Silver Stater from Tarsos, Cilicia by Datames the Satrap of Cilicia and Cappadocia from 384 to 362 BC, struck c. 384-372 BC

The coins shows a female head facing slightly left, wearing a single-pendant earring and necklace. On the reverse,  ‘TRDMW’ in Aramaic, a bearded and helmeted male head (Ares?) right, wearing a crested Athenian helmet.

Datames, the son of Kamisares and a Scythian mother, served as a member of the Persian king’s bodyguard before he became satrap of Cilicia and Cappadocia upon his father’s death in 384 BC. Throughout his early career, he put down a revolt in Lydia, defeated the rebel governor Thyos in Paphlagonia, and briefly occupied the city of Sinope. Because of these successes, the Persian king placed him in charge of the second war against Egypt, along with Pharnabazos and Tithraustes, satrap of Caria. Datames was first, however, detained by a local revolt in Kataonia, a territory within his satrapy. This time, his success incurred the king’s jealousy, and he was removed both from his command of the Egyptian expedition as well as the rule of his satrapy. Refusing to relinquish his authority, Datames himself revolted and became a virtually independent ruler. His initial success in this endeavor prompted the revolt of other satraps across the empire. Datames’ success, however, was short-lived. Distrust among the satraps disintegrated their rebellion and Datames himself was assassinated by Mithradates, the son of Ariobarzanes, satrap of Phrygia, in 362 BC.

(In antiquity, Cilicia was the south coastal region of Asia Minor, south of the central Anatolian plateau in Turkey.)

Tetradrachm of Pixodaros (Satraps of Caria) 

Pixodaros was the brother of Hidrieus and son of Mausoleus.

Coin of Pixodaros, circa 341/0 - 336/5 BC. Silver tetradrachm with the head of Apollo facing slightly right, wearing laurel wreath, drapery at neck. On the reverse is Zeus Labraundos standing right; ΠIΞOΔAPOY to right. A masterpiece of late Classical engraving. Very rare denomination, and the finest known.

by Ancient Art

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We have reached the point now where the Republican plan to cripple yet another Democratic presidency has achieved its goal. Nothing much is going to get accomplished in the next two years — except, perhaps, another war in the Middle East - because, as a minority or as a majority, the Republican party in Congress has determined that no Democratic president will be able to govern as a Democratic president, no matter how many votes he gets, how many times he gets elected, or how dire the state of the country is. Bob Dole announced on the day after Bill Clinton was elected that Dole’s job was to represent the people who didn’t vote for Clinton. This time around, there was the famous Inauguration night dinner in 2009 when Republican satraps got together for the purpose of sabotaging the new president, and the hopes of the people who had elected him.

I fault the president for only one thing in this regard - his painful delay in realizing the true nature of what he was up against. It should have been his issue from the first day in office. Americans understand the concept of poor losers. They understand the concept of lushly funded vandalism. They just have to be reminded, constantly, of the source of that vandalism, or else the (occasionally laudable) distrust of government curdles into cynicism that enables the kind of both-siderism that seems now to be the resting pulse of our politics. The system has been sabotaged. Both sides are not equally guilty. Both sides have not done the same things. The Democratic opposition to George W. Bush didn’t truly begin until after he’d been re-elected, and his war had gone sour, and he made a clumsy attempt to privatize Social Security. Before that, Democrats had helped him get his lunatic tax-cut passed - Hi there, John Breaux! - and, later, they helped him get his lunatic war started. Hell, they even treated the dubious way that C-Plus Augustus had come into office as more legitimate than the Republicans have treated either of the elections of Barack Obama. Al Gore even presided over the certification of his own questionable demise. It is unimaginable that Dick Cheney, or Mitch McConnell, or any of the wild children of the House majority, would have done the same thing in the same circumstances.

i accidentally sped up the playback of metal gear scanlon in VLC and boy meryl and snake and everyone talking at a slightly picked up speed trying to have these dramatic conversations are fucking hilarious



Daniel 6:5-6a We will not find any pretext against this Daniel unless we find it in connection with the law of his God.”
So the administrators and the satraps conspired with respect to the king.

In order to find fault with Daniel, his opponents have to make his religion temporarily illegal! Does this even remotely sound familiar? To remove the righteous from influencing others to follow God and His Christ those in position close to the King (President) will alter the laws of the land to do it!

Can you say the “Gay Rights” Agenda?!? Our faith and standing has been Hijacked by a movement, but the movement only gained a foothold in our society by attacking believers and our faith in God and His laws as being wrong!

That’s why it is of the utmost importance to study all of God’s word, not just some of it. Not just the New Testement! We must study OT & NT to get the whole story and a full and mature understanding!

Read and study the entire 6th chapter of the book of Daniel, I promise you, it’ll blow your mind & prove to you, that there’s nothing truly new under the sun! #GodStrong #BeDifferent

Interestingly, an independent Scotland would not, as Britons warn, float away to nothingness. The Scots might join the European Union and resume their close historic ties to France. Britain would loses its nuclear submarine bases in Scotland and be forced to relocate them further south.

The United States is not at all happy seeing its faithful British satrap laid low by the Scots. If the Scots hit new oil or gas deposits in the North Sea, the Brits will be livid.