Thandai by Saveur. Indian thandai (literally translated as ‘something that cools’) is a sweet, creamy milk drink flavored with nuts and mixed with spices. On Holi, the Indian festival of colors, the refreshment is traditionally served with the addition of bhaang (a derivative of marijuana). Here we’ve substituted gin instead, which accentuates the nutty, floral flavors in thandai perfectly.


Saveur Magazine teamed up with Murray’s Cheese to create these beautiful cheese plates. Find out what cheeses and accompaniments go in to creating cheeses plates like “The Classic”, “Familiar, But Different”, “A Tasting of Cave-Aged Cheeses” and “Bold Pairing: Sweet, Savory, Spicy”:

4 Decadent Cheese Plates

When building a cheese plate, creating a balanced, complementary spread is all about variety. Aim for a range of textures (runny, soft, semi-firm, hard), flavors (mild, stinky, creamy, and salty), milk types (sheep’s milk, cow’s milk, goat milk, or a blend), and colors, and look for condiments that enhance the flavors of the cheese—not overpower them. After spending an afternoon with our friends at Murray’s Cheese tasting cheeses and accompaniments, we’ve curated four unique arrays with entertaining in mind, each plate with at least three cheeses and a unique condiment. Follow our lead, or mix and match to create your own ideal plate.

Check out the full plates here.

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Packing creative and appetizing lunches is difficult to sustain all year. I’ve tried unique bento boxes, big salads, and all kinds of soups. To make things a bit easier, we’re introducing: 2-Ingredient Sandwiches — a genius (and drool-worthy) brown bag special from Saveur.

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Things to Watch: How to Peel Garlic in 10 Seconds!

It’s likely we all remember turning up our childhood noses at plates full of steamed sprouts. But these green gems are delicious when cooked correctly, and they prove to be the switch hitters of fall produce: fried up or shredded raw, laced with bacon or sautéed with shallots, they’re delicious in endless iterations. Saveur has rounded up thriteen delicious sprout-centric recipes to convert even the pickiest eaters at your Thanksgiving table. Go ahead, pick your favorite — and remember to make enough to share.

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