Update on Fred. Fred recovered from his incident with the nerf dart that miraculously went through his entire GIT. Even when we were told it was his end and after I scheduled his euthanasia appointment when he started getting worse. Then the day his euth appointment was he passed the dart and made a quick recovery.

I am amazed not only by this cat but also by the people here on tumblr. That day we also learned that we had raised over $1300 for Fred’s surgery between that and a donation from a rescue organization we could have done the surgery if he hasn’t passed the dart.

So here is Fred saying thank you right before he crawled up onto my lap purring.

Alfred update

Good News!!! The vet said Alfred looks Great!!! They are so Happy for him and Amazed tooo!!! As are we and many of you guys too! The vet does not seem concerned about his cold even though she agrees it is weird that he got it now but it’s not in his lungs, just his sinuses so everything should be good. She said if the cold got worse we should take him and give him the medication he took when he and my other cat were kittens and had bad colds but nothing serious is likely to happen. He should be better in 5-10 days. Thank you so much to everyone from everyone in my family, Fred, and myself included of course!! And my mom would like to throw in an extra thank you from herself since she is very attached to Feed as well and was devastated before knowing that Fred might die. You guys have brought us back faith in that there are good kind heart-ed people out there. It’s sometimes hard to believe in people with all the horrible things that happen but it’s good to know that not everyone is like that and that people do really care for other’s needs!! Thanks SO Much!!! and i’m sending everyone their money back, because it looks like were not gonna need it anymore and hopefully it will do more good with you guys!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!


if you are feeling extra charitable or want to do some more good you can check out what other people are trying to raise money for on , there are lots of good causes there and you can check them out if you want to 

So relieved to see that Fred is still hanging in there! I hate going to bed at night because i’m afraid he’ll get worse during the night:( So glad nothing has gotten worse yet, but i still feel horrible for my poor baby. He’s so strong. Just 285 more five dollar donations left and Fred can finally have his surgery! Please hurry though he needs is ASAP!

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Thanks for the support


I’m gonna start posting other things now, now that Alfred is gonna be okay so if you are looking for any updates or posts on Alfred. Just search #savealfred . I’m tagging all of his posts with that.