Please pray for Scotland

I know technically the decision is “Scotland Rejects Independence”, and this leaves most of the world wondering why we gave up this amazing opportunity to decide our own fate (I am a very strong “yes” voter for this issue) 

There was a lot more going on under the surface, some now are accusing the votes of being rigged, although I’m not sure how much of that is true. What is true is that the media were PAID to only tell us the negative aspects of voting for our freedom. These negatives ranged from “You won’t get to keep the pound (lies), you will lose your healthcare (which we also pay for independently), to “We will be sad”, “you would be cursing everyone else” and “But you won’t get to watch Top Gear or Dr Who (outright rediculous, since it’s all on Netflix!) Companies were bribed into saying that they’d leave Scotland if we voted, and other companies actually had to come out and say “I know Westminster claim we said we’d raise your prices, but we never said that - we actually think the tax might go either way.”

A lot of people in Scotland live below the poverty line, we are villainized for not having jobs (when Westminster was responsible for closing the ship-building industries and the mines. We are the ones that they try out their new taxes on, the most recent one being th “bedroom tax” which is literally old people being taxed for having spare rooms (when their kids move out and they don’t want to move to a nursing home).

We actually provide a lot of income for the UK with our oil, our water, tourism, whiskey, tablet and our very image (seriously check out the cost for kilts that people buy either when visiting the country or for special occasions). That is why they want us to stay, they have put THEIR Nuclear weapons in the river next to our largest city (because it was too dangerous to have them in England) and they Tax us past breaking point. Did I mention that we ae paying for having these Nukes (yet we don’t control them) and our people are visiting food banks. Literally a lot of the people ehre are starving and although we do have the “benefit culture” where so many people have to claim welfare, those people are so demonized, and their welfare doesn’t cover their food. Literally a single mother who cannot get a job because the economy collapsed, or because she’d pay more on childcare than she can earn can be expecting to live off of £54.00 a week. To put this into context, my rent is £725 a month, my Sky is £58 a month and my weekly shop is never gonna come in below £20 a week. THIS is why our people are starving, the number of women going without food so that their children can have beans on toast is rediculous. AND then she’s being told that she is clearly lying about being unable to get a job and is a “scrounge” and a “good-for-nothing-layabout”. A couple of years ago they also implemented a rule where if you have been unemployed for moer than 9 months you must do 3 months unpaid internship. (Sorry by unpaid I do mean that you still get your £54.00 a week). Except now you have a bus ticket of £20.00 a week to pay, and that elusive childcare (think roughly £10 an hour for an unqualified student working part time)

NOW we also have the far right groups coming in - and Scotland has not made a dent in the national elections since before world war 2. We have the conservative party, who brought us the bedroom tax and put disabled people on trial to prove that they couldn’t work. My friend has CF and had to go to court several times (£6 per journey on a bus that will take her an hour and a half when she can’t move about very well) because they had cut of her money IN WINTER. This is a 23 year old girl who has been classed as “Dying” since she was 6 having to travel an hour and a half EACH WAY to go to court SEVERAL TIMES to prove that she’s not healthy enough to work. They cut off her money for a over a month, and so she had to WALK 4 MILES to a food bank, which she was so ill she could only do once every 2 weeks - where she got a carrier bag of food that SHE DIDNT HAVE TO COOK, because SHE HAD NO ELECTRICITY. This is in WINTER, now - almost a year later, her lungs have not recovered. She has to hook up to a breathing apparatus every couple of days. (Imagine taxi fairs to hospital). And the worst thing is that the foodbanks are not even provided by the Government, they are volunteer organisations. She was lucky, a quick google search can tell you how many elderly people have died in Scotland over winter as their heating gets too expensive for their state pensions to cover. 

It gets worse, because there is one big thing worse than the Conservative Party. and that is UKIP. UKIP is a group that has grown large in England, and it wants to see the eradication of “non-british nationals” from our lands, regarldess of how much they may contribute to the economy. UPIK teaches hatred and intolerace, they believe that the solution to the immigrant-free population is to FORCE PEOPLE TO BREED. We in Scotland are very proud of our multi-cultural status, we don’t see “minorities” as a bad thing, we love that everyone is different - even if we don’t always understand things being done differently. We actually have incentives to small businesses that if they employ a certain percentage of minority peoples then they can receive bonuses (I think its a tax reduction, or else a sum of money - You may need to look into that yourself if you’re still even reading) and scotland (especially Glasgow) is very proud of our LGBT inclusion. Where England Legalised Same-Sex Marriage, they have a clause for Trans people where their spouce needs to sign a disclaimer saying they know the other is “not as they appear”. Scotland went “Nah if it’s equal, it’s equal for all of the community” and didn’t include that (legally you can still Annul a marriage if the marriage is not “consummated”

UKIP have actively admitted that they don’t like different cultures, different races or different sexualities. (and it doesn’t matter how many generations your family has been British, if you are not the white majority, they will hate you too.) UKIP are essentially Nazis, and seeing their success in England a lot of the other political parties have started to go to the far right as well, even Labour (The old “working mans” party - they used to represent the poorer folks who work in the trades) have turned into a copy-paste cut-out of the conservative party, whilst the conservatives have gone further right again. The rich poor divide is on it’s way to resembling that of the Americas - except England is mostly doing okay.

A lot of people who voted “No” to Independence have done it because they were promised (last minute) of more diplomatic powers for Scotland, a rug that is quickly being pulled out from under our feet (Even after only one day). The rest voted “No Thanks” because they believed all of the lies. The main one being “You can never make it on your own, we will hold on to the bank accounts, and the mortgage, you’ll tear apart the childrens lives, you’re no good alone and we will never help you out - ever again”

I write this LONG and rambling post because I’m aware that the eyes of the world were on us last night (September 18th) and that we are likely the laughing stock of the world. I wanted to let you know what’s actually going on here. 


The Cycle of Abuse Illustrated Through Single Photos and Multiple Models

Statistics show that 70% of people who are abused as children will grow up into adults who will in turn abuse children. A recent awareness ad campaign by Mexican organization Save the Children shared this fact in single photographs that are both creative and difficult to stomach.

The advertisements were originally published back in May 2012, and were created by Mexican agency Y&R and photographer Ale Burset.

Each one uses five models showing one individual at different stages of life. In the foreground, the individual is experiencing abuse as a child. Older versions of the abused child grow up as they walk across the background of the frame, and turn into the original abuser by the time they walk a full circle.

“70% of abused children turn into abusive adults. Donate at,” the advertisements say.

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Watch A Powerful Twist Happen As This Girl Grows Up A Second Per Day


Most of all you know that the Philippines has been devastated by Typhoon Haiyan/Yolonda. I live in the Philippines every news report about the tragedy gets even more tragic everyday. Dead bodies are still being laid out in the streets. Over 10,000 people were killed, The family members of the survivors are still missing. People lost their loved ones and left to be homeless. Most of them haven’t been reached by the government to receive help due to the scarce of relief goods. They haven’t eaten in days. No food, water, clean clothes, and they lost their family members from the typhoon. 

Stop scrolling and help what you can. 


Red Cross

Save The Children

Red Cross PH 

okay well i cant afford to donate but i can spread the message

Emma Blackery is shaving her hair to try and raise money for 5 different charities

  • Great Ormond Street
  • Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Save The Children
  • Teenage Cancer Trust
  • St Lukes Hospice

you can find out more about what shes doing and donate here:

it doesnt matter if you dont like her, you dont watch her videos or you dont even know who she is, the money is going to charity.


I still believe in heroes. Do you?

Countries in the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Somalia, & Kenya) have been battling a severe hunger crisis due to drought, with thousands of people dying and hundreds of thousands fleeing to refugee camps for help. More than 9 million people are in need of help. These are real people suffering from the very real villain of hunger, thirst, disease, and death. 

The Justice League and DC Entertainment have joined forces with Save the ChildrenInternational Rescue Committee, and Mercy Corps to form We Can Be Heroes and deliver aid to those who need it the most. DC Entertainment will also match all donations 100%. 

To celebrate this humble blog reaching its next milestone in followers (thank you!), and in place of a giveaway, I’m going to follow in the footsteps of our favorite heroes and hold a reblog-for-charity of sorts, and I will be donating the money to We Can Be Heroes.

Here’s how it works:

  • For every reblog and like, I will donate $0.05 USD. That’s 5 cents in US Dollars. Therefore, 1000 notes would equal $50. 
  • You definitely don’t need to be following me, although that would be awesome! (I’m mainly a DC blog)
  • The deadline will be August 24, 2012 at 11:00 PM PST. I know it’s only a week, but I think we can definitely do it. 
  • I will be dedicating the donation to the DC Fandom on Tumblr.
  • I will be making a minimum donation of $100 regardless of the number of notes this receives. There is also a maximum amount I will have to enforce (because I am only one person), but the notes will have to be substantially high for that to happen. 

Here’s more information about We Can Be Heroes, including how the money is used and a chance for you to make a personal donation. 

Thank you so much for following me, for supporting me, and for being a hero or heroine to the world we all live in :) 

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These Models Thought They Were Shooting A Sexy Commercial, But Then It Got Awkward And Impossible

Models and actors are used to saying all sorts of things for the camera, but for some reason these words don’t seem to roll off the tongue as easily.

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My Project For Awesome video for Save the Children is live now! Check it out on the Project For Awesome website where you can find and vote for other Project For Awesome videos.


 Helena Bonham Carter’s dream shoe design for Save the Children 

Helena, inspired by “The Wizard of Oz,” has created a model of shoes strewn with “crystals”, lined in a yellow brick road. 
"I remember a time when I was watching" The Wizard of Oz, "as a little girl. Since then I have always wanted to have a pair of shoes, like Dorothy, they would just brought me home when they hit you click them three times - a wonderful way out, when you have plenty of fun at a party, or after a full day of shooting fast you want to go "- says the actress. 

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Most Shocking Second a Day Video


Most Shocking One Second a Day Video

A new Save The Children campaign that imagines what London would be like if plunged into war, similar to that in Syria.  Watch video here

"We hope the video will resonate with members of the public, particularly those who don’t know much about the situation in Syria so they can really understand the plight of innocent Syrian children. said Jake Lundi, Director of Brand and Communications at Save The Children. "The message to the public is just because it’s not happening here, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

The Syrian civil war, which began three years ago, has left more than 11,000 children dead and turned an estimated 2.3 million into refugees.

Save the Children have helped 600,000 refugee children since the charity launched their Syria Crisis Appeal.  However an estimated 3.1 million children are still in desperate need of aid. [1]

via: fubiz

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support the Read on Get on Campaign today:

Text PETER to 70008 to donate £5

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Watch A Powerful Twist Happen As This Girl Grows Up A Second Per Day

What this young girl lives through here is happening in several countries around the world today. And children are often the ones who suffer the most.

Could this happen where you live?

Rossalyn Warren

This is an advert by Save the Children, reminding us that the violence in Syria is ongoing and real. Have a look at Syria Deeply, which has helpful explainers about how the crisis began and what is happening today.

A woman comforted her baby Sunday at a hospital in the Sakhour district of Aleppo, Syria, after both were injured by what activists said was a barrel bomb.  From the New York Times: 

The Syrian civil war’s impact on the health of Syria’s children is far more insidious than has been widely understood, a leading children’s advocacy group reported Sunday, with large numbers dying or at risk from chronic and preventable diseases that have flourished because the country’s public health system has basically collapsed.

In a report timed to coincide with the start of the fourth year of the conflict, the group, Save the Children, said the effects of untreated illnesses on Syrian children were only partly reflected in the documented statistics. They show that at least 1.2 million children have fled to neighboring countries, that 4.3 million in Syria need humanitarian assistance and that more than 10,000 have died in the violence.

“It is not just the bullets and the shells that are killing and maiming children,” said the report, “A Devastating Toll.” The conflict, which began in March 2011, has left a “shattered health system resulting in brutal medical practices that have left millions of children suffering,” the report said.

The report asserted that “several thousands of children” had died because of greatly reduced access to treatment for diseases including cancer, epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, hypertension and kidney failure.

The basic lack of medical care, including routine vaccinations, the report said, means “increasing numbers of children are suffering and dying from diseases that would previously either have been treated or prevented from taking hold in the first place.”

The report is based partly on conclusions drawn from data that has been issued by other organizations, including the United Nations and the World Health Organization, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Doctors Without Borders, and other medical research, as well as from the Syrian government.

But the report also draws on Save the Children’s own research, including interviews with Syrian children, parents and medical providers who painted what amounted to a portrait of medieval health conditions.

(Photo: Hosam Katan / Reuters via NYT)