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What other blogs are like yous? I have a sore lack of books on my dash lately. Love your stuff!

Hi, sorry for the late reply, I wasn’t online yesterday!
Well, there’s lots of great book blogs here, some of my favorites are:

…and many many more! (Sorry if I forgot someone!)

I hope this helps :)

savyleartist answered: NO DON’T BE SAD do a bro ic that’ll cheer you up, two characters being bros doing bro stuff and probably injuring eachother for the laughs

“You broke my damb dose!”

“It looks better like that.” Thorin sniffed hard and wiped his own nose on his bare arm, leaving a stripe of red behind. Dwalin had caught him with an elbow and only quick reflexes had kept his own nose from being smeared all across his face like Dwalin’s was now. It had been a lucky strike that had gotten in under the bigger dwarrow’s defenses. Thorin may have been quicker, but Dwalin was twice as strong as he was on a good day and one proper blow from him would have Thorin laid out cold.

He decided to preserve what remained of his luck and kept his distance as they circled each other in the sand-filled fighting pit, reserved for bare-knuckles only. A couple other pairs wrestled nearby, but most had moved aside when the prince and the warrior had stepped in and were cheerfully taking bets on the outcome. Thorin could hear the clink of coins as they were passed around, but he tuned it out as he raised his fists up a little higher to protect his face. Dwalin was a formidable opponent. The first time they’d stepped into the pit for a bit of lighthearted sparring the dwarf had hit him so hard that he hadn’t woken up in time for dinner and Thror had nearly had him executed before Thorin wobbled in and called a halt to the whole fiasco. They’d gone back the very next week to do the whole thing over again and now it had become a ritual of sorts for the two of them.

“Maybe I’ll break your jaw next,” Thorin taunted him. Dwalin made mistakes when he was mad. He would charge like an ox and leave his sides open, perfect for quick rib-jarring jabs. “Then the maids down on Ruby Street won’t have to listen to you moan like a cow in heat next time you visit.”

It worked. Dwalin roared in fury and ran at him, his arms spread open to catch him and tackle him to the sand. Thorin dodged out of the way, a smile on his face as he struck at Dwalin’s side.

Too bad his friend twisted at the last second and instead of a bare side there was an iron fist arcing up at his jaw. He shouldn’t have expected the same feint to work twice he thought as it connected with his jaw.

It was the last thought he had for several hours. 


For Mozie-Pozie!


i am so glad savvy went through a crisis about who i was and then tracked me down to find me and then we became friends because savvy is so great it’s a classic love story

Because asks hate us. A lot.

[ text ] I couldn’t get anything on my school shopping list, the post office wouldn’t send out my thank you cards, the grocery store closed in my face and now I can’t bake cupcakes for the church and NOW I have a paper cut!  [ text ] : (

[text] Whoa there, calm down. [text] Slow down, backtrack, breathe. Let’s take this one by one. [text] School shopping list. What do you need?