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i have aLWAYS FELT THIS! The mahabharat is basically a retelling of EVENTS, and all you know is from what the characters DO or SAY— like there isn’t any kind of ‘narration’ anywhere as far as i know? nothing on the characters’ state of mind.

Nothing on their state of minds because their state of mind was probably very fragile after all this trauma and they needed years of therapy…


O HOLY NIGHT! — merry christmas, ya filthy animal — [LISTEN]

Sunday 23rd

Today I had to get up at 9:30 so Megan and I could go to the Rostro before all the people got there, after I dragged myself out of bed I ate a quick breakfast and met her at the train station. Once we took the metro we met up with one of Megans friends from her University and walked to the Rostro. Her friend was really nice and we were at the market for a good two hours I’m pretty sure I saw everything. I didnt get a chance to buy anything but I now know what I want so I can go back next time and buy it. After the Rostro I went home and took a hour nap, then ate lunch and then went back into town and met up with Elizabeth because we were going to go to some museums. Some museums were free on Sunday such as Rena Sophia. I was suppose to meet Elizabeth at the entrance of Atocha at 4:20 and I got there at 4:09 so I waited a while and Lizzy’s always late but I told her if she was late again I was kicking her butt. So it was 4:40 and I was pissed but then I realized she said meet me at Atocha not Atocha Renfe and guess where I was.. Atocha Renfe.. so I walked over to the Metro where I saw her and I told her what happend. She was also there at 4:08 so we we literally sitting across the street from each other waiting. When we walked to the Museum there was a huge line.. hell no was I waiting in that line so we walked to another museum that was suppose to be free. It wasn’t -_- so then we walked backed to the Rena Sophia and the line was gone! Woo, all the paintings not going to lie were kind of boring but I did see the famous painting Guernika by Picasso that was exciting. After I just went home

Waiting for Elizabeth in the hot sun…

I wasn’t suppose to take any pictures!

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whattay coincidence my parents will be going to vaishno devi by the end of this week probs! Stay safe and do praarthana for me kay? Love you

Wow pehle batana tha na… How was their trip, anyway? :D

And rest assured I remembered plenty of people there, you included, so yaas done. :)

luv thou too

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it makes white hair reddish or like a slightly brown tint sometimes but if you have jet black hair, it shouldn’t affect the colour. mom uses it so i know it doesn’t change hair colour. :)

I don’t actually have jet black hair though it does look that way- it’s actually a super dark brown (in the right angle of sunlight it looks reddish brown for a couple seconds). Will keep the white hair tip in mind though! (i’ve got about 30-40 white hairs already haha)

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Yup! I put henna in my hair in the summer and it still hasnt faded away! Still beneficial i think

is your hair dark brown as well?