A more appropriate spider ID chart than the ignorant meme floating around (the ignorant one has the words “smash it” underneath all the beneficial spider photos). 

Respect nature, even the 8 legged. 

Oh no, here it comes…another buggirl rant.

Ok, so I have recently posted a new and improved revised spider ID chart that has the words “respect them” rather than the ignorant “kill it with fire” BS I see on the same chart   I must, because I cannot help but to dispel myths surrounding the misunderstood address this comment:

"ok i dont believe that “none of them have cause a death in 30 years” bs because im pppppretty sure theres a brown recluse spider up there, and those guys are really fucked up and will bite you for no reason. you’re in its vicinity? its gonna fuck you up. not to mention how fucking deadly they are, not just with their venom, but the amount of toxins and germs on their fangs that are most likely destined to give you necrosis, aka, fucking dying flesh.

my father got bit by one of them and had to get a chunk cut out of his leg. i live in an area where they are everywhere. i think i know what im talking about when i say those guys are violent, venomous pricks.

but yeah, sure, every spider is just a little angel with eight legs, haha, ok.”-canibal

Ok so the point Bogleech made about there not being any deaths within the last 30 years is accurate.  While many sites will say there are 6 deaths yearly due to spider bites- this is actually false and based on misdiagnosis. THERE HAVE BEEN NO SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN DEATHS FROM ANY SPIDER IN MANY MANY YEARS. 

Even if this number were true- many more people are killed by cows and vending machines yearly.  I would hardly call either deadly. ” Watch out for deadly Betsey the milk cow!!!!”  “Don’t get that snickers bar, that machine is deadly!!”  Sounds ridiculous, right?  Well, your ideas of the brown recluse are FAR more ridiculous. 

The vast majority of spider bites are not such at all.  Furthermore, brown recluse are not aggressive and do not cause death.  In fact, there really are no “deadly” spiders in the WORLD.  Yes, the Brazilian Wandering Spider of the Amazon and Funnel Web Spider of Australia are the world’s most venomous- BUT even with that hefty title only 2.5% of bites even require medical attention.

And to address your “father’s bite”,  I hate to break it to you.  But it was not a recluse bite.  It more likely was a staph infection.  Unfortunately, doctors know about as much about spiders as the general public, and it has been recently revealed that 99% of “recluse bites” were indeed something else entirely.  I KNOW this because you claimed “there are brown recluse everywhere where you are located”  Well, I have news for you, Florida is out of L. reclusa’s range.  And this spider is very strict within its range.  Either your father likes to tell tall tales or his doctor jumped to conclusions. 

Even in cases of the very RARE bite, necrosis of the skin is highly unlikely.  If you don’t believe me, you can check these websites.  These are spider-scientists with peer-reviewed information.  You should educate yourself before spreading inaccurate information and hatred towards these beneficial animals, as it is not my intention to berate you, just to educate you.

UCR’s spider expert on brown recluse

Myths surrounding the brown recluse


-The range of L. reclusa, the Brown Recluse Spider - totheturkeytower

Ok thank you tothedarktower (as I know you) for providing me with this range map.   I was also debating on posting the range map from UCR’s website, but have decided against it.   Here is why:  I don’t want to imply that it is still likely that any “recluse bites” that occur within the region are such!  It is still unlikely that they are indeed recluse bites, even if they fall within that range.  BUT at least it shows the restrictive range (and by doing so showing the impossible bites in CA, FL, PA, etc or any other such state to have claimed “recluse bites”).  Plus you’ve included this sassy gentleman to boot so ok I shall post it.