i’m so tired of people saying princess tilde’s only purpose in the movie was to be eggsy’s sexual reward i mean okay yeah they do fuck but SHE WAS THE ONE WHO OFFERED ANAL, he didn’t ask for it, he wasn’t even going to suggest it, he was going to free her and that was all (i mean he wanted a kiss but im 104% sure he would’ve let her go without it anyway)
a woman who suggests she wants to have sex is not a toy, she’s a fucking strong female who won’t wait for a man to ask for it as if he was the only one entitled to do it
so don’t fucking tell me tilde’s role was anti feminist, because if you do you’re missing the whole point of that last scene

mikoto and yona brother and sister AU - credit to natsumerin dream lol 

i did the thing but i think the thing did me.. they are SO CUTE together help

now the whole AU is forming in my head. yona is the homra’s princess and hak is her bodyguard and the right-hand man for mikoto niisan. mikoto is shipping the yonak hard god bless him. soo won is the vice captain of the blue army. the happy bunch are homra members… perfect.

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Do you think Ishida sensei ships Hidekane maybe a little??

I believe Ishida-sensei does see some potential for this ship because he hints at it with the bond and relationship the two boys share but as of now I think it’s one-sided. I think Kaneki is the type of person who has to love himself first before he can actually someone else as cliche as that sounds. Kaneki has no confidence or love for himself that he cant fathom that other people truly care about him or would love him, like he actually believe that Hide would be mad or disgusted by the fact that Kaneki is a ghoul. I’m not 100% sure of Ishida’s feelings for the ship though because Hide and Kaneki didnt spend much screen time together in the manga. We see Kaneki interact with Tsukiyama and Touka so it’s a litter easier to interpret how Ishida sees their relationship with Kaneki. But despite them not spending as much screentime with Kaneki as the other two ships I think moments like the Nishiki incident and sewer incident where Hide goes out of his way to protect and save Kaneki despite his own life being in danger really says a lot about how Ishida-sensei sees their relationship. I think he acknowledges that Hidekane is a possible route but it also needs to be explored by the two boys actually spending screen time together so we can see more about their interactions. I think seeing them interact TOGETHER rather then SEPARATELY(they were separate for like 90% of TG basically) is important so we can get a better view on how Ishida-sensei truly feels about Hidekane. 

lilietsblog​ said: i swear to god i will read this. i don’t know the fandom but judging by stuff from it i see on my dash from you i want to read this. >:3

Whoa, really? I am surprised! But yeah, go nuts. If you get lost, hit me up and I’ll say something explanatory. To be fair, Naruto is really not a complicated series. In brief, it is as follows:

1) worldbuilding: ninja know nothing at all about stealth or subterfuge, chakra = bullshit elemental magic, and the laws of nature get laughed off stage so just don’t worry about them too much.

2) characters: the two mainest main characters are pretty damn boring. Aggressive dumb blond loud prankster with a heart of gold and a scary monster stuck inside his belly: Naruto. Aggressive dumb brunette quiet massacre survivor with a lot of post-traumatic problems who never, ever got any therapy: Sasuke. Unfortunately their emotional connection pretty much carries the series, which is why everybody is just like ??? when they both supposedly turn out to be straight. That ending came outta nowhere.

2b) the other main characters are archetypes built on guilt, shame, awkwardly contrived motivations and Kishimoto’s utter inability to write people with ovaries as actual human beings BUT DON’T WORRY there are queer/women writers in fandom, it’s fine, it’s gonna be okay

3) plot: ??? characters are angry a lot. mostly they are trying to murder everybody in the name of peace and/or stability and it doesn’t?? usually?? work very well and everybody is consistently really surprised by this.

3b) - except Orochimaru who is totally uninterested in peace or stability, and actually just says what he really wants most of the time except tragically that leads to him saying things like “I WANT YOUR BODY,” to children and he always forgets to append, “No, but, like, nonsexually. So I can inhabit it. Like a parasite.” Fandom is very confused about this point. my poor unloved precious baby murder princess goth legolas child it’s okay i still love u

4) fandom: don’t talk to strange Naruto fans on tumblr, 94% of them are actually absolute lunatics. But like, in the really old-fashioned way of meaning “lunatic” where you’re talking about somebody with MAD STRENGTH who becomes aggressive for no reason. They will castigate you like you’re some kind of soul-devouring monsterfiend bubbling up from the abyssal depths of hell if you make any kind of comment about any kind of character. This is so much worse for you than taking lollies from strangers.

I think that’s it? I think I’ve pretty much covered it. I know it sounds like I’m joking but the above is basically the ultimate Naruto Fandom Primer. Now fly free and read every fanfic on my recs list, okay?

do you ever just sit and think wow. liam payne dreamed about being a performer and so he went out and did gigs until he was able to go on the xfactor. then when he was only 14 he got to the judges houses  and was told by simon that he had potential but needs to come back two years later, and he DID with a performance that got him a standing ovation.when he was told he was going to be in a group  embraced it wholeheartedly. he then proceeded to put everything in him into that competition, being -to paraphrase the rest of the guys- the most serious one about it. he pushed them to their limits and carried most of the songs until the end of the competition, which is something they would’ve probably not reached if it weren’t for him.

now he is part of the biggest boy bands in the entire world . living his dream and he is still all kinds of wonderful. he follows 17.3 k fans, and counting. he always stops for fans and is the sweetest to them. he is the glue that keeps the boys together. his bromances with each of the boys have been strong since day one. he is the one that handles problems and even speaks up for the rest of the guys when they can’t. if he makes even the smallest mistake, he always addresses it and tries to learn. 

he works his ass off consistently even, to paraphrase him during breaks, because he doesn’t think this is actually work and he enjoys it and wants to make sure he puts everything into it. he gives his 100% every single time he performs, never leaving the stage, even to go to THE TOILET. he is a true performer, he takes every song and sings it better live. he has an amazing musical ear and vocal range and only get better by the day. he is a master of stage presence and he was born for the stage. recently he took 13 of zayn’s solos and made them his own. 

speaking of zayn, he is the only person that has spoken about everything that happened candidly and honestly. you could tell he’s very upset and he’s sometimes used humour to make us and himself feel better but also never taken it too far. even if he’s mad, he’s still managed to show that he cares about zayn, just like he cares about every single one of those boys. he is their rock. 

he takes so much crap from fans and can easily just decide to stop being so nice but he doesn’t. he is under-appreciated by most of his own fandom and yet is still the most appreciative person. he is such a kind person, committed boyfriend, and a wonderful son and friend who was born for the stage and born to make people happy.


also he’s like super fine. SUPER DUPER DUPER FINE. like WOW. okay. 



that said if you wanna get hecked up on a comic about Mr Ending being both luke and asch, and everyone reacting terribly to it, including Mr Ending himself, click here so i may not be the only one to suffer this hell

This is actually one of my favourite pictures of Luke

yeah tolkein probably didn’t anticipate how bad he messed up by leaving the seduction of mairon so vague…….like if he’d just explained……..did melkor have good campaign ads? did he show mairon a 300 slide powerpoint presentation on why Evil is the Way of the Future? I’m sorry mr tolkein but bc you never specified im free to assume that mairon had a big embarrassing eternal crush on melkor and they held hands a lot and also probably the powerpoint happened at some point. you can’t stop me.