Our DIY heater ^.^

Kat watched a video the other night on cheap ways to heat a room with every day items. You get a baking tray, put 4 candles in it, then place a small sized ceramic pot on top, cover the hole to stop heat escaping and then place a bigger ceramic pot over the smaller one.

The theory is that the smaller one traps the heat and heats up (which it does and it’s to hot to touch). Then because the bigger pot over hangs the tray the heat from the smaller one sucks in cold air, heats it up and pushes it out the hole at the top of the bigger one.   

We did this last night and it honestly made a difference in our biggish living room, totally took the chill off. Though I’ll probably make another one to warm our room up perfectly.  

Total cost

Plant Pots - Free from the previous occupiers of this flat.

Tray - £2 from Asda

Tea Lights - 2p each when bought as a huge pack