Great hiking trip today! We went to San Gerardo de Dota looking for a waterfall, we finally found the trails and we reached the first waterfall, but it started raining A LOT, so we had to go back bc the trails got really slippery and hard to walk on, so we were not able to reach the second waterfall which is so much cooler, but well… We plan on going back some day.


Greetings from Savegre!

We’ve been having a ton of fun on the mountains of Costa Rica. Our current elevation is approximately 9,000 feet! Yesterday we visited the top of Cerro de la Muerte (the “Mountain of Death”) which was over 11,000 feet in elevation and the 3rd highest peak in Costa Rica. The 7-mile hike up was braved by a majority of the group (but not me!) followed by an 8-mile hike back down. The elevation and its influence on habitat types and bird species ranges is really cool!

In chronological order, pictured from the top:

  • Jackie with a local cow on the walk back from counting birds!
  • Abby, Whitney, and Sierra at the top of Cerro de la Muerte
  • YouDee enjoying the peak of the mountain
  • Abby at a viewpoint on the mountain
  • Sarah on the trail to the waterfall at Savegre with some horseback riders in the background
  • Zack and Sandra (with Alex in the background) on the trail
  • Luis and Marc adventuring in the river at Savegre

Tomorrow we leave for Selva Beninito! There will be no electricity there, but we will all be sure to take plenty of pictures to blog with once we get an internet connection.

- Abby