The Tag Game!

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  1. Sherlock, HP, or Doctor who? Doctor Who 
  2. Favourite Doctor? Nine & Ten. I can’t decide, okay?
  3. Favourite super hero? Spiderman…I guess
  4. Favourite band? The Beatles
  5. Movie Sherlock, book Sherlock or TV Sherlock? never read the books..gonna go with TV Sherlock
  6. Something no one knows about me? I cried 4 times while reading Jane Eyre
  7. Favourite Final Fantasy game? never played any FF except XIII and it sucked so idk :( 
  8. Favourite Organization XIII member? wow..I don’t know many of them I guess I like Axel so far
  9. A video game I’m really looking forward to? not really looking forward to any game right now…I wanna play assassin’s creed though, does that count? haha
  10. “I never cry from video games, but I did cry when….”? I saw Zack’s death from Crisis core even though I never played it
  11. Opinion on Lost’s ending? fair enough ( GASP! I’m satisfied with the ending)
  12. Favourite villain from a video game? ahh…I don’t know many, but I watched a scene from one of the FF games with this guy who had very stunning hair and was kinda awesome as a villain, but don’t remember his name!
  13. Game of Thrones - who deserves the throne? Sandor Clegane! jk… Daenerys or stannis even though I only started reading the 3rd book and have no fucking idea

  14.A gif of your current mood? BLAMING SANDOR FOR THIS!


1. Fav book?

2. Fav TV Show?

3. OTPs?

4. A ship you hate?

5. Favorite bromance?

6. Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy?

7. Fav quote from a book?

9. Most hated character ever?

10. something few people know about me?

11. Game of Thrones, Lost or Glee?

12. celebrity crush?

13. fav character ever?

14. morning or night?