Sega Saturn Magazine #35, September 1998 - Godzilla, the VMU!

Weird thing about the VMU - it came out several months earlier than the Dreamcast in Japan, but those early, special units featured this simple VMU styled Tamagotchi game already installed. Remember - Tamagotchi’s were all over the place at the time.

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This summer, my team and I will be shooting the short film, “Saturn’s Return.” The story of two otherworldly beings who are marooned here on Earth and only have each other to rely on in order to escape.

There’s an awesome team in place helping me achieve this vision and now I’m asking you to join our team to help us raise the funds to actually make it.

We need $55,000 to cover the costs of this film. If you’d like to help this dream come to reality and donate, please click the link below.

Thanks for your time and I’ll see you at the screening.

// Christian

What An Aquarius Thinks of the Signs (based off people I know)

Aries- don’t know any (sorry!)

Taurus- A bit emotional at times which I don’t like. Tends to talk about your friends behind their backs but still needs to be friends with them. Selfish at times. Can be a real bitch.

Gemini- mysterious in a way. Always off in a different world moving at like 8 billion miles an hour. Very kind but can be too much sometimes.

Cancer- Takes a while to get them to open up. But can be WAY too emotional omg calm down please. Tends to be extremely clingy once they get close to you. (I had a bad experience with a cancer so sorry if this sounds rude. There are plenty of good qualities about cancers!)

Leo- No matter how long it’s been since you’ve talked, they make it feel like you never stopped. Really sweet, but can be really sensitive as well. I always feel like they’re secretly looking down on me for everything but they’re so nice externally that I can’t tell???

Virgo- Smart af but doesn’t really act like it. Really goofy but sometimes uses that to hide their problems. Loves to help others which can be a bad thing sometimes. Overall a cool person

Libra- don’t know any that I can think of

Scorpio- OMG SCORPIOS HOLD GRUDGES LIKE DAMN THATS NOT A STEREOTYPE ITS THE TRUTH. My mom and sister are both Scorpios and they never forget anything. They can be so nosy, like they always want to be in every body’s business. Do they hate or love drama like what is the truth here??

Sagittarius- One of my fave signs, I generally get along with sags because we are very similar. Really funny and likes to pick on people. Extremely outgoing but can be emotionally distant. Smart as hell but also a real smart ass.

Capricorn- Another fave bc we’re the same. Except capricorns can be really uptight. Calm down like you act like you’re better than everyone. You may not think it, but you come off that way. Funny and blunt. You cool tho.

Aquarius- UR PERFECT. Shine on you crazy diamond. You’re funny and smart as hell. And you think outside the box. Like wayyyyyy outside of it… Was there even a box to begin with? But really though, we can be a bit stand off-ish and you know it’s true. But who cares people are just so clingy and emotional u know? (Cough cough Pisces)

Pisces- CRY A RIVER AND SWIM IN IT U FISH. jk but really though you guys are a lot for Aquarians to handle bc we don’t like feelings and stuff. Like how can you express them so freely? That’s weird??? But you guys are really creative. You don’t need others for self assurance though! Encourage yourself babe

Sega Saturn Magazine #35, September 1998 - Roar Power! Note that the Godzilla game they speak of is Godzilla Generations. The game does contain “zilla”, the character from the American 1998 film, but at this time that was unknown. Still used a still from the film for a cover, though.

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“The Universe Lives Within You”

An intense study of the power of the Universe, down to the smallest molecule, provides us insight into the power of the universe lying within our own bodies. The mythologies and sciences of the Ancients hold the key to understanding the world we live, our role in it and collectively where we are headed. Just as the Egyptian axiom exhorts: “Know Thyself and Thou shall know the Universe and the Gods”, The Serpent of Shakti examines the energetic connections that exist from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic levels of Life. Discover how to align yourself with that cosmic energy so that you may manifest your Heart’s desire.

Prominent Themes:

*Ancient Mythology




*Chakra system


*Human Psychology



Esoteric Themes:

*The Return of Venus: The feminine energy of Love and Sexuality

*Saturn and the Number 6

*Adam and the expression of the Ego

*Auset/Eve- The Soul

*Gateway chakras

*Visualization and the use of spiritual power

*The significance of the Serpent symbol

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Saturn’s Colorful Rings

This colorful image shows a section of Saturn’s beautiful rings, four centuries after they were discovered by Galileo Galilei. Saturn’s rings were first observed in 1610 by Galileo. Despite using his newly created telescope, Galileo was confounded by what he saw: he referred to the peculiar shapes surrounding the planet as “Saturn’s children.” Only later did Christiaan Huygens propose that the mysterious shapes were actually rings orbiting the planet. These were named in the order in which they were discovered, using the first seven letters of the alphabet: the D-ring is closest to the planet, followed by C, B, A, F, G and E. The variation in the color of the rings arises from the differences in their composition. Turquoise-hued rings contain particles of nearly pure water ice, whereas reddish rings contain ice particles with more contaminants. 

Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Colorado