Romantic? Heck yes!
Believer in love? Without a doubt!! You go through hell and back for the one you love and then some. So NO offense to anyone but in my opinion going to Paris (one of the many places I’m dying to go too) to put a padlock on a bridge to pledge your undying love for one another that much of a romantic gesture. It’s not just a bridge. Tourists go for a bit and leave but people who live their have to wait as their bridge gets repaired all because you want to show you’ll love each other forever. Save the bridge. No materialistic item could ever assure you of that. Paris is romantic enough as it is. Enjoy the view, the weather, the culture, the company ….. Plus LOVE should not be something that locks you should be something that frees you. #lovewithoutlocks #PonDesArts #padlocks #bridge #toomany #loveNOTlocks #paris #savethebridge #love #touristdontknowhowtoact