shoutout to those who are on your period who are taking the ACT/SAT please bring extra pads and midol and yogurt and a blanket the proctor cannot refuse to let you go to the bathroom

ACT/SAT test takers:

reminder that the proctor CANNOT refuse to let you go to the bathroom. it is not in their power and it’s also against your basic human rights. just remember that it takes away from your test time so be careful !!!


Hello, lovelies! This week, I talk about how I got a 2300+ on the SAT without any outside tutoring or prep classes. Yes, it’s possible, and I tell you how to do it in the video.

I also put together a masterpost of resources below. Even if you aren’t self-studying, a lot of these things might be helpful:


  • Official College Board SAT Study Guide (The Blue Book)
  • Direct Hits Vocabulary (Volume 1) // Direct Hits Vocabulary (Volume 2) — What makes these books stand out from other SAT vocab books is the use of pop culture references to explain definitions. For example, the first word in Volume 1, ambivalent, is given the sentence: “In The Avengers, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, and Thor are initially ambivalent about joining S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Avengers Initiative.
  • Barrons SAT 2400 — Fabulous book, helpful strategies. I didn’t read the whole thing or do all the practice problems; I only used it for extra help on the sections I struggled with.
  • Grubers SAT 2400 — Didn’t personally use it myself, but it was recommended by a lot of my friends.


→ Non-SAT Critical Reading Advice

→ My favorite reading sources:

  • The Atlantic — mix of interesting articles
  • Variety — pop culture focus, but with more cultured language
  • New Yorker — very cultured, good place to pick up vocabulary
  • New York Times — classic SAT reading material
  • Boston Globe — I have a soft spot in my heart for their entertainment and style sections
  • National Geographic — exactly the sort of passages you’ll find on the SAT

Vocab Flashcards (mentioned in video)


→ Top Writing Errors

→ Top Grammar Rules


→ Khan Academy


I should probably stop now. It’s 11:20 pm and I’ve checked 10 out of 18 of the things I had to do this weekend. Today I studied: • History (Middle Ages) • Chemistry (Periodic Table properties) • Algebra • a bit of the SAT’s writing section I guess it was a pretty productive day! oh and I downloaded that tree app and it’s so good that I actually felt bad for killing the tree. /February 28th 2015/

Word of the Day: EXPUNGE

Pronunciation: [ik-SPUHNJ]

Note: We use expunge for things that are unwanted or unpleasant.

Example sentences:

  • The crooked politician tried to illegally expunge his criminal record.
  • The judge assured the defendant that a conviction could be expunged after six months if he stays out of trouble.
  • A violent panda took drastic measures to expunge the embarrassing files from his computer.
Things to do the night before the SAT

1. Print your admission ticket from the College Board Website. Go, right now. Print it and then come back and read the rest of this list.

2. Gather your supplies:

  • Several non-mechanical, sharpened No. 2 pencils
  • an eraser
  • photo ID
  • wristwatch (most test rooms will have a clock, but don’t count on it!) haha “count on it” I’m so punny
  • a snack (keep it simple - an energy bar or some gum is best)

Put these things in a bag so that you don’t drop them everywhere on your way to the test room (preferably a clear ziplock bag, for the benefit of all those paranoid proctors) and leave it somewhere in the open so you don’t forget them when you inevitably panic tomorrow morning

3. Pick an outfit for tomorrow morning. It seems unimportant, but trust me, the fewer things you have to worry about tomorrow, the better. Recommendations:

  • dress in layers - you have no idea what temperature the testing center will be, so be prepared for anything
  • dress comfily - you’re going to be sitting there for 3 hours and 45 minutes, might as well be comfortable
  • my go-to outfit: sweatpants/leggings, T-shirt, and cardigan or cozy hoodie

4. Stop studying. This is not the time to be taking another full-length practice test, because you’ll just freak yourself out. Accept that if you haven’t learned it by now, it isn’t going to matter anyway.

5. Set your alarms. Set all the alarms. On your phone, on your actual alarm clock, on your laptop. The admission ticket tells you to report to your testing center by 7:45. Plan to be there at 7:30. That extra time should allow for any unexpected circumstances (traffic, flat tires, impromptu changes in gravity).

6. Do something completely unrelated to the SAT. And no, schoolwork doesn’t count. Do some laundry, clean up your desk, catch up on the first three episodes of Agent Carter. Anything to take your mind off the test.

7. Go to sleep early. Do not browse college confidential, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Go the fuck to sleep.

More experienced appblr/studyblrs: is there anything I missed?

Word of the Day: NEFARIOUS

Pronunciation: [ni-FAIR-ee-uhs]

Example sentences:

  • The captured murderer was handed the harshest punishment allowed by law for his nefarious crimes.
  • I was shocked by the ruthless uncle’s nefarious scheme to seize power by killing his brother and his nephew.
  • The villains from many Disney movies are memorable for their nefarious intentions and activities.