saturday night


just arriving home. settling in. sitting on the floor eating these delicious treats🍤 –

watching news coverage of the downtown protests. things have become violent between citizens and police officers. the city officials aren’t even allowing the thousands of fans sitting at the Oriole game right now to leave the stadium until the streets are cleared tonight. this is very disheartening seeing as how the past six days of protests for Freddie Gray have been very peaceful.

i went to this small gathering last night but it was really dead and this gas thing leaked  so no one could go in the shed and it was constantly raining and people were stingy and the sky was nice and very(!!) mildly bruised lilac and the only relatively exciting person there was this cute guy with greasy hair (i can’t help not liking his lips though? they aren’t his best feature, though i can’t dislike him for it of course) but in general people are abit of a dissapointment. i read some peoples tarot and ate my ham sandwich i packed, and swayed abit, and i had no alcohol except this lovely tiny little jagerbomb bottle- (which one could fit it in their back pocket!) that hana brought me from austria, and the music was pretty bad, and we got a taxi home which i paid for, but when we got home my room is really nice right now. i have a dripping candle, and cherry incense, and LED lights everywhere, and we played a smooth vinyl and i draped this luv heart sheet over my room, theo and maddie slept on a white mattress on the floor, and me and hana in the bed. i had a dream about my sister, i was trying to find her, because the night before i had been worrying about where she was, and i woke up in the morning realising i got my period, so i feel really groggy since 8:43. we had eggs, bacon & toast, coffee and croissants with a berry smoothie my mom made, for breakfast, and i feel quite content now. i know i should be doing revision because i have internal exams in a month, and it’s not that i donit want to revise, but i could just lie around all day! the view outside my window is lovely right now. flowers blooming everywhere, and the window itself is open so the air in here is nice and cool . very sunday …

Seeing as it’s Saturday night, I give you…

The Out Out Playlist

Does exactly what it says on the tin. These are my go-to tunes to get me in the mood for a big one. And if you don’t know what I mean by “out out”, check out my favourite cockney Mickey Flanagan explaining it perfectly here. Just make sure you drink responsibly on your adventures alright kids, I didn’t even make it to the out out last night! 

Some of the songs on the playlist include:

🎵 Wine de Best - DJ Q (UKG Remix)

🎵 Gabriel (feat. Valentina) - Joe Goddard

🎵 Tease Me - Chaka Demus & Pliers

🎵 So Freakin’ Tight - Tough Love

(Listen and check out the rest of the tunes on Spotify)


Never has a vine described my life more perfectly than this


Hey world.

Tonight I am hanging out at home by myself with a glass of wine and some good 90’s music. You know, Red Hot Chile Peppers, Everlast, N'sync & Portishead… tunes n such.

Anyways, I’ll be introducing some new contributors to House of Alexzander tonight. One individual has a very unique perspective on life in general. They are non-binary and is raising two children, one of which is also non-binary. A very intuitive and powerful view point on life if you ask me. I am very glad to have them on my team.

We are also still accepting submissions for contributors, just visit our submissions page here!

If this post reaches you somehow tonight, just follow along and keep an eye out for more publications on House of Alexzander.
Good vibes to all tonight, feel free to send in a few questions if you like, I’ll be around as well.

-Elliott Alexzander