Papers (Foxxay)

It’s been a week since Cordelia became supreme and all she did was work. She never slept, ate a real meal, or had any time for her beloved swamp witch. Misty was very understanding though, she put her needs aside for her lover.

“Delia’ I got ya’ some more papers.” Misty walked into Cordelia’s office expecting to see her supreme stressed and working as she always was. She came in to see the older witch’s head down on her desk. The swamp witch threw the papers on the desk and walked up to her girlfriend. “Deels? Baby what’s wrong?” Misty asked concerned.

Cordelia looked up with a red and flustered face which soon turned into a warm and welcoming smile. Misty smiled and giggled and hopped up onto the supreme’s desk in front of her. “Hmm? What’s up?” Misty asked. “This.” Cordelia responded with a sudden husky tone. “W-Whacha doin’ Deels?” She asked with wide eyes.

Cordelia scooted closer to find her swamp witch’s core in front of her face. “Mmmmm, I’ve been so busy lately I forgot what you taste like baby.” Cordelia says staring up into Misty’s popping aqua eyes and moving her skirt up slowly. “D-Delia, you n-need to w-work.” Misty tries to breathe out, only to release a deep soft moan. “You don’t sound to convincing my love.” Cordelia responds. “But first.” Cordelia stands up and kisses her lover deeply, intently, showing her how much she loves her, hands in her wild curls. “I love you so much Mist. I was thinking about fucking you right on this desk before you came in. I’m sorry I’ve been so busy bu-”. Before she could continue her sentence Misty kissed her, biting her lower lip and sucking on her tongue.

“Mmmmmh Deel’s, ya’ got me all riled up now.” Misty whispered in her ear. “I’ve been waitin’ for ya’ all week.” She hissed out. With that Cordelia picked Misty up from her desk and started to run upstairs with the bohemian in her arms. Both girls giggling like idiots. It was times like this that reminded them that they really were soul mates. They were each others best friends and life time lovers.

They finally got to the door and couldn’t take their lips off of each other. The door to their room closed shut and Cordelia placed her witch on their bed. Cordelia started to walk off to their closet when the younger blonde whimpers. “Babyyy, where ya’ going’?” Misty asked while laying down with her elbows behind her back. Cordelia snapped her fingers and the the soft voice of the swamp witches hero Stevie Nicks started to play silently.

Cordelia stared into Misty’s eyes once again and began to slowly undress herself. First by taking off her baby blue blouse reveling the black laced bra that Misty adores. Followed by the supreme sliding down her white slacks slowly, reveling a black lace garter belt. “Oh my fucking god, Delia, w-where did ya’ get t-those? Mmmmm.” Misty couldn’t help but let out throaty moans as she stared at her lover. “Come here.” Misty smirked moving her finger to signal Cordelia over to her. As Cordelia walked across the room to Misty her hips swayed back and forth creating an irresistible heat to form between the hippie’s thighs.

“Like whatcha see cupcake?” Cordelia questioned as she straddled onto Misty’s lap. Misty’s skirt went up in the process and she could feel Cordelia’s wetness on her thigh. “Ya I do, oh Deels, you’re soakin’.” Misty’s lips were now on Cordelia’s neck and her head shot back at the touch. “Oh fuck Mist.” She muttered with a moan. Cordelia slowly took off the younger witch’s blouse and threw it on the ground. Bringing her lips back to the other’s. They’re tongues fought a brutal fight yet it was so sweet and so delicate at the same time. Soft grunts were shared between the two during the process.

Before Cordelia could do anything else she found herself being pinned underneath Misty, hands over her head. “Tonight, I’m the supreme, Miss Cordelia.” Misty’s hands traveled up and down Cordelia’s body as they bit at each others lips and fell even more in love with one another. Misty’s delicate hands made their way back up top and un-clipped the tight fabric that sat around the supreme’s gentle skin. Misty trailed wet, open-mouthed kisses down from her lips down to one of her pert, pink nipples. Without warning she stuck one in her mouth swirling her wet tongue around the bud. Flicking it back and fourth. Which created loud moans to escape the older woman’s lips.

Misty suddenly jumped off and laid down on the bed. “Come sit on my face.” Misty demanded. “Okay.” Cordelia responded softly with a smile. Misty laid on her back as Cordelia straddled Misty’s torso, hands in the younger blonde’s wild hair. Misty grabbed the straps of the garter belt attached to Cordelia’s thighs. She pulled them, then released them as they shot right back to the supreme’s pale thighs creating a snap sound followed by a high pitched whimper. “Oh fuck.” Cordelia responded.

With that Misty un-clipped the belt and slid down the woman’s soaked lace panties to her knees. “Take it all off.” She whispered as she laid back down arms behind her head. Cordelia stood up and took it off throwing it somewhere in the room. Never taking her eyes off of Misty. “It’s not fair that I get to be completely nude and all you have off is your shirt.” Cordelia stated now on Misty’s torso again. “Then take it off.” Misty smirked.

Doing what she was told Cordelia slid down the hippie’s body leaving her juices on her stomach as she went down, making Misty shiver. Cordelia practically ripped off the girls skirt only leaving her in her underwear. Cordelia brought her face down to the others core and took off her panties with her teeth. She lifted her head and moved up her body so both of the women were breathing heavily against each others naked bodies.

“Now do what I said Deels, sit on my face.” Misty demanded. Following what Misty had ordered, Cordelia scooted up and hovered her dripping heat over Misty’s mouth. Misty grabbed her ass and gave her slit a single lick. “Oh fuck Misty.” Cordelia whimpered now holding on to the headboard for dear life. “Fuck me Mist, eat me out until I can’t speak.”

Misty did what she was told and pulled her sweet core to her lips. She started sucking and nibbling on Cordelia’s clit. Then traced her tongue over glistening folds. “Don’t t-tease Mist, I can’t take it anymore.” Before she knew it Misty’s tongue was deep inside the supreme’s sweet spot. Cordelia almost screamed immediately and started to ride the bohemian’s mouth. “Oh fuck Mist, baby, oh fuck.” Cordelia whimpered in between moans. Her tongue kept going deeper and deeper, she felt Cordelia’s moans start to increase and her walls closing in her mouth.

Without warning she stuck two fingers into the supreme. Pumping extremely fast. Cordelia screamed at the top of her lungs while feeling the sudden sensation. “MISTY. FUCK, MISTY. OH MY GOD.” She yelled. Misty finally felt Cordelia’s walls close and her juices flow into her mouth. Misty replaced her fingers with her tongue once again to give Cordelia something to ride out her orgasm on.

Finally finished she hopped off of Misty’s mouth and laid beside the witch unable to breathe. Panting heavily and staring into the swamp witch’s eyes. Misty licked her lips and kissed Cordelia deeply bringing Cordelia on top of her. “Now it’s time for me to taste you again.” The supreme said.