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You can’t pinch the earth today, because it is wearing green. Though not quite this bright a shade of green. The images above were generated by the the European Space Agency’s satellite Proba-V, a washing machine sized cube that uses visible and infrared light to monitor the amount of vegetation on earth. It was only launched in 2013, but it’s sure to be a powerful tool in the study of climate change and agriculture.  

I was tipped off to Proba-V’s amazing images by Phil Plait over at Slate’s Bad Astronomy Blog.

Image credit: ESA

*all while listening to future hearts for this first time*
  • *listening to Satellite*
  • Me:this is the best song on the album
  • *listening to Kicking & Screaming*
  • Me:nope it's this one
  • * listening to Something's Gotta Give*
  • Me:Holy shit it's this one
  • * listening to Kids in the Dark*
  • Me:sorry it's this one
  • * listening to Runaways*
  • Me:nope this is the best one
  • * listening to Missing You*
  • Me:sorry this is king
  • * listening to Cinderblock Garden*
  • Me:nope best song right here
  • * listening to Tidal Waves*
  • Me:never mind you're all irrelevant this is the best right here
  • * listening to Don't You Go*
  • Me:whoops it's this on
  • * listening to Bail Me out*
  • Me:hahaha it's this song
  • * listening to Dancing with a Wolf*
  • Me:okay I made up my mind it's this song right here
  • * listening to The Edge of Tonight*
  • Me:holy hell it's this song
  • * listening to Old Scars / Future Hearts*
  • Me:it's this one