Drawing based on this image here.


Now I remember why I don’t usually draw fan art for the live action shows I fan over. My drawing style is so horrendously minimalist that it’s hard to tell who it is unless I tell you.

I mean, seriously, would you actually be able to make out this is Dylan Weir if I didn’t tell you it was Dylan Weir? Hell, I still have trouble looking at it and seeing any Sara Canning-ness in it. (And when I first started the drawing, it actually looked more like Ange!)

Now don’t get me wrong. For someone like me who generally struggles with drawing people, this actually came out extremely well by my usual standards. The only problem is that it’s supposed to be one specific person, and this drawing doesn’t look like that one specific person. She doesn’t look like somebody, she looks like she could be anybody.

One of the best strengths of a minimalist drawing style is also its greatest weakness. One reason I tend to favour it is ‘cuz its more forgiving than more detailed, realistic styles. Depending how true to life you’re aiming for, when you fubar using a realistic drawing style, you really fubar it. The more details your subject has and the more you include in you drawing, the more chances you have to screw it up. Giving up the details though, you give up the features that define the person or thing you’re drawing.

Which is why my drawing of Sara Canning doesn’t really look that much like Sara Canning. 

Maybe if I coloured it, it would at least suggest the idea that it’s at least supposed to be Sara Canning.

Anyway, posting it ‘cuz besides the whole #SavePrimevalNW hashtag deal going on…

…have you actually googled “primeval new world fan art”?

Except for a couple of dinosaur drawings. Primeval: New World has no fan art! I didn’t even know that was possible for a fandom.

PNW needs more fan art love.

So Tumblr and the Internets gets my minimalist Dylan Weir drawing.

(P.S.: Don’t ask me what the deal is with the eyes. I don’t know. They looked completely fine in the original drawing, but after I scanned it, it started doing this weird cross-eyed thing depending which angle you looked at it. I think I somehow accidentally created a cross-eyed version of the Mona Lisa effect. =/ )

Oooh, it’s almost 10pm. Time to give PNW some ratings love.