au: blaine has an accident. (more)

(I’m sorry about this one, guys, heheh. if you could like it on youtube here it would make me very happy!)

If they being Karofsky back to make him Blaine’s love interest, I will sit back, not watch the last season, and watch as this season crashes and burns. FYI to the writers, Klaine is what is keeping your ratings right now. Basically, if you pull the plug on Klaine you are just putting the final nail into the coffin that is Glee. :) Signed, With love, one of your angry viewers.

is this a klaine or crisscolfer mix? both.

1.  the harold song - ke$ha cover by nicholas connell // 2. girls/girls/boys - panic! at the disco cover by rohlnl maltl // 3. oxygen - tom fletcher // 4. shiver shiver - walk the moon cover // 5. the world is mine - alex day cover by natalie patton // 6. blue jeans - lana del rey cover // 7. astronauts - bribry // 8. boom clap - charli xcx cover // 9. can’t take my eyes off of you - frank sinatra // 10. unforgettable - nat king cole // 11. in my veins - andrew belle // 12. all of me - john legend

{ listen here }