"You… you should be dead.”

Wolverines #4

A poem dedicated to taylorswift

I had to write something about the person who inspired me to keep writing eventually, right?

Thanks endinburningflamesorparadise for the title “Compass” and giving me the inspiration to start writing this.

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Happy Birthday, soulmate!

I honestly don’t know where to begin. I have so much to say, it may turn into a mini-novel. But starting at the beginning is always good, right?
I remember when we first wrote each other, it was because you were one of my tumblr-crushes. You sent me a message saying ‘i just saw i’m one of your tumblr crushes, omg you’re too cute ;u; ’ and after that we never really stopped talking, did we?
I actually found it adorable that you always called me sweet and cute eventhough you’re younger and alot cuter than me.
The thing is, from the beginning, there was this mutual understanding between us, this not saying much but getting each other like we’ve been friends for decades thing. And I loved it. I still do. I forever will.
Nobody understands me like you do. Nobody shares so many similar thoughts like mine, except you. We have so much in common, sometimes it scares the sh*t out of me. It doesn’t matter if it’s about our love for Supernatural and a certain Dean Winchester, or our adoration towards an amazingly cute and complex character named Stiles Stilinski, or the strong feelings for Jongin and Luhan. All these little things make our friendship what it is. Pure and full of love and admiration for each other. 
I will not start with Zayn and how you try to kill me each time with his pics or how I probably annoy the life out of you by talking about him 24/7. I am really sorry, but you know how I am when it comes to him. Or the many times we say the exact same things at the exact same time, these are my favourites. 

All the love for these shows, musicians, artists and charaters we share, is little compared to our serious thoughts, which are awkwardly similar. Again.
I could talk to you about my life, my problems, my deepest wishes, my struggle with myself and you’d understand. You always do. I don’t know how you do it, but you do. And words cannot even begin to express my gratitude and my love for you. You are so special to me, and this is coming form my heart. You’ve gained my trust in no time - and nobody has ever done this because I don’t trust people easily. The fact that we’ve never met each other face to face, makes this even more amazng. I honestly think, if I ever see you, I will cry my eyes out and then we’ll act like two people in love. I just know it  And then there’ll be an awkward silence because hey - it’s the frist time we’re meeting and one of us will suddenly say ‘did you see what Dean did in the new Supernatural episode?’ and yeah, i know, we’ll never shut up again. Oh and one of my personal favourites - the languages. We’ll probably talk English and then switch to German and back and people will practically think we’re insane.

But hey, you also know how to make me mad. How would a friendship work without this, right? You know what I’m talking about lol and if you ever make me worry about you this much, I will hunt you down like the Winchesters hunt monsters. With salt, holy water and an Impala if I can ever afford one. 

You’re one of the closest persons to my heart and remember how we joke about our similar habits, about our love for the exact same things, about our hate towards certain stuff and about our opinion on the wolrd in general? It tends to creep me out that we’re this much alike but how not to, when we’re soulmates, right?

And because we are soulmates, I wish you nothing but the best for your life, nothing but the very best. Stay as amazing as you are and never stop being my soulmate because I will @%&/$ you if you do.

I love you! (from June 5th ‘14 - forever)

So, apparently 18 year old Louis Tomlinson was 5’8 (1,72 m).

Do we think he grew? an inch (2 and a half centimetres) since then? Or have we solved the mystery of his height? x  


HEY its been fifteen entire centuries but i finally updated my storenvy ! i skipped restocking in december so its definitely been a while - everything that was sold out has been refreshed, in addition to a few New Items wow incredible

nothing too terribly interesting, but feel free to take a look !