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….Wait. So your *best friend* went for Charlie when she knew you were totally into him? I know it sounds like childish….but that’s messed up! Against the best friend code!

Well, see, I told her I liked him, and then she told me that she liked him, too. She just had the balls to tell him how she felt, and I didn’t. I can’t really be mad at her for going after what she wanted. I wouldn’t have let her feelings for him stop me from being with him if I had any chance whatsoever with him. 


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Rumor has it Doctor Who fans have to wait until 2013…

And yet, I haven’t seen one complaint on my dash about that. Because the DW fandom is amazing, and not whiny (based on what I’ve seen). I call myself a Doctor Who fan, but I can’t say I’m a Whovian yet. I’ve haven’t seen enough of it. I love it, from what I’ve seen, but I still need to go deeper (Okay, that was weird…). But yea, if that’s true, I haven’t seen anything about it on my dash. That post was obviously not aimed at the DW fandom, but if they/we do have to wait that long - God damn.