etsyfindoftheday | EVENING EXTRAS 1 | 8.27.14

boho amethyst pyramid pendant by saguarojewellery

tonight’s three evening extras all have the same theme: boho jewelry. let’s start with a uniquely-shaped amethyst pyramid pendant from saguarojewellery — i love the varied violet hues and the mixed-metal hardware and chain.

What is a cabochon?

This is actually a question I get asked a lot, so I thought, why not make a post? A cabochon (called cab for short) is a stone that is cut a certain way. It has a flat back and usually a polished, rounded front. It can be shaped in different ways, such a oval, square, teardrop, or free form. Cabochons are primarily used for jewelry. This is what I mostly use for my wire wrapping. Here are some examples:





All of these guys have just been uploaded to my shop!

Guess what I’ve been up to :D Yep, I’ve finally tried out hama beads! I love working with them, it’s super fun. But to buy and make more, I gotta sell some stuff first. All of these guys and more (curse you, tumblr limit of 10 photos per photoset!) can be found in my shop, and there’s only one of each for now!

etsyfindoftheday | EVENING EXTRAS 2 | 8.27.14

pyrite arrowhead brass cuff bracelet by wildairco

i heart crushed pyrite. i heart trendy arrows. i heart trendy brass jewelry. this incredible cuff by wildairco accomplishes all three of my boho loves. pre-order this beaut now!

etsyfindoftheday 3 | 8.27.14

the sydney pouch by gracedesign

woweeeee, i need this pouch. made from a vintage 1920’s mexican saltillo tapestry and upcycled distressed leather, this large zippered wristlet has a southwestern vibe and a bold color palette.