satanic-cat-sweater asked:

Hiya! I was wondering if you know any good bethyl fics? Doesnt matter what style really, I just don't know where to look (Btw I've already read 18 mile out and spiced molasses <3)

Good, that’s where everybody should start.

It depends on what kind of fic you prefer but here are some of my favorites:

Follow Me, Beth (it’s on her blog) by xbluemagnoliax

House Call by LemonStar which I can just link you to since I have it up… (I’m going to make EVERYONE read this) 

Tomorrow Will Be Kinder by bee1103 

Walls by Traumen 

Out After Dusk by Alfsigesey

Relativity by seren23

We Can Be Good Again (WARNING YOU WILL CRY AND/OR WANT TO NEVER WAKE UP AGAIN THIS IS NOT A CUTE AND FLUFFY FIC DO NOT ACTUALLY READ THIS — but you did ask if I knew any good ones) by the evil Schwoozie 

A Piece of Rough also by Schwoozie (Idk how you are with smut though so just know that this is pretty explicit)

I’ll probably remember more later and kick myself, but those are pretty good. “We Can Be Good Again” is a one-shot, and “House Call” is just about finished with a sequel in the making (!!!!!!!!). “Relativity” is a ficlet with accompanying sequels if you’re interested in those (I never finished them personally so I couldn’t tell you what they’re like), but reads as a standalone fic just fine. Other than that, the rest are all in-progress, so watch out. :)

Being afraid of the devil...

A man walked into my office holding an 8½ x 11 card with a print of the Octavio Ocampo crucifixion, and he tells me to look intently at the face of Jesus. I said, “Oh, this is pretty. I’ve seen a number of these.”

Then the man says, “Father, look again. Do you see how the mustache of Jesus is drawn? It’s a woman’s v*gina!” This is one of those moments where a priest says, silently to himself, “Oh, no, … I did not just hear, what he just said to me.” So I said, “Excuse me?” I was trying to look calm and composed, and was probably not succeeding.

The man goes on to tell me that I need to warn parishioners that the print was probably made by devil worshipers so that each time they look at Jesus’ face, they get sexually tempted. Then followed some minutes where I had to give this man a quick catechism on how the devil works to tempt us, and that this print of Jesus was NOT one of them.

Most people have uncharitable thoughts, and uncharitable actions with their fellow human beings, without giving that a worry or a thought, but react when someone tells them the devil is hiding, let’s say, in a rock song. They’ll destroy rock cd’s but go on practicing uncharity.  

This man’s silly theory about female anatomy hiding in a print of Jesus led me to remember that it is easy to fall into the fearful suspicion that the devil is hiding, in a “subliminal” way to get into our brains. We are quick to look for and find the devil in those “subliminal” ways and yet miss him in the obvious occurrences of our lives which are unChristian attitudes and actions.