Today at lunch.

So this ‘hei ren’ Abby came to our table and sat there like a minute.

Then she says: Sooooooo….. Ching chong ehfiwhegihwebgwbenbgrbr

=_______________________+ <———-my face

her friends sitting the table behind us laughed and she left.

I think she was doing this cuz we’re full of Asians on this table.

I just wanted yell at her and say “You don’t see me going to your table or a table full of black ppl and say some gibberish ghetto words!” D:<

Winnie adds in “NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA”


first of October

So today my “Friend” and I had another discussion.

So she had read a little bit in a book that her mother had got from someone. It’s about veganism. So now she’s acting like an expert in that issue.

She started it with “You won’t grow anymore.. You’ll be always tired.”

Me: “No, if I watch a little bit so I’m just eating natural finish and good, so I’m still gonna grow. it’s exactly conversely! Only vegans are able to be all-time high!” So before she answered I asked: “Is this discussion actually about arguing me out of the veganism?” So she answered: “Sort of.. It’s not exactly about convincing you to stop it but I just want to warn you.” ANd I was almost freaking out. She wanted to warn me?! ” There’s nobody to warn cause it’s the healthiest thing and besides I don’t take tips from meat eaters about my veganism." Let’s think about the most successful athletes - why are they all living vegan?"

She was like: “Because they’re stupid.” ?!

So I said: “No, it’s because it’s the healthiest way for your body and the best way to build muscles. It’s just the most healthy thing you can do.”

And she, “the expert”, said: “Wrong! It’s not, I read that in that book, and those, who wrote it, are all experts.” 

"It totally is! It’s just unnaturaly and unhealthy to consume animalistic products!!"

And you know what she said? "It is the most natural thing on earth."  I was almost laughing my ass off, on the one hand because she honestly believes something stupid like that and on the other hand because she - a meat eater - who has read a little part of this book, tries to tell me what to do?!Like are you kidding me?! So I was: “Okay, it’s natural to apart calves from their mothers and drink their milk, to keep animals in mass stocks and eat hen’s eggs and after all murder them and eat them?! The most natural way is to eat only plants and plant-based products.” 

So she really said: “You always think so negative." What is going on with her?            "You’re acting like the whole world is only brutal."

Me: “That has nothing to do with thinking negatively! It’s not depending on any opinion. There is no way to think positive about this thing cause it’s really horrible and brutal, what they are doing to those animals.”

And then at the end she was saying: “No you can’t say that meat is unhealthy, it’s really healthy!” And then she went asking other girls in our class if meat is healthy or not. So I she was like: “You see, M. is a vegetarian and she also says, meat is healthy.”

Oh god, that was so annoying!

So we were sitting some hours later in the geography lesson. We were watching a movie as we saw an animal and I was like “Aaawn, cute.” and she said; “Oh god, you find that cute?” Me: “Yes, I love any animal.” She said: “You know I love animals too, but that one..” Me: “OH, you love them? So why do you eat them then?” And she was like: “Oh god stop it, you’re annoying!”

actually I think it’s pretty canting to say you love animals while you eat them. There are people who say I don’t eat horse meat, but I think there’s no differnce between horse meat and cow meat. Like yeah, it hurts cows less than horses to get killed…

sorry for writing always such screeds. :D

pleaaaseee for my sake just please stop pressuring me. it’s hard enough to TRY to get the topics into my head but it’s just really hard cause i don’t give a shit about anything inside those books and notebooks. exams just frustrate me okay? i feel the pressure already and reminding me even more makes it even worse. 





and please stop with the “it’s the only way….” talk cause i’ve heard it a billion times already and it’s fucking annoying. 

January 10, 2012 // 01.10.12

~Morning Ceremony, Atatatatata! Ako yung leader for the day. Wala lang ang gulo nila. Lagi namanw e. -_-

~Science, Masaya tong subj. na to’ eh. Hahahaha. Pinagaralan nmen yung Law of Inertia, Law of acceleration, & Law of action/reaction. Hahaha! tas may nalalaman pa kameng “Imaginary ball” hahaha. Nakikisakay naman yung Korean namen na kaklase na si Tom. Hahaha. ;)

~English, Wala. Powerpoint presentation lang. Tungkol sa mga parts ng book. Tas ngsgot. Ayt! may assignment pala. Hehehe! ;))


~Religion, Anengebe? Ewan ko ba. HAHAHA! Um. Ayon nag discuss si sir tas ngpakopya na rin ng Pointers.

~Math, Ng seatwork lang kme tungkol sa Base, Percentage, & Rate.


~Filipino, Sagot lang din.

~Epp, Napagalitan section namen nyan eh. Kasi gulo gulo daw, Ng exchange muna kase kame ng room ng Monica nyan kasi wala silang pang powerpoint thingy. Kaya ayon exchange muna tas syempre, As usual maingay kame, Sila lang pala! HAHAHA. Lol. 



Hiya guise. I didn’t take a nap today, which is kinda an accomplishment d:

French: As all the previous days.
Humanities: Dang, I really wanted to hear Austin play piano >.< he’s so cute >.> GRACE AND JESSICA ALSO WENT TODAY AND I LOVED THEM BOTH! Jessica’s was really..cute? Quaint? I can’t describe it >.> but I liked it a lot(:

So…I don’t know why, but I feel like our class’ presentations are like…sincere or heartfelt? Well, no…I can’t explain it >.> Like..regardless of content, it’s kinda hard to connect to what they’re saying and feeling and whatnot d: Does that even make sense?

Choir: I MISSED MY AMY GIMLIN D: Mommy<3 Anyways, Friedrichs talked the whole time—discussing trip days and whatnot. Boy, I hope our trip date doesn’t interfere with Zach’s post-DCON voice D:

Math: Sorry I was so sleepy Nellos d: Uhm…yeah for this test on lab day..I got one part down, and then the other part is unfinished… Well this will be interesting..

Lunch: Walked Gopika and Grace to the library, dropped by Leonard’s room for Grace to get some notes, dragged Raj to Musician’s club XD So yeah..Zach, Amy, and I are gonna get some afros? XD

APES: Considering our debt, we ended our game fairly well. But other groups discovered our strategy and won >.> And then…uhm..haha, that awkward moment when you ask Milsap what the chapter’s on and she’s not sure because we’re so far behind T^T And then I drew an ugly panda >:D

APEC: Bombed yet another quiz. Okay, I need to at least READ the section T^T Gosh, what is wrong with me? And then we did some study guide review for ch. 12 and 13. Haha, Atrina knows how to get an A in a class XD AHAHAH HALEY’S EXPLANATION OF MARY OF SCOTS OMG AHHAHAHA XD That was great :3 And yay~ Leonard didn’t call on me XD But I actually knew more of the terms than I thought, so cool XD

Thanks for walking me down to the student parking lot Raj :3 I normally walk alone, so that was a nice and refreshing change. Plus, I feel like I don’t talk to you as much as I used to, so yay~

Sorry gotta mini-rant. Yes I phrased it very “bitchy” and it sounded selfish. No, you didn’t have to say that so bluntly. Yes, I’m sorry. No, I can’t respond after you say something like that. I don’t know which side of this is the proper one, but asdfjkl; not trying to be selfish again, but that ruined any ounce of happiness I might have had from today… AND NOW I FEEL GUILTY FOR BEING SO DANG SELFISH T^T I guess you just help me realize what a terrible person I really am d: That bothers me; I need a change. Btw, I’m still going to say I kinda miss you, so expect conversation tomorrow >.< OKAY I’M STILL REALLY SORRY! D: What you said was true; I was being really inconsiderate. Okay, end mini-rant.

After: Went home and did what I always do. If you’ve been keeping up with my year projects, you should definitely know what these activities include by now XD

Oh yeah, my aunt drove me to CVS so she could buy some candy and I could pick up medicine for my dad. That’s something different.

Another oh yeah, I cooked dinner. Kinda. With instruction. So my dad is having some pain in his leg and can’t stand, so I cooked, and of course I burned myself >.<


Okay, I really need to sleep. Man, I didn’t do any homework because nothing is actually DUE tomorrow >.> Dang, I’m pretty disappointed in myself T^T Okay, I’ll bring my homework to school and do it there so when I get home I can chill without guilt! >:D