sarahdaly42 replied to your post: goooooosh darnit, have fun at the fall formal everyone with money. or everyone who lives in la. or both.

What is this ‘money’ you speak of? :(

You know, it’s that stuff people are gonna use to fly off to LA and go to the fall formal. Green stuff… although I think they have it in prettier colors where you are. Pictures of people’s faces on it, numbers, Dan Brown secret codes…


I don’t actually know.

sarahdaly42 replied to your photo: Guys, you can see your Google Demographics here….

It thinks I’m an 18-24 year old male. To be fair I prolly fit better with that grouping than girls my age :P

I’ve also noticed that there are huge things that are missing. It says nothing of my politics (I spend at least 1 hour a day at or my viewing habits (I spend hours watching Biggest Loser every day). Those are hugely significant and aren’t represented at all. Maybe if it found a way to include those things it would be more precise with your reading?