about Kanda, because Kanda has something to hide. Allen has a whole destiny ahead of him but he clearly has no clue what the hell is going on with him, but Kanda, Kanda habours the secret of the second exorcist project. Does Lavi know about it? Know about it and kept his mouth shut? So many implications if he does or does not. I need this to be answered.

3. Back to your actual question, OP, they just complement each other in many many ways that I believe an actual relationship can work between them. I ship many pairings because they look good together, but rarely does a pairing convince me that they could work out in any universe, in a million billion of ways with the promise of even death will not do us part. 

4. Ironically enough I think Lavi is a very sincere boy and its his sincerity and idiot perseverance that i is able to break the walls that Kanda puts up around himself. Kanda, on the other hand, is a loner by nature, and I know exactly how it feels like to be one, and the kind of people that shine bright in your life, want you to do better, to be better, are people like Lavi.

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Do you think, with the way the writers have gone, that Henry will still be on board with operation mongoose after he sees what happens to emma and snowing?

Who knows. With the way the writers have gone, I’d be surprised if Regina is still on board with this because apparently she finally learned her lesson after 40+ years of it getting beaten over her head. Maybe they’ll have Henry suddenly realize this is a villain’s plan and work as the hero to undo it since he’s no longer required to go along with this idiotic plan anymore.