“The fist forged of black metal by the hammer imperegnated with hate In the smithy spitting the black flames In darkness the glory of Satan in our minds With the iron fists and the will to use them we are wandering in the storm of violence With the hateful hits desecrating your flesh With the claws black as those of a crow tearing the human faces apart Fist of the Satanist -crushes joy and light Fist of the Satanist -crushes the weak and degenerated Fist of the Satanist -crushes the good and clean Fist of the Satanist -crushes the heaven The blood of my enemy on the ground is reminding what happened to those who arose against our darkness The wrath of Satan in these hands we strike with hate and kill with hate The violent mutilation of the christian face The filth you learned from the book of lies will lead you in your destiny at the end of the road where we’ll be waiting for you and there will we execute our twisted dreams!” #Behexen #Fistofthesatanist #Lucifer #Satan #kvlt #blackmetal

So maybe my followers have noticed an increase in posts and reblogs about demons in the past four months, yeah?

I periodically toyed with the idea of becoming a Satanist. Lucifer and Asmodeus hung around. Then Satan and Lilith showed up. We worked together for a bit then the contract ended. I’ve got a demon social worker (for lack of better term) right now who is a non-lore demon. They’re really sweet.

In addition to demon visits, I wrote about demons for my creative writing class. I talked to people about demons. I wore my demon summoning dress with the fake ritual on it. Then I was gifted with two books on demons right as school was ending. I have since determined these were gifts from Satan.

I was starting to note this was feeling a LITTLE obsessive.

Three or four nights ago, I was wrestling with thoughts about my recently revealed life’s work and how Satan could fit into that. By the paradigm I am working in, I thought Someone was going to pop in and say, “No, you can’t work with Him.”

This idea really upset me. So Satan came by and said that my interest in Him didn’t bother Him in the slightest.

I shared my feelings then realized that me, a kid who grew up in the Protestant church, totally has a big crush on Satan.

I’m actually rather shy to reveal more. Suffice to say He has been around and my team has hinted at important things in the works that might involve Him. (Or they might not and my team was trying to distract me from scary news.)

Actually I will say one thing about Satan: His goat form is super gorgeous beautiful wow.

(I know, He is the Adversary, blah blah. Demons are people too, I figure. They enjoy love just as well as any god or mortal.)

((So I guess I am sort of a Satanist now???))