Tell us about your world 2

Hey guys how’s it going? so my good friend Lindsay was kind enough to do an awesome write up about her photos, it’s an inspiring and fascinating read check it out!

I miss Canada.

The people that live here are varied, they come from different places, cultures and religions.  Yet we all find a central place in this barren land.  A unique part of our life is that we have terribly cold winters.  When the sun first begins to shine, people here seem to run outside to engage in any activity possible to soak up the much missed sun and warmth.  Picnics are common, a place for gathering friends, new and old, a place of sharing, laughter and happiness.

My city is a hub for artists and art activity.  We define ourselves by the creative energy that we express to the world.  Some are musicians, some are dancers, and others are visual artists.  I am grateful to live in such a wonderfully artistic place and this is often a common sight when walking through the streets of Regina.

Closer to my own home is my family.  My house is an important place for all my family.  We gather here and make it our point of departure yet we always come home to this front step and this smiling dog.  Whenever I am travelling or living away I think of moments like these and know that they will be waiting for me when I return.

The kitchen is the most important place of all. We gather, we eat, we laugh, we cry, we share, all around the one table.  My mother prepares many meals, which our family gathers to spend time at the end of the day together.  This photo is of our kitchen and my mom cooking, as this is the most important place in my family and in my house. 

I live in a place where the earth meets the sky.  The prairie seems to stretch on for infinity like the ocean.  I live in a place where you can stand in the middle of nowhere and be absolutely alone, no obstructions, nothing blocking your view.  The sky stretches a full 180 degrees to fill the entire landscape.  There is really nothing else like it in the world. 


A video from Harrypalooza, featuring the man of the hour Mister 3, beat magician GRANT, Dromes, Sasketchewan & us. This video was put together by my good friend Nick Sawyer of OAKE//Body Talk. I’ve been working with this company on events such as this featuring VSN QST myself & a band or artist. As time progresses I will get you guys more in tune with the talent in Orlando. I will be running the OAKE//Body Talk blog, so i’ll have a post on here when it’s dropping. Again thank you everyone for your constant support. You are all beautiful.


Flooding Awareness by Greg Marcyniuk - Ask the Expert

Greg discusses ways to prevent damage to your home and personal items as snow melts and possibly causes flooding for clients in Saskatchewan, Regina, and Moose Jaw. 800 CHAB radio presents Ask the Expert with Greg Marcyniuk of Heritage Insurance located in Moose Jaw.

After marrying the fiesty Canadian chick & moving to Coachella Valley, I spent about 20-plus hours in a tattoo chair in Arcadia, four years back, getting her prairie likeness inked on my arm.

Train Trip to Waterford

So there I was, on the 0720 train from Dublin to Waterford, and hardly a soul on board. Beautiful sunny morning, we ran down the east coast, through the countryside and through several towns… and not a soul to be seen.

Then we arrive in Kilkenny, and a voice invites us to step off the train for a few minutes to stretch our legs (all 2 of them), and I do that.

Stepping out onto the platform, I was suddenly reminded of another train trip I took, 30 years ago, across Canada on the trans-Canadian that ran in those days from Montreal to Vancouver - 3 days and nights of travel. Quebec, Ontario, Sasketchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia. Vast, beautiful country. Ontario alone was endless. Sasketchewan was so flat that the same grain silo, the only feature for miles, would be visible from the observation car for an hour or more amidst the waving wheatfields. There was one stop, in Medicine Hat Alberta.

We were given about 30 minutes, and I wandered off down what looked like Main Street. It was Sunday morning, about 1100. Nothing was moving except a weedball blown by a breeze. The train’s hooter blew, and we legged it back on board; we were relieved as the train pulled out that we did not have to live out our days in Medicine Hat.