It’s strange to think that we are born to this planet, without a choice, and we cannot live on it without having tremendous amounts of money, which as a material is totally useless, except as toilet paper or kindling.

License after license after license after permit after permits upon permits and taxes and tickets and court dates. Spending and working; working to spend, and saving so that we can eventually spend. Rules and regulations and loopholes and bribes. Prisons filled with people who have never hurt a soul, while the rest of the population sits and guzzles down pop culture and the latest fads and keeping up with the neighbors and sleepily allowing their existence to be dictated by criminals. 

I didn’t want this. 

I don’t want this. 

I just want to be alive and living.

No rules or money will matter when we die. And we all die. Nothing will matter but the fact that our entire existence was wasted on rules and money. 

I don’t want that. 

Life is a fucking joke. 


Last Saturday, my mom told me that V can visit here at home every Saturday. You don’t know how excited V was when this very day is fast approaching. Even though how hectic and tedious our schedules are specially that we have our different chosen fields of courses, we can still find time to talk and hang out at school for a short period of time. Sometimes, we even use our time studying together and no wonder, that I’m already good in our accounting class and V is already good in Math. In fact, his score yesterday was higher than mine. I was like, “Wow. Good job. You’re better than me in Math if you weren’t just a lazy ass.” *laughs*

I downloaded a lot of movies last night so that we can watch it today and yeah, we’ve watched some of them like “God’s Not Dead”, some parts of “Despicable Me”, “Despicable Me 2” and “The Fault In Our Stars”. We just watched some of the parts of the three movies I’ve mentioned specially TFIOS because I want him to read the book first. It’s better to read the book first than watching the movie, right?

We finished watching “God’s Not Dead” since it’s a movie that talks about the existence of our awesome God, it’s worth the first watch and I know that his professor in Theology would let the whole class watch the movie. The same way my professor let us watched the movie though we weren’t finish watching the movie yet. Maybe in Monday, we can already finish it. So there was a part of the movie that you’re going to text all your contacts “God’s Not Dead”. So V did it this evening and I did it last night, it’s kinda saddening and maddening at the same time how our contacts would react that we’re madly crazy for sending that three-word message. What’s wrong with you people? Are you anti-God people? They thought that the message we’ve sent was sort of a joke when in fact, it’s not. We just want to simply share that God’s really not dead. If you haven’t watch the movie, well, I recommend you to download it or ask a copy of a movie from a friend because if you won’t do it, it’s like you’re missing a good part of your life. Cross the word “good” because I prefer the most amazing part of your life. It’s just that every line in the movie moves you and strengthens your faith in God.

Mom cooked dinner and obviously, V ate with us. This is the first time that he ate dinner with me and my mom. It’s kinda nervous and happy at the same time since my favorite guy whom I love is eating with me and my mom whom I love too. Mom talked to V and give us pieces of advice and mom even asked V how long our relationship already is and V answered that we weren’t a month old yet which surprised mom. I wanna laugh out loud to show mom that I’m not lying to her when I told her that V courted me since day one and we were just in a relationship on this month, this month. Ha!

I also downloaded four e-books on his phone because he also wants to read the books I’m into. I downloaded “Anna And The French Kiss”, “Lola And The Boy Next Door”, “Isla And The Happily Ever After” by Stephanie Perkins and “Attachments” by Rainbow Rowell. He really wants to read Rainbow’s book from the very start he saw my library here in my phone since here at home, I have a good internet connection, I downloaded the book for him. Yay!

Every day with V is my favorite day so today is another favorite day!

Cubao X


Cubao Expo is like Haji Lane. You get to find a lot of quirky and interesting stuff being sold in the area and a whole lot of vintage finds! :) 



I only took a few snapshots of some of the things that caught my interest. I got a bit shy to take photos because the stores were SO QUIET and you’ll hear every “click” of my camera whenever I try to take a picture. Hahaha! :) 


The “One More Chance” restaurant! :) 



The whole place is a work of art! It’s so beautiful! T____T


Quattro Formaggi a.k.a. Four Cheese Pizza : )

I LOVE this! So cheesy and creamy! The best Four Cheese Pizza I’ve tried so far. :) 


Parma Ham and Arugula Pizza + Chili Oil = Perfectttt! <3 

I really enjoyed their food. They were beyond what I expected since the photos of their food that I’ve seen online look so simple and ordinary. Don’t let its simplicity deceive you! The crust was very thin and crunchy, but it’s not oily like Shakey’s. The toppings were very generous! :) 

I should probably almost mention that they give you bread sticks while waiting for your orders. The waiting wasn’t even long! :) 


Free Sweet Wine! Weee! What a great dining experience! I’d definitely would like to go back and try their other dishes! For me, Bellini’s is the highlight of our Cubao eXpo trip! :) 



Norte: Hangganan ng Kasaysayan

… was an awesome film! 4 hours and 30 minutes were “kulang”. I usually sleep through most indies, but this one just sustained my interest SO much to make me regret taking a bladder break (sobs). I am now looking forward to watching Lav Diaz’s films. Norte was definitely worth the cash I shelled out. Yay!

(Shoutout to getlostandruncici who encouraged me in one of my instagram posts. Hihi. Did you enjoy the film as well?)

Di ko kineri yung dance production naming mga babaeng magkakabarkada nung Saturday na hindi kasama yung 3 beki. Hahahaha langya. Nag-wellness kami at yung Shake It Off yung background song namin. Na-videohan yun at nako. Pag yun talaga in-upload, ewan ko na lang. XD Tapos yung pangalawang sayaw namin, Problem. Hahahahaha ang kulit. Yung chorus lang sinayaw namin dun e. Tapos ayun, games na at kainan pagkatapos ng games at ayun, basagan ng itlog na at ang Ice Bucket Challenge. Ang saya hahahahaha. Naka-2 beses yata kami sa Ice Bucket Challenge eh. XD Tapos ayun, ligo na tapos Make-Up time. Tapos ayun, gora na sa isa pang bahay para mag-Movie Marathon at kainan ulit. :) ge


Yay for today! *throws confetti*

You don’t know guys how nervous I was when Saturday, this day, was already fast approaching these past few days because today marked the day when V will visit here at home and the day that my family will know about him. Officially know about him and see him in person since I was only into stories about him to them.

He doesn’t know about this place that’s why he got lost and it’s kinda funny how I waited for him outside and my armpits were already crying because of sweat! *laughs* And when we arrived at home, mom wasn’t feeling well so we just sat, surf the internet, talked a lot of stuff and listened to random artists. My mom got out of the room and it was pretty obvious that she wasn’t really feeling well. Though she still smiled to V and she went back to the room again.

V bought ensaymada for me and it was obviously our snack and don’t forget coke which was really not good for us. We’re both acidic and we’re trying to avoid those things but my mom told Ate to serve coke for us. My mom called me just to tell me that I should cook for V. Like seriously? This is my first time to cook for a guy here at home. And the fact, my mom told me so which is really surprising. From out of 10, V gave me 9.5 for making those hotdog sandwiches and if we round off 9.5, it’s already 10. So yay!!!

We took a lot of webcam photos and we’re laughing so hard until our stomachs hurt because of how hella funny our webcam photos are and the funny part is that I kept on pressing the arrow keys. It’s like a GIF though I was just using the arrow keys. But now, look above, they’re already edited by yours truly. I didn’t include the ugly ones that really made our stomachs hurt but the photos above are still cute, right?

My mom and grandma talked to V like for hours and it’s really quite a shocker that it seems like they’re already close with each other and I was just here so quite while holding his hand and listening to them talking about us, my family and my hometown.

Nanay told us, "Kung tapos na kayo mag-aral, ako sasagot sa gasto sa bakasyon niyo sa Borongan." We all laughed of course because we’re expecting that V and I would be travelling in another country but it was just in my hometown. *laughs*

You don’t know guys how extremely happy I am today that we’re officially legal. Yey!

And for the record, V isn’t a codename or a Tumblr name in order to hide his real name or whatever you may think about it, I really call him V because it’s his nickname which was created by me. Hihi


A bootylicious preview of the first SaturDANCE video coming this Saturday (get it?) Nicki Minaj “Anaconda” theme!

See it here:

SweatPants, Messy Bun, No Make-up, Just CHILLIN’… 😉
“Pinoy Street Food -CALAMARES- and My New Found Favorite -ROSE BEER-” 😋😋😋
BEER is proof that once in a while GOD Loves us and wants us to be HAPPY!.. lol 😂😂😂
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