More animator selections from the first Rakugaki Drill. Satoshi Yamaguchi (山口智) illustrated the crazy-eyed Yoko at the top piloting Lagann and the bottom lightly-dressed version of Yoko is illustrated Shouko Nishigaki (西垣 庄子).


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Rakugaki Giga Drill illustrations of the Black sisters—Kiyoh, Kinon and Kiyal—by artists Yuka Shibata (柴田由香) and Satoshi Yamaguchi (山口智). Yuka Shibata was most recently the character designer for Magical Sisters Yoyo & Nene.

  • ハイキュー‼ 烏野高校排球部 座談会

[6] HQ!! voice actors chatting on the Bluray/DVD Vol.9 Special CD.

The 3rd years talk about Uchiyama (Tsukki) and Saitou (Yamaguchi).
Irino (Suga): The Uchiyama-Saitou pair, you know… they stand out.
Hino (Daichi): They do.
Irino: Their relationship is similar [to the series]. Uchiyama is just too Uchiyama, too Tsukishima.
Hino: Ucchi is free, right?
Irino: Yeah. Really free.
Hino: Doing things at his own pace.
Irino: No matter what people tell him, he’ll simply say “I’ll do things the way I want to do them”.
Hino: Indeed. Remember when we practiced volleyball? Ucchi would sit alone in the back as soon as he got a little tired. Like, “you guys, carry on.” 
Irino: And Souma-kun is really quiet, right? He’s exactly like Yamaguchi. I have to call out to him— but he seems nervous even if I do, making me wonder if I did something scary.