In honor of National Saxophone Day, the most hilarious instrument of all, we have compiled a mix that brings the diner and saxxy horn together.


Unisax Haircut
Hashbrowns in Jazz Town
21 Sax Grand Slam Salute
Saxin’ 24/7
Bacon and Brass
Hungry for Some Snacksophone
Sax On Sax On Sax
Take My Sax To The Max
Cookin’ Up Some Sax
Check Your Sax, Buddy
Sax On, Sax Off

  • music education professor:You all know that you can use dollar bills to fix sticky keys on woodwind instruments, right? The dirt on the bill absorbs some of the moisture.
  • classmate:Actually, I only use hundreds on my keys.
  • professor:Hundreds have coke on them, not dirt. Don't use coked-up hundreds on your instruments.