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For students who are doing their IGCSE/A Level/SAT/other this year

To anyone whose exams are starting soon and need help revising, I strongly recommend all of you to watch Hank and John Green’s videos on the channel CrashCourse.
They’ve made a video on almost topic relating to Biology, Chemistry, History, Psychology, Literature, Astronomy and more. I can assure you will find whatever you need whether relating to these subjects whether it’s Eukaryotic cells or the political beliefs of Capitalism.

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this is a blog designed to help any and all persons with math! we can answer specific questions and help you prepare for tests in anything from pre-algebra to calculus II, as well as sat math and the ap exams. math grade suffering? we also offer free tutoring appointments over skype.

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I suppose the order of the words does not matter, but this is my vocabulary list from my English class. Feel free to let me know if you can’t read it, I’ll make a typed list.

Edit: Arrogate is on here twice, trust the definition of ‘to take something without justification.’ There may be more duplicates.

Study and prepare for exams!!

If you’re preparing for an AP test, the SAT, the ACT, or reading a famous piece of literature for class like TKAM, The Scarlet Letter, Hamlet, and 1984, go to for practice questions. It’s free, and it’s a good way to judge where you are with certain topics of a subject. I’m currently using it to study for AP Psychology, and I find it to be extremely helpful. It’s a good place to go to if you don’t even know where to start when studying for a test(s). As I said, it’s free, but if you choose to upgrade (I did. It was worth the $20), you’ll get more features such as video explanations, ability to reset topics to study them again, explanations for wrong answers, and access to difficult questions. 

I PROMISE I’m not doing this as part of a promotional thing for the site. I actually want to let you people know of this study tool if you don’t already. Who knows, maybe the difference between the 29 & 30 on the ACT and 2 & 3 or 4 & 5 on an AP exam could be this website!  

Happy studying :) 

anonymous asked:

Hey Ashley. <3 I'm taking the SAT for the first time on Saturday. I've already done a lot of research and a little bit of studying, but scoring as high as you did- do you have any more tips for me?

practice practice practice! it’s basically the only advice i have. doing a couple practice tests the week before is probably the thing that can get you to score as high as you can your first time! after that, you can diagnose your problem areas and work on those specifically for the rest of the times!

look through these links to help you! i’ve answered a bunch of q’s about the SAT: here, here and here

anonymous asked:

Hey! I am taking the SAT next month and I wanted some help with the writing section, specifically grammar, and I was wondering if you could recommend anything to me? I already have the blue book but it's such a pain to look through

Hi! Sorry for responding so late… 

Looking through the blue book right now to help you. I’ll outline some of the key points for you right here:

For the “Improving Sentences” portion -

1. Read the entire sentence first! and remember, choice A is always the same sentence (the sentence is unchanged). About 20% (because there are 5 answer choices) of the time, choice A is correct.

2. Remember to read each choice along with the actual sentence (to fill in the gaps basically), and don’t just read the choices by themselves. 

3. Use Process of Elimination to help and guide you. Some POE tips: 

  • succinct answers are key! if you are stuck between two answer choices, choose the one that is shorter/gets to the point quicker
  • if the answer choice makes the sentence have a different meaning it is wrong no matter how good the grammar is. 

For the “Identifying Sentence Errors” portion -

1. Consider each question as true-false: there is only one containing the right answer. Remember: E = no error, and that is also apart of the answers quite often (ranges from 3-6 in each section, from what I’ve seen)

2. Just because something “sounds” right doesn’t mean it’s always right (this applies to both kinds of grammar sections actually). Make sure you have logical proof to why the sentence doesn’t make sense.

3. Study your idioms! This isn’t necessarily the most important part, but it does help you with 1-2 questions toward the end. These are hard because sometimes they’re not part of everyday grammar and so you usually have to study them/memorize them to know them immediately when you see them.

To be honest, the blue book is looking kind of skimpy on help for the grammar sections… I’d say you should look into buying another prep book (maybe Barron’s 2400 or Princeton Review Manual if you’re looking for prep books that are more technique-filled rather than test/practice filled)

For more resources, I’d really suggest using this link and reviewing all of the rules! Here is another answered post about grammar and check my writing tag for more answered questions about the writing section and the SAT in general.

thedirtyknb asked:

NijiAka + prince/assassin AU OHOHOHOHO


“I insist, your Majesty.”

“How many times must I repeat myself? I do not wish for a personal guard and that is final. Leave me, please.”

Akashi sighs as his eyes follow his personal Counsellor hastily leaving the luxurious bedroom. He appreciates his concern, but a personal guard was never part of his design, not even after the infamous assassin terrorizing the entirity of Rakuzan’s kindgom decided to publically label him as his next target.

Nijimura Shūzō, was it?

Well, Akashi is many things. A prince, a leader, a swordsman…though usurprisingly enough, he is no coward. If Nijimura wants him dead, he’s at least going to put up a good fight, no matter the outcome. 

“You seem very pensive tonight, Akashi.”

And there he is.

Akashi doesn’t speak as he unfolds his sword and turns to face the large window, pupils shrinking as he takes in the sight before him.

Nijimura’s crouching on the marble windowsill, right hand busy with juggling a fairly big knife. Although he’s supposed to focus on preserving his life, Akashi’s attention is entirely devoted to the intensity of his foe’s gaze and the perfect form of his lean yet muscular figure.

“I wasn’t expecting you so soon, Nijimura. The effort you put in your profession is remarkable, I’ll give you that.”

The assasin throws back his head to let out a throaty laugh, exposing his slender neck in the process. His body language is crystal clear, Akashi notes with a hint of admiration. This man doesn’t know fear.

“I couldn’t possibly make you wait, could I?” Nijimura replies sarcastically, leaping into the room with a single movement. “Shame, your eyes are just as remarkable. I’ve never seen that flame anywhere else, Prince-sama.”

SAT preparation for juniors


For most people, junior year is the “most difficult” year. Balancing good grades with testing and extracurriculars/volunteering can definitely be stressful, but if you plan accordingly, it’ll be far less stressful. The following are just a few tips on how to keep stress levels at a low, regarding testing/scheduling.

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If at least one wuzzle is grumpy, then some fuzzles are lumpy. 

If the statement above is true, then which of the following must also be true?

a) If all wuzzles are grumpy, then all fuzzles are lumpy. 

b) IF no wuzzle is grumpy, then all fuzzles are lumpy. 

c) If all fuzzles are lumpy, then all wuzles are grumpy. 

d) If no wuzzle is grumpy, then no fuzzle is lumpy. 

e) If no fuzzle is lumpy, then no wuzzle is grumpy. 


anonymous asked:

how did you do so well with critical reading :( that's my lowest one and the highest i've gotten was 660

I’ve been reading a lot since I was a kid, and at a higher level than normal (im sorry if this sounds obnoxious I’m honestly  trying not to brag) but this is why I just naturally picked up a more extensive vocabulary. Like I always get the vocab right without studying because I learned it in context, if you try to study a list of vocab it’s not really going to stick with you. There’s a big (the ring of mcallister) which is actually pretty interesting but also uses SAT words. This way, you can read a good book while picking up words in context (it also has all the definitions in the back.)

As for the paragraph sections, just really pay attention to all the little details (while still understanding the big picture) and underline things you may think are important. Then, after you read every question go back to the text and look for proof. It doesn’t matter how sure you are, still go back.

And my next piece of advice is kinda confusing, so if you don’t get it just ignore it. But this is the SAT, they want to trick you. So don’t go for the easiest answer or vocab just because its the one you understand the best. But at the same time, don’t psych yourself out. If you truly think an answer is correct and you have evidence from the text to back you up, THEN TRUST YOUR GUT AND CHOOSE THAT! But honestly, a lot of times I got it down to 2 and the trickier/less obvious one was right. Again, this isn’t going to be the case 100% of the time so please don’t just pick the hardest answer for each one. 

My last piece of advice is boring and typical but PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. If you do enough practice CR sections, you’ll start to get the type of questions they ask and what they look for.

Hope this helped! If you have anymore questions just let me know, and good luck!

coralcay asked:

Hallooooowwwwwwww :< Do you have any good study tips for the SAT's? Like, recommended websites to practice?

The college board/SAT site itself has some practice questions?

Check your media center/library to see if they have any official SAT/College Board study guides, I stole one from my older sister. Just go to the practice tests in the back of the books and try hammering out some. If you get stuck, check the answers, then read up on the study practices or skill tips that are generally earlier put in the book. This way, if you already know something, you’re not wasting your time reading something useless. Try to just find what will help you.

Iunno if you took a PSAT and have any info from that? Just, yeah, try using guides from the College Board itself.

calvinwhatup asked:

any tips on getting a good score on the SATs? I noticed u got a REALLY REALLY good score on the SATs, im struggling the most on math(i take math studies in the IB so...D: ) did you have any study strategies? oh and im also curious about what you got in each of the 3 SAT sections(critical reading, math and writing) if you dont mind lol i heard cornell only looks at CR and M but ignores the writing score idk if thats true and thanks!

First of all, you should probably know that for some reason I am relatively good at taking standardized tests. My GPA is never that great (because I hate studying) but my SAT/ACT were pretty solid just because idk I guess I understand what the questions are looking for 99% of the time? And I’m also really quick/good at SIMPLE math (but give me something more complex and I’m like ???).

Simple suggestions:

  • Take a class! I took one at Sylvan and even though it felt like I wasn’t learning anything lol it ended up bringing my score up 200 points (also it had been a couple years since I last took the SAT, so that may have helped as well). For me, they helped me get down the really weird obscure technicalities in grammar that will give you that extra boost if you need it.
  • Get a practice book (if you decide against the class) and spend your whole life living in it! (just do a lot of practices and see what you did wrong basically)
  • Study vocab a lot! I know you said your problem is math, but this is always a good thing to do
  • For math… honestly math was a pretty easy part for me! I think the best thing you can do is take all kinds of practice tests to improve your speed on the easy questions and understanding for the different types of difficult questions you may get
I hope that helps you out some!! Good luck! :)

(reminder that I also have a general advice blog that is separate from IB-related things) c: