How I made the rust for my armor - A tutorial

Materials: Armor, cheap make-up brush or any brush with soft bristles, acrylic paint, vinegar, salt, hydrogen peroxide, spray bottle, water ferrous powder, sealant, two small brushes, towels or drop cloths for coverage

1. Mix up some purplish-reds. Do not use straight, pre-mixed colors, as they will not look as vivid or “real”. Use the make-up brush without any water to dry brush the areas where the rust is going to go. Let it dry for 24 hours.

2. Using one of the small brushes, brush over the acrylic with some water. Use the other brush and take your ferrous powder (I purchase mine from The Compleat Sculpter online store in the color 325 Mesh) and scoop up a small amount with the second brush. Sprinkle it over the wet spots. Anywhere where it wasn’t wet, the powder will fall away. 

3. Mix up the Vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and salt at a 4:6:1 ratio in your spray bottle and using the lightest, most misty setting, lightly mist the mixture over the ferrous powder. Don’t get too crazy or you’ll blow powder all over the damn place. 

4. Let this reaction happen for an entire 24 hours and then spray with the sealant.

That’s it! Have fun making your armor look like shit!

High-Heeled converse explanation


Okay, so I’ve been asked by miss serket to write up an explanation on how I made these shoes for my dave strider cosplay. I was a bit hesitant at first since I feel this really made the cosplay unique and special (dave strider is a very important character to me, in more ways than just a general admiration of his looks) but since I don’t plan on wearing the costume again (due to the pain of chest-binding for me) I felt imparting my tips would be okay.

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More pics of the Jane cosplay I’m slowly putting together for…not much at all. I find it humorous that my actual hair worked better than the wig I made. Also, please excuse the horrid lighting in our bathroom. Bought the skirt for 5 dollars at Goodwill and I’m not sure if I want to dye it gray or blue or keep it white…

Also, I can’t help but think that Jane is the kind of girl to take completely tasteful pics and send them to Jake instead of taking pics of her in her bra and panties because she just doesn’t know. AND YET I’m doing a Jane pin-up photoshoot in January next year! For shame!