Steampunk Spider

Look what crawled out of the crater. This is a solidly built cyborg spider sculpture from Steamplanet. Made of silver-plated vintage metal cutlery and other vintage metal parts(soldered,not glued).The legs are strongly attached, they articulate a bit where they attach to the body. Expect to see tarnish, nicks, and scratches because this guy has seen some battle. Approx size: 8 inches from head to tail and 11 inches across. 

via > steamplanet / etsy

I found this outside my door. It sat in a corner though, so I could only take a picture of the abdomen. Is this an English Cross Spider too? I saw one of the submissions from earlier this week it looked pretty similar. 

Thanks for an awesome blog <3

AS: Yes i would agree that it is an english cross spider, though many orb weavers look similar from the underside the shape of the abdomen and banned legs suggest cross spider :)

submitted by nyczsq