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how would kris, kai, chanyeol and sehun comfort their crying daughter ?

Kris- I don’t think that he would be the best at comforting, per se. He’s kind of awkward when dealing with intense emotions so handling his crying daughter would be a bit of a challenge for him. Because I feel like he prefers to be alone when he is upset, I think that he would find it best to leave her alone for a little while to sort out her feelings. It would break his heart to see her like that, though. However, before he left, he would assure her that he was there for her if she wanted to talk about it. 

Kai- I think that he would be a bit better at handling this than Kris, but not by a huge margin. He’d probably awkwardly pat her on the back and gently ask what was wrong. He wouldn’t push it if she didn’t want to tell him, and he’d let her have her space. However, if she did want to talk about it, he would sit and listen. He wouldn’t say much, but he would give her a big hug at the end and try to give her some advice.

Chanyeol- Because I think that he hates to see people sad, I think that he’d be a very good comforter. He’d probably end up getting his daughter to tell him why she was crying, because he’s quite persuasive (and he also wouldn’t shut up until she told him anyway). After she explained why she was crying, he would go on a very long spiel about how he went through a similar situation when he was younger and blah blah blah. But really though, he’d be very supportive and he’d show her a lot of love.

Sehun- He’d be somewhere between Kris and Chanyeol. He would feel very awkward, but he also wouldn’t want to leave her alone. I think that he would just sit beside her and rub a hand up and down her back until she was ready to speak. Even if he had to sit there for 3 hours straight, he would do it for his daughter. He’d have the same feeling that Yeolie had, because he hates to see people crying. Once his daughter told him what was wrong, he would shower her with affection because it would mean a lot to him that she trusted him that much.

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