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omg i'm so sorry if your ask is already closed but i just wanted to squeeze in: how would the karasuno boys + oikawa react to asking their crush what's on their mind/what they're thinking about and they just shyly say "You." SORRY IF I'M FORCING MY WAY IN YOU CAN DELETE THIS IF YOU WANT

IT’S OKAY you just made it anon do not worry!!!!!

HInata would blush immediately. He would be really shocked, and would try to say something in return, but his mouth would just be opening and closing without any words coming out of his mouth, kind of like a fish. He would be overcome with embarrassment and also a warm feeling in his heart that leaves him smiling despite his entire face being red.

Kageyama would be pretty surprised. At first, he wouldn’t think it strange, assuming they might just be thinking about something he said and he would go over their conversation in their head. It wouldn’t be until noticing his crush’s obvious embarrassment that it finally clicks. Needless to say, anyone observing might think it’s Kageyama who was the one to say something embarrassing.

Tsukishima would be caught off guard, since he really hadn’t expected his crush to ever say something like that, and so bluntly (albeit shyly). He’d probably stare at them with a mixture of confusion, surprise, and something even he couldn’t quite place on his face. He would probably mutter something indifferent, but he would actually be pretty surprised and embarrassed, evident in his red-tipped ears, and avoidance of looking directly at his crush’s face.

Yamaguchi would be oh so embarrassed, but also incredibly elated. He thought the only reason his crush talked to him was for Tsukki, but hearing them practically admit that it was him that they liked was a huge, wonderful shock. In his excitement, he might blurt something out about how he was thinking of them too, then bite down his tongue because oh my god why did i say that.

Tanaka would stare at them for quite a long time. He’d be completely caught off guard because someone cute basically said they liked me and holy shit not just someone, but the person i like! There may be a minute or two of awkward silence that would have to be broken by his crush because Tanaka was still in such a state of shock. He may grow uncharacteristically quiet and shy, because is this really happening??

Nishinoya would lean closer with widened eyes and become super serious. He’d ask them to repeat what they said, and if they didn’t, he would grasp their hands and tell them to please repeat what you said please! When his crush finally does Noya would stare at them for a beat longer, before pulling away and feigning embarrassment. He would then smile and tell them that he really liked them, because of course this would be the perfect time for a confession.

Ennoshita would be pretty surprised, but he would be able to remain composed. He would probably mention that it was nice of them to keep him in their thoughts, and inwardly, he would be arguing with himself whether to confess right then and there. He would probably end up remaining silent about his feelings, but their words would prompt him to an invitation to talk to them more.

Sawamura would be completely caught off guard, to the point that if he was leaning on something he would have to catch himself or if he was drinking water he would choke and have to try not to spit it out. After he regains his composure, he would avoid any direct eye contact and glance to the side quite a lot. He would tell them that it was nice of them to worry about him to the point that he is on his mind (though of course he knew they didn’t exactly mean it that way).

Sugawara would be surprised, but he would try his hardest not to make things awkward for his crush. He would realize how embarrassed they must be or how much courage they had mustered to say it, so he would smile and tell them that it was sweet of them to think of him. He may quickly change the subject so his crush could feel more at ease, but he would have a wider smile than usual from his crush’s words.

Asahi would be extremely taken aback and very embarrassed. He would stutter and ask them to repeat what they said, just because he couldn’t believe it. He might even try to convince himself that they probably didn’t mean it that way, and that he was overthinking it, though secretly, he was really hoping his crush meant it that way.

Oikawa would grin immediately, and probably even laugh out loud. He would probably say how that was a good line, and that they really got him, but he would really be bubbling with happiness on the inside. He would tell them that he was thinking about them too, and the look on his crush’s face would be so priceless that the grin on Oikawa’s face only grew wider.

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7 mins in heaven with the haikyuu captains?

This took me an unnecessary long amount of time to finish i don’t get why

Sawamura: You were sitting in the closet looking around. Tanaka and Nishinoya knew about the little crush you two had on each other and had decided this could be a great opportunity to get you two together. Sadly, things didn’t go that well. You two were nervous and silent trough most of the time. It was until you two were walking out that Daichi asked for your number.

Oikawa: Oikawa was a flirty mess. It’s true you two kind of liked each other but flirting in a small closet was not the most comfortable thing.He was really close and his legs were tangled with yours. You laughed at his silly pickup lines. When time was up his foot got caught under yours and he ended up face planting and crawling his way out.

Kuroo: Of all the people that you could have ended up with in a tight place, It had to be him; His tall height wasn’t helping either. His silhouette looked crooked as he loomed over you with his cocky smirk. He kept making teasing comments and occasionally bumping his nose against yours blaming it on the lack of space. When you walked out he has his arm wrapped around you as if he had actually improved your relationship.

Bokuto: He has no idea what’s happening.He’s constantly knocks his hands and arms accidentally against the walls since he likes moving his hands for emphasis on each of his sentences. He’s really excited about being with you but since he doesn’t understand the point of the game he continues being his excited self as usual.

Ushijima: ”You’re too close”. That was the first thing he said as soon as you two were inside. Your face was centimeters away from his and his gaze was focused on you. “There’s no room to move…” You said with flirty tone trying to make a move on him. “Maybe if we change positions” Ushijima tried shuffling around turning his back on you and before you could try to make yourself comfortable as well, he took a step back pushing you out trough the door that wasn’t even properly closed on the first place.

Moniwa: His eyes were shifting, focusing anywhere else as long as he didn’t establish eye contact. He played with his own hands and smiled shyly, his voice coming out shakier than he expected when he replied to your small talk. He was timid and even though he didn’t try to make a move on you, he felt you two becoming closer. In the end he was the only one of the bunch that got a kiss. It was chaste kiss on his cheek but it was enough to make his day.

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what kind of advice would karasuno, oikawa, iwaizumi, kenma, and kuroo give to their younger selves?

I’M TOTALLY OK. NOT GETTING MAJOR FEELS OR ANYTHING.on a serious note though, i’m not sure how i went on this one so if it sucks i’m sorry - Emma

Daichi - One day you’re going to be a captain of a strong team. You won’t be the star, but you’ll be the support they need, so remember to not give up. No matter how annoying they may be, they’re important to you. When the annoying first year duo arrive, try not to get too angry at them.

Suga - When your position as the setter is taken away by a first year, don’t get too down. He’s a genius and he’s important to the team. You’ll still get chances to play and you’ll be able to watch your friends grow, don’t worry, you’ll be growing with them.

Asahi - Try not to let Nishinoya down. Remember that volleyball is the sport that you love and that one game shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love. Be more confident in your abilities and train hard. Also remember to duck or move out of the way when you see Daichi swinging his arms at you.

Tanaka - Don’t sit next to Hinata on the bus. He gets nervous before games sometimes, so if you don’t want to be thrown up on, DON’T SIT NEXT TO HIM. Be nice to Ennoshita and try not to annoy Daichi too much. Sometimes the team may be feeling down and you’ll have to cheer them up, so when things start to get quiet, make some noise.

Nishinoya - Don’t worry about Asahi, he won’t be gone forever. When you accidentally smash that vase in the hallway and the vice principal sees it, you’ll end up getting a suspension, so make sure to use that time training. Kiyoko’s probably going to make you cry a few times, but don’t worry about that, it’s usually tears of joy.

Hinata - You know that big scary guy who was the setter in your first real match? Try not to hate him too much, because soon he’ll be important to you. Don’t give up, and make sure to try your hardest. Don’t sit next to anyone on the bus, either, just don’t.

Kageyama - Try not to get too pissed off at dumbass Hinata. The two of you will begin to work well together soon. Try to be a little nicer to your teammates and respect them, because they’re all important to you. Also make sure to beat Oikawa whenever you get the chance. He’s really annoying. 

Yamaguchi - Don’t doubt yourself and make sure to practice hard. Things will be ok in the end and you’ll be happy. No matter how Tsukki acts just remember that he does care. Remember that your team is full of amazing people who will always support you.

Tsukishima - When you’re at that training camp listen to the advice those idiots give you, it will be helpful. Try to be a little nicer to Yamaguchi because he does truly care and remember that you can’t stay mad at Akiteru forever. He is your brother.

Kuroo - One day you’re going to be the captain of a strong team. You’ll be surrounded by people that will mean a lot to you. When that new kid moves in make sure to befriend him. He might not seem to like sociazling at first but he’ll become really important to you one day. When that annoying tall kid joins the team try to stop him from causing to much trouble.

Kenma - You may not enjoy it now but one day volleyball will mean a lot to you. You’ll enjoy playing it and you’ll be surrounded by people who are important to you. One day you’ll meet this boy with orange hair, make sure to talk to him. He’ll be a valuable friend in the future.

Oikawa - Remember that genius first year from middle school, Tobio-chan? Well he becomes quite the bother. He’ll continue to improve and get better and he’ll more skilled than you but don’t let that get you down. You’ll be the captain of a strong team and you’ll achieve great things. Remember that Iwa-chan is important to you so try not to annoy him to much.

Iwaizumi - Avoid anyone with the name Oikawa. I mean it. He’s really annoying. He’ll somehow find a way into your life though so when he does, remember that you’ll have to put up with him. He’ll become quite important to you. Unfortunately he won’t become any less annoying though. You’ll be apart of a strong team one day so continue to practice.

DaiSuga AU I wanted to share for a long time bc it's perf in my mind

I remember coming up with this AU before and it turned out to be really sweet and heartwarming with stressed workaholic office worker Daichi and cheerful lovely radio broadcaster Sugawara. Putting everything under cut because wow this thing is so fricking long. Like probably the longest I’ve ever written. 100% fluff.

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Karasuno guys embarrassingly fails at flirting with their oblivious crush scenario pls thanks :)

ohoho, im gonna make them flirt using terrible pick up lines and no one can stop me

Daichi was sweating after an intense practise as he jogged over to his crush, who was waiting for him with water and a towel. He wiped his face and gulped down some water before smirking their way. “Hey ______, kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute. Wanna work out with me?” They stared at him for a moment before opening their mouth “Are you calling me fat?” Daichi didn’t have enough time to speak before a slap came his way.

Suga sat next to his crush and watched them as they ate their bento while leaning over a manga. After a while they looked his way and noticed that he hadn’t gotten his own lunch out yet. Through their stuffed mouth they asked why he wasn’t eating. “Oh I forgot mine today. It doesn’t matter though” He smiled at them as they frowned and pushed their box towards his. “We can share then.” They offered him their chopsticks and took turns eating. “You wouldn’t happen to have any raisins would you?” They shook their head. He leant towards them and said “How about a date then?” He smiled at them with a glint in his eye. “No I only usually put berries in my bento.” They took the chopsticks and popped some food into their mouth as they went back to reading their manga.

Asahi was walking down the hallway when he noticed his crush waving at him. He gulped and rubbed the back of his head as he walked over to them. “Hey Asahi. You going to practise?” They asked as they bounced on their heels. “Y-yeah-” His sentence got cut by them “Can I come watch?!!” He didn’t have time to respond before they grabbed his arm and started pulling him towards the gym. They skipped ahead of him into the gym, but tripped on their untied shoelaces in front of Daichi. Asahi watched as he grabbed their hand and pulled them up to their feet. When Daichi walked away he went over to them and bent down in front of them. They tilted their head in confusion as he grabbed their laces and muttered “I’m tying your shoelaces. I can’t have you falling for anyone else.” 

Noya had spent the whole night searching for the perfect pick up line to use on his crush. He had tried to flirt with them many times before, but always failed miserably. But this time. This time there was no way they wouldn’t catch on. This was it. He was ready. He peeked into the classroom and saw them in their seat. Good. He took a breath before he stalked over to their desk. They were about to greet him, but he held a finger up to their lips. “_______. Do you know what material this is?” He tugged his shirt in their direction, prompting them to grasp the material to feel it. They tilted their head, waiting for his answer. “It’s boyfriend material” He said with a smirk, puffing out his chest as he waited for them to swoon. “Really? Aren’t uniforms usually made from cotton?”. Cue Noya dramatically falling onto the floor.

Tanaka swung an arm around his crush and pulled them into his chest. Startled, they looked up at him with wide eyes and Tanaka just couldn’t resist flirting with them when they looked so cute. “Hey, you’re looking kind of pale ______” He said in mock worry. “Are you feeling okay?” He reached his hand over to touch their forehead. “Ah, see, you’re burning up _______!” They felt their own forehead with confusion in their eyes. “I feel fine though Tanaka san!” They pouted at him as he grabbed their hands and insisted “Oh no no, there is something wrong and I know exactly what it is. You’re suffering from a lack of vitamin me.” He closed his eyes at his own genius, but they abruptly opened again as their hands were wrenched from his grip. “I have to get some vitamin me now Tanaka san!! Where can I find some!?” They looked as though they were about to cry and Tanaka could feel the glares of the people in the hallway as he tried to shush them.

Ennoshita was walking home from school with his crush. The way their cheeks were pink from the cold and their breath blew out in little clouds made his heart hammer in his chest. They were focusing on eating a meat bun that he’d bought for them. He watched as their eyes lit up when they bit into it and they turned to him telling him that it was delicious. “I’m glad” He smiled at them. He wanted to stay with them like this forever and he knew the only way that could happen is if he let them know about his feelings. “Hey _______,” They looked towards him, eyebrows raised in question “You’re so beautiful you give the sun a reason to shine” The look they gave him was comical “But Ennoshita san its dark out!” They shook their head at him with a smile on their lips before they went back to eating their meat bun.

Hinata and his crush ran out of the shop and took sips of their slushies. “______, ______, is my tongue blue yet??!” He asked while sticking out his tongue. They shook their head as they sucked on their straw. “How about mine? Is it red?” They stuck their own tongue out and wiggled it, trying to get a good look themselves. “No it’s not very noticeable yet”. They drank their slushies as they walked, sticking their tongues out to check every second. “You’re tongue looks so blue Hinata!” They giggled. “Wanna make our tongues purple?” He blushed as he spoke. They stared at him. “You want seconds? Okay, but you’re paying!” They ran back towards the shop, leaving Hinata to bask in the rejection.

Kageyama’s heart was beating ten times faster than it should be. The team were on a bus and on the row next to his, his crush was asleep. The way their mouth was parted as they breathed and their hair was strung about drove him crazy. He prayed that they would wake up soon so they would stop pulling that cute face. He was shaken out of his thoughts when the bus abruptly stopped. As others started to wake up he leant over to them and shook them lightly. They mewled and gripped onto the hand that was touching them. Kageyama flushed as they used their other hand to sleepily rub their eye. Without taking the time to think about what he was saying he blurted out “You look nice when you sleep.” Their eyebrows knotted in confusion. “You were watching me sleep?” Rip tobio chan.

Tsukki eyed them as they walked out of the locker room in a volleyball outfit. They had offered to help him practise and he agreed on the condition they wore the appropriate clothing. Now here they were, in a pair of volleyball shorts that were clearly too tight on their rear. The way they beamed at him with innocent eyes, god they didn’t even know. They started bouncing the ball around on the ground like it was a basketball, but Tsukki was too preoccupied to notice. After a while of them playing with the ball they heard him call out to them. “________, did you sit in a pile of sugar? Because you’ve got a sweet ass.” They stared at him for a moment before tilting their body to try and see if there was anything there. They stuck there bum out and his direction and whimpered out “Where is it? I can’t see anything!” While Tsukki was annoyed that they didn’t catch onto his flirting he decided this was definitely a situation he didn’t mind being in.

Yamaguchi’s crush whined and fell back onto the floor. “Please Tadashi, that was more than enough.” They kicked the maths book away from them. Yamaguchi sighed and picked it up. “Do you want to pass your test or not?” They let out a pained noise as they sat back upright. “This will be the last question for tonight okay?” They batted their eyelashes at him. “Thank you Tadashi” He looked away from their smirk with a fake cough before pointing to the triangle on the sheet. They threw the pen down  and bellowed “DONE” before he knew it and then they ran and jumped onto his bed. He watched as their body bounced before they lay still. “______. If you were a triangle, you’d be acute one.” Seconds later he felt a pillow collide with his face. “NO MORE MATHS TALK TADASHI”

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How would the Karasuno boys fare in a beach volleyball match against girls that are really good at beach volleyball? Good job on the blog!! :)

I love the beach volleyball stuff. I have this headcanon where Oikawa plays beach volleyball with a member of Seijoh’s girls volleyball team against another school. I played beach volleyball myself once and it’s quite exhausting. (I’m used to indoor volleyball). So that’s how far my experience goes xd

The Karasuno team would have quite a hard time against a good girls volleyball team. The circumstances surrounding beach volleyball are very different from indoor volleyball and the guys aren’t used to that. Things like running around in the sand and the wind changing the course of the ball would make scoring points difficult for them. However, once they would get used to these circumstances they would give the girls a harder time. In the end the girls would win because they’re just more experienced in beach volleyball. The Karasuno team would be a lot more exhausted than normally, but they would feel like they had played a good match. 

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how Iwaizumi, Oikawa, Kuroo, Daichi, Sugawara and Yamaguchi would react, if they learn that they are going to be dad ? ( when they are adults ) (( i do not speak/write english very often and i am very sorry if there are mistakes ;; ))

Your English is great! I would’ve thought it was your first language if you hadn’t said anything.

Iwaizumi stared at them, trying to process what he just heard. He looked down at their stomach and then back up to their eyes. “We’re going to be parents?” They nodded at him. His hands made their way to the back of their head as he ran his fingers through their hair. He pushed their head towards his until he felt their breath against his face as he stared into their eyes, watching them sparkle with happiness. He had never seen something more radiant.

Oikawa was overwhelmed. His hand clamped over his mouth as he let out an exclamation of joy. He held his partner against him as tightly as he could with his shaking arms. “You’re going to be a daddy, Tooru” they softly whispered to him. He choked out a sob into their shoulder before wiping his eyes and pulling them into a kiss. 

Kuroo’s jaw visibly dropped and before he had even processed the information properly, lifted his partner and span them. They wrapped their legs around his waist and pressed their forehead against his. “We’re gonna have our own family” he said in awe. He captured their lips in a passionate kiss, not being able to keep himself from smiling into it. He lowered them onto them ground before lifting their shirt and placing kisses all over their stomach.

Daichi felt his heart swell with happiness. He couldn’t even get out a word he just pulled his partner into him and clung to them with all he had. He rested his head on top of theirs as he held them in his arms, leaning down to press a kiss onto their forehead. “I love you so much ______” he whispered.

As soon as the words came out of their mouth Suga’s hand shot up to cover his mouth and his eyes scrunched as he started to cry. He picked them up and kissed them over and over on every bit of skin he could reach. “You’re going to have our baby” he whispered before burying his face into their chest. “This is all I could’ve ever asked for.”

Yamaguchi almost fainted on the spot. His lips trembled as he asked with his eyes whether they were sure. They beamed at him and nodded. His shaky hands reached out to cup their cheeks and they gently placed their hands on top of his, squeezing them reassuringly. He buried his face in their neck and whispered “I’m so happy.” They tightened their grip around him to let him know that they felt the same.