Luminary Youth - Satorion [EP]


Luminary Youth's bio goes like this, “Raised by wolves but ultimately rejected.” [via] Maybe he just preferred the lone wolf role he takes on as electronic producer extraordinaire over just following what the pack is doing. 

Hearing Gold earlier today (09/3/2012) was quick to point out how fantastic LY’s new track “Honey” is (because it really is fantastic), but in my opinion it’s only the tip of the iceberg when considering the Floridian’s new release Satorion

The 12-ish minute journey traverses an array of backdrops—sexy ambient atmospheres, thumping house rhythms and with some lush piano accompaniment. “Toyko In Rain (Intro)” sounds like its descriptive title, as well as, “World Ends (Sex Sleep)”.

Florida is a hotbed for talented producers right now, (ChromadaData, xxyyxx, GRANT, Spies On Bikes) and you can add Luminary Youth to that list of cats out there doing the damn thing.          

I changed my url

Why? Might you ask?

I changed it to luminaryouth because it’s one of my favorite artists.

I had all of his songs on repeat the other day and damn… SO FUCKING GOOD!

And he follows me on here.. Which is freaking great :)

Here’s his Bandcamp

Here’s his Tumblr

Words cannot explain how great his music is.