Sarah Garzoni's 'Breaching' Dress is Made From Hundreds of Shark Teeth

Breaching is an installation project by artist Sarah Garzoni: a life-sized traditional 19th century corset made from wax and… approximately a thousand shark teeth. Sarah Garzoni’s most recent apparel creation, called Breaching, will either unleash your inner shark or expose your inner pansy. And why should you be afraid of a dress? Because the corset, inspired by 19th-century designs, was made from wax, plaster and nearly 1,000 shark teeth.

Rest assured, however, that no one will force you to wear this life-sized corset — it’s an installation art piece. The French artist designed and displayed Breaching at the Atomes Crochusan exhibition in Paris. The piece serves to bring attention to the painful, sometimes scarring clothes women were compelled to wear centuries ago by juxtaposing it with a modern fear: sharks.

Oddly enough, this exhibition started mere days before Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, although one frames sharks as charming and elegant, while the other highlights the fish’s meaner aspects.


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