I met with 3 agencies and had 2 shoots in the last 2 days. 

2 of the agencies (Ignite and Agency) impressed me, and well… I’m biting my tongue about the 3rd agency. I’m not sure if I will vent about it (yet) and for now that 3rd Agency will remain unnamed. (rhymes with whore). The two shoots, on the other hand, were so awesome! I’ve never shot with any of my girlfriends before so this was a new thing for me! Yesterday I shot with my friend Katie Rom and Miles. It was really impromptu but the concept worked! I’ll be sure to upload a pic soon. And today I shot all day long with my girlfriend Jackie, we played Cowboys and Indians. Chris McDuffie, Nicole Fae, and I have been trying to et up this shoot for months so I’m pretty pleased that we got it done, and it looks fucking sick! The final product will end up being a set, and I’m gonna print it off and hang it in my living room! 

This was the last photoshoot I’ve done. I unofficially, officially quit modeling when I left MN at the end of June. My agents were able to squeeze this last Lifetime Fitness shoot out of me just a week before I left. 

I was grateful to have been there, every experience shooting is always so new and fun. But I was so over modeling and this day I was happy for it to be my last shoot.