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Hey, I'm really sorry to bother you, but I just wanted to know if you tell me a little about wicca practice, specifically with using stones and such. I wanna get into the practice, but I'd like to know more about it first

Hello!  stones can be used in many different ways.  you can hold them in your hand and draw energy from them, you can wrap them inside satchets, you can charge them under the moonlight

all stones have different uses.  sometimes just having them present in a spell, and touching them every once in a while, can properly utilize their power!  


not all of them but they suck and im american ive been looking for an a spritzee (with satchet) for over a month and finally today a guy from japan gave me one 

Photos - Woman Found Dead, Hanging Off A Tree Read

Photos – Woman Found Dead, Hanging Off A Tree Read

The woman, simply identified as Kate was found dead hanging off a pear tree in Lagos on Friday, 12 Spetember.

Her Corpse was found at Bankole Street, in the Isheri-Oke area of LagosPunch reports.

Kat worked at a satchet water factory and was popular in the area.

The reason for committing suicide is yet to be known, as neighbors residents say she never had problems with anyone in the area.

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