etsyfindoftheday 1 | 3.26.15

theme thursday: vintage/estate engagement rings

1.49ct solitaire mine-cut estate diamond ring by estatediamondjewelry

since i got engaged, the vintage or antique engagement ring trend has REALLY taken off — i have several friends who’ve purchased estate rings to give them a new, special life. and etsy is ideal for searching out that perfect ring, like this vintage super-splurge one-and-a-half carat sparkler! SWOON.

Dinosaur Planters

What better way to combine your love of paleontology and botany than with the dinosaur planters. These vibrant planters are available in several species of dinosaurs so you can choose your favorite one or give the perfect gift to the dino lover with a green thumb.


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be still my crystal heart…

wip photos of these lovelylovely little crystal hearts. available in my etsy shop as sew on patches or brooches in a choice of colours. not your favourite colour? request one in your own custom colourway!



etsyfindoftheday 2 | 3.26.15

theme thursday: vintage/estate engagement rings

vintage art deco sapphire cocktail ring by moiraklime

a OOAK old-school beauty. moiraklime gave this estate ring the TLC it deserved by refinishing the mixed-gold band, reshaping the ring shank, and resetting a blue rose-cut sapphire into the top — gorgeous, isn’t it?!

Pokemon Trainer Badges

The countless hours you spent wrangling up stray Pokemon on your Game Boy would mean nothing without the Pokemon trainer badges. These custom made badges are the ideal way to validate your long and arduous journey to becoming a true Pokemon master.


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TBT to a long time ago. Show your love for a galaxy far, far away with these amazing bags from Etsy and ThinkGeek. 

Top image: R2-D2 felt bag from krukrustudio (HT Doug Burke)

Bottom image: R2-D2 or Boba Fett bowling bag style purses from ThinkGeek 

Guaranteed to hold all your intergalactic accessories. 

- Summer

Mario Chain Chomp Earrings

Load up on your stars and magic mushrooms, because the enemies of the Mario universe have begun their assault on the real world. These Super Mario style chain chomp earrings look like your ears are being nom’ed on by the chain chomps from the Koopa Troop.


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