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abby tehehe

YEAH THAT’S NOT YOUR NAME OR ANYTHING. once upon a blog dedicated to robert pattinson and kristen stewart started following me many years ago and I began to talk to her and her name was abby. we became the best of friends because we both loved similar things, most importantly spongebob above the two obvious celebrities, and lady gaga as well. our common interests drew us closer together and sometimes I’d stay up talking to her into the night about random shit. I grew to love her a lot and she’s got a special place in my heart because she’s still as amazing as she was when I first met her

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Oh, believe me I understand that. I'm trying not to really mention the whole coming out thing because I understand why people are bothered by that. I'm just annoyed that people are getting all pissed at Finn, when Santana is the one who made him defensive.

Yeah, I think Santana’s comment’s about him during her apology was uncalled for. She was apologizing, you shouldn’t continue to bully during an apology. 

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no need to get so feisty and unfollow me. i never said i didn't like the pictures... I loved them actually. I just feel bad that they were caught. it's going to be impossible for them to keep their relationship to themselves now. i don't know if you realized... but my other blog is robandkristen.. so I'm pretty sure I am in support of their relationship.

I know! But all the people is freaking out and wondering why the fucking hell are we happy! YES I’M HAPPY BECAUSE THEY ARE! They couldn’t keep this relationship for themselves a long time ago. And yes, I AM really sorry for them, because they can’t even walk alone. 

pomulo said:

Fair enough. I guess it just kind of bugs me how everyone is okay with Santana being nasty to so many other people... but when someone is mean to her, it's not okay. That doesn't seem fair, especially coming from someone who's so against bullying.

I understand what you mean, I know she’s a bully, and I disagree with a lot things she says to some of the characters. This was the only time I was ever mad at someone for being mean to her. Just the topic that caused it hits close to home, you know? :p

pomulo said:

I guess I'm just viewing it differently. Santana isn't going to be able to accept who she is if she can't figure out what's making her so angry inside. How do you know she would have come out? What plan did she have?

She’s angry because she has feelings, she told Brittany this. She was angry because she had feelings for her and wanted to be with her, and now that they are together, i’m sure she was going to come out soon. I don’t know what the plan was, I just see some fans saying that on my dash. But whatever it was, it was ruined. 

happy birthday abbz abby abigail sarkasmos

anyways, it’s your birthday and you’re 20 now and you don’t have much time to live so yolo xoxo

i’m jk btw. I know we’ve had some rough patches and w/e but let’s not because this is a happy day :3 you’ve made me super happy and you talk to me when i’m down and there’s literally no way i can repay you for that even tho i always feel like im buggin u haha

I hope you have an amazing today with your friends and family, teachers, sadie, oliver, charlie, your followers etc because 

it’s YOUR DAY! :)

anyway, this is getting weird so i’ll end it again by saying


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He didn't really threaten her with her sexuality though... what he said was true. What else could he have said? That is the source of her anger, right?

Yes, What he said was true, but she would of came out eventually. It’s very hard for someone to finally come to terms of who they are, and than the next step was coming out. She had plan, and he ruined it for her.

pomulo said:

Is that really all it was? No one even heard... Finn had the right to stand up for himself. I guess I just don't see the big deal?

The big deal is that he threatened her with her sexuality, and its not something to joke around with. By the look on her face she was terrified. I know she’s a bully, but he really could of used something else to say back, using her sexuality wasn’t necessary.