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Okay okay I’m not going to post a selfie but I know alot of beautiful people on tumblr and I’d really like to see all of your beautiful faces. Also I really really want to  tag everyone but I cant so  yup here it goes!! I tried very hard not to re-tag people so if you’re not here you were most likely already tagged and exposed you’re gorgeous faces to the world.

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merikiwi *poke* I tag you too because I think you’re beautiful inside out, even though I know you won’t post a selfie. 

It’s been nearly a year since I started my account on here.

I’m learning to accept change and not be afraid of the repercussions of it. Change can be painful; it can be really confusing. It can take months to figure out. For me at this point though, the consequences of not changing can be worse than taking the opportunity and going for it. I don’t want fear to keep me stagnant. In a lot of ways, that’s how the past year has looked, and in a way Tumblr has been a visual aid of that. This started out as a Sonic-related blog, and I made it into something more personal. I freaking love Sonic, but I wanted to separate myself from it and explore other things. I think it’s been a good thing, and thank you guys for staying around.

I’m a rising senior in college and am studying English literature and journalism. The puns, deep thoughts, agreeing or disagreeing with posts or ideas, visually beautiful and thought-provoking aspects of Tumblr, including amazing people on here, have been a great companion of the year. I love being a part of things here. It’s been a wonderful experience, and I will never be able to tell you how much each and every one of you has made an impact on how I view the world and how I view myself.

Here’s to the future.

Sinemayı, özellikle belgeselleri ve Felsefe'yi seviyorsanız eğer; Sapığın İdeoloji Rehberi belgesel filmini izlemenizi öneriyorum . Sıradışı Filozof Zizek'in film çözümlemelerinin anlatıldığı filmi beğeneceksiniz. Filozof'un “yamuk bakmak” tanımı bağlamında, hayata ve sinemaya, yeni ve farklı bir bakış açısı bulacaksınız. İyi seyirler.

undies-comma-dirty asked:

I really wanna sing the Happy Birthday song for you but I'm a bad singer and I can't send voice recordings here anyway, so I'll have to settle for just simply saying it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *virtual hug* I really hope that you will stay here for many-many years to come, because there are many book blogs out there, but few are so good as this one <3

I’m trying hard not to cry right now but I’m failing miserably haha. Thank you so much for this very, very kind message. Seriously, it is by far one of the sweetest messages I’ve ever received! ::hugs:: <3333


I was listening to the song “Oh It Is Love” by Hellogoodbye while I drew this AND I JUST. IT’S SO CUTE AND HAPPY ////////. Also! Somebody made a Connverse mix on 8tracks, WHICH MAKES ME FEEL SO HAPPY AND MELTY INSIDE, pls listen to it, it’s rly cute. (✿ ◕ᗜ◕)━♫.*・。゚

Edit: I uploaded a slightly smaller version to replace the original size one, tumblr made it look super shitty, hopefully this makes it look a little better?

This Day in 1D History - May 18


  • Liam gets reprimanded by Zouis for his immodesty and whacks Niall on the nose in the cutest way possible in Sweden


  • Liam shows off his view
I look out the window and I see the lights and the skyline and the people on the street rushing around looking for action, love, and the world’s greatest cookie, and my heart does a little dance.
—  Why would I even bother trying to sum up what it feels like to be back in New York, even after being gone for just four days, when Nora Ephron already did it perfectly?

Title: By Tomorrow We’ll be Swimming with the Fishes

Fandom: MCU

Characters: Pietro x Reader, rest of Avengers

Word count: 1132

Notes: this is seriously teeth rotting fic, Anon, I tried, but I ended up writing something fluffy and what hopefully is funny. Gosh the fluff.

Request: X

It wasn’t supposed to be a hard mission, just picking up some loose ends and go back home in time for dinner. At least that had been the plan initially. It was mostly a recon outing, so Maria Hill employed Wanda, Pietro, Natasha and you for this one. She decided that bringing the big guns would attract unwanted attention (it did anyways) so it was better to stick to subtlety (not really). In retrospect, the plan was a terrible idea, because the moment you stepped within the military base area you were intercepted by a defense group, that apparently sprang from the ground like daisies.

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I think my favorite idea for Sterek’s First Time does include a lot of Derek kissing Stiles everywhere and taking it slow to a point, where it drives Stiles crazy. But Derek never got to have a good first time (or the few other times after it) and even though the UST was heavy for years between him and Stiles, he wants to make it special for Stiles. Because Stiles deserves so much more than how he was treated by people over the last few years, deserves to be shown how precious and important he is. And even Derek is at a point where he thinks, he deserves more too (◡‿◡✿)

For perlukafari, who wanted me to write about Cas and Dean kissing each other better. Smth like a 10x22 Coda.

It’s been so long, the Mark already gone for years, their lives settled, their feelings confessed, a balance and a way to go on finally found, and yet sometimes it comes back to them. To Dean, mostly. But sometimes to Cas, too.

(Cas has long forgiven him – that’s the problem, according to Dean. Because Cas had already forgiven him as it was happening, forgave each blow as it was landing, condoned every punch as it struck and painful word as it left his mouth, every way of hurting him that Dean could come up with. It was already forgiven by the time it was done.

Yet, Dean still came crawling up to him when all of it had blown over, when the Mark was gone, on his knees and with tears in his eyes and his hands shaking once again. And he kissed Castiel’s fingers and pleaded and sobbed out his apologies, begging for Cas to forgive him and to trust him once more, promising to never hurt him again, to do whatever Cas wants him to if only he could somehow make it right again. That was when Castiel sat down next to him on the ground, asked for the same forgiveness for a crime Dean himself had long forgotten about, and kissed not only the tips of Dean’s fingers and his knuckles and his palms, but also his salty eyelids and cheeks and lips. It was the first time they kissed, and ever since then, neither of them seems to be able to hold back anymore, to stop with trying to steal kisses whenever possible, to languidly indulge in them whenever they are alone.)

Still. There are nights when what happened still haunts them – be it the crypt or the library, be it an alley from what seems like another lifetime. Every now and then, either of them wakes up shaking and crying and in utter fear of themselves, of what they have already proven themselves capable of.

But those nights, like every night now, they are not alone. They are not left to themselves, their bodies still trembling with the trauma it just felt to have received, their hands not still grasping to a wrist or an angel blade; instead, their shaking bodies are enveloped by the warmth of each other, and their hands are intertwined with their beloved’s hands. The other’s eyes will always already be looking back, through the haze of tears and the lingering nightmare, the memory, into the other’s eyes, and deeper still.

It’s only the soft reassurances that bring them back; the gentle touches whose only purpose is to rewrite the memory their bodies and souls have received, to cancel out the hurt, replace the expectation of pain with that of tender affection. There’s kisses and shushing and sometimes the unity of bodies, life-affirming and honest in the basest of ways. Those nights, there’s not an inch of skin on either of their bodies that doesn’t receive caresses, doesn’t receive kisses. Even with the way their mouths always wander back to the other’s mouth, unable not to, drawn to it like a magnet, to taste the essence of the other, of their relationship and of everything that they are, straight from the source. As a result, their lips will be swollen, will be cherry red and smiling, always.

They take their time, sometimes the whole night, to do what both of them need to do: to see that there is no harm to them to come, and none from them to do. That in every touch now, there is only ever the intention to love, and that both the crypt and the library are things of the past.