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mikoto and yona brother and sister AU - credit to natsumerin dream lol 

i did the thing but i think the thing did me.. they are SO CUTE together help

now the whole AU is forming in my head. yona is the homra’s princess and hak is her bodyguard and the right-hand man for mikoto niisan. mikoto is shipping the yonak hard god bless him. soo won is the vice captain of the blue army. the happy bunch are homra members… perfect.

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I really adore Guiding Winds AU, but now I have this thought that doesn't leave me alone. It goes like this, Luke is a rebuilding the Jedi Order when a group of hooded/cloaked people. He welcomes them & everything (after making sure they are not a threat.) When suddenly Anakin appears & one of the figures lowers her hood revealing Torgruta Female who turns to his father with a soft smile & the words "Hey Skyguy, I missed you." followed by several identical voices saying "Welcome back general."

Thank you!

That is a super sweet image but…I’m not sure Ahsoka would be that open and accepting that fast. I think she’d have a lot of (justified) anger to work through herself. But I would love to see them work through that together, and I think she would definitely be open to doing so. Give them a couple years and yup, they’ll be teasing each other like the enormous dweebs they are.

(Ahoska joins the growing chorus of people who keep trying to tell Anakin that his hat is just awful. Sometimes she even buys him new hats, hats that are actually kind of decent, and he always thanks her nicely, and sometimes even wears them. But The Hat - as it’s come to be known in dreaded whispers - remains his favorite.)

Actually, the other day I was pondering the possibility of Barriss in Guiding Winds ‘verse. IDK what they’re going to do with her in Rebels Season 2, but whatever, this is an AU anyway, I can do what I want!

I’ve only ever written pre-retcon Barriss before, so the idea of writing her as a former Dark Sider is…different, but I really like the thought of her joining this little community of healing on Tatooine. Barriss and Anakin working through their war issues together.

It probably takes her a few years to end up there. Actually, when she comes, it’s because she’s planning to kill Anakin. That obviously doesn’t work out. He talks her through a bit of a breakdown. “We can stop now, Barriss. We can stop fighting. There’s another way. Luke showed us another way. There’s more than violence for us now. We can stop.”

Instead of killing him, she ends up staying. She’s not exactly one of his students - she’s closer to his contemporary than anyone else, so it would feel weird to both of them to identify that way. But he passes on to her everything he’s learned from Luke. Anakin doesn’t carry a lightsaber anymore. He spends most of his time working with traumatized kids, brewing tzai, flying, and gardening. He very rarely fights, and then only when someone else starts it.

And once she opens up to the possibility, that’s such a relief to Barriss. She can stop fighting. She can stop. She’s finally found a place that values healing, a Jedi order that understands compassion and not just violence, and it’s been so long since she understood those things herself, but now she’s free to relearn.

The next time Ahsoka stops by, things are briefly but intensely awkward. Ahsoka’s just gotten used to Anakin, just really forgiven him and started rebuilding their relationship, and now here’s Barriss. Barriss, with all of the history between them, with all of the betrayal and anger and yes, heartbreak. (Because Ahsoka never told her, never even allowed herself to acknowledge it because she knew it was forbidden, but Barriss was still her first crush.) Barriss who wants to apologize. Barriss who wants to try to be friends again, if Ahsoka will have her.

And Ahsoka feels like she can’t exactly say no. After all, she’s rebuilding a relationship with Anakin, and this really shouldn’t be any different. But…

“She talks about you sometimes, you know, Snips,” Anakin says slyly over a pot of tzai. “When the kids ask her for romantic advice.”

Ahsoka gets really still. She’s not going to fall for this. It’s completely unfair that all these years later, with everything that’s happened, he can still trick her into revealing too much. She’s not going to let him this time.

“Just something to consider,” he says casually, as if he had any right to be casual about romantic relationships, the jerk.

(Three years later, when Barriss and Ahsoka get married, Anakin stands as witness and is practically unbearable under all that smug.)

To be honest I think shipping in Naruto Gaiden for the new generation has advanced too soon lol.

Still…I like the idea of Shikadai x Himawari.

I think Himawari might be super sweet but have a mischievous side that would have an interesting dynamic with Shikadai who seems to be a lot like his dad.

Plus the daughter of the hokage with the son of the hokage’s advisor…lol

That’d interest me when Himawari’s older.


I suppose I like my hair… I always have it up in this sort of style. By the way this is a great thing that you’re doing!



//fans self//

Has anyone else noticed tumblr’s sudden obsession with hating on ships that show abuse or incest or whatever?
Like…homestuck is getting hit pretty hard with people bitching over abusive ships (usually blackrom) or incest (like brodave)
You have people going “respect ships you don’t like!…unless it’s romanticizing abuse or incest!”
and I’m like…but where is the line there? What people have the right to call people out for thinking they are romanticizing things for shipping said things?

Like I LOVE demon AU ships…which, as you can guess, is usually very violent abuse, but I don’t view it as romantic, just I enjoy the mix of gore and, well, sex in demon fanfics. This also goes in play with my blackrom GamDave ship and Hichigo x Ichigo ship. They ARE abusive (and one is selfcest) but I’m not sitting there going “man I wish I was in a relationship like that” 
Hell no! I would never expose myself to that type of shit in real life! 

The same goes for some guilty pleasure ships like brojohn or billdip.
I myself don’t like couples with huge age differences in real life, but these are made up characters and I pay less attention to age when it comes to fantasy…like most people do. 

I just can’t stand seeing people jump on others just because they ship something and use “romanticizing” as an excuse to do so!
It’s a waste of everyone’s time to try arguing with every single person who likes a non-perfect ship.

Now going back and watching the part of him answering my question, I think Mark was confused more than anything, and now I feel bad. I should have never asked him. Maybe if he knew it was markiplier-is-pwetty then maybe he would of said something different, Idk. To him it was a out of the blue question, when in actuality, I’ve been asking that for about 2 months, ever sense he went to that gaming awards to host, and said “I just wanna be a pretty princess.” After he said that I was determined to ask him if he would be my “pretty princess” but 2 months have went down the drain, so he probably didn’t remember himself saying that 2 months ago at the moment of answering my question. Also it didn’t help that he probably didn’t know HazMat was markiplier-is-pwetty so yah. All in all, I’m sorry, and I am a lot better, now that 2 days have went by. I understand that Mark was very unsure of what to say and I apologize. I know he didn’t mean to hurt my feelings. I’ve just had this strong connection with Princessplier, and, what he said at the gaming awards, so when he said what he said, i couldn’t help but feel I was stabbed, metaphorically speaking. A large amount of you don’t see why I “overreacted” and I get that. A large amount of you even think I’m weird, crazy, or obsessed, I get that. Just try to understand that it did hurt me in a way, and find something you could compare it to, to see it from my point of view.

As for you, Mark, all I can say is, I’m sorry. That I put you in that position to answer that, and then I “overreacted”. You gave your answer, and I should respect that. I do. I’ve come to the terms that there is no need for you to apologize to me, and that this little situation, doesn’t really matter. I however, wanted to say all of this. I hope you have a nice day/night. ~Mattie

Here’s the part in the livestream where he says my question, then answers it. For those who are confused.


지금은 소녀시대 !
앞으로도 소녀시대 !
영원히 소녀시대 !

Jigeum-eun, So Nyeo Shi Dae !
Ap-eulodo, So Nyeo Shi Dae !
Yeong-wonhi, So Nyeo Shi Dae !


今は少女時代 !
これからも少女時代 !
永遠に少女時代 !

Ima wa shoujo jidai !
Korekara mo shoujo jidai !
Eien ni shoujo jidai !


Right now, it’s Girls’ Generation !
In the future, it’s Girls’ Generation !
Forever, Girls’ Generation !


For Tina 

If I’m going to die for you all, the least you could do is remember my name.” - City of Lost Souls.

After 3000 years of black and white doodles I finally decided to make something in color and I tried out the greyscale thing