☾The Monochromatic☾

What happens when a Prismatic loses their color? They turn into a Monochromatic. Some Prismatic are just born negative. Others are made that way. Whatever the case, they are the rebels of planet Prisma!

Abilities: The Monochromatic just want to wreak havoc. In a nutshell: They are skilled in bringing out the worst emotions in others. Being innocently mischievous or downright evil is more their thing. They can steal joy and in some cases, even sap Prismatics of their color. Instead of peace, they partake in violence and war, though some of them are harmless pranksters. 


-Born Pure Monochromatic (male model):  Monochromatic from head to toe, they naturally possess black “spots” on their skins, highlighted by glowing tattoos. Their eyes have no whites and are a single color.They may dye their hair, change their tattoo’s hue, and choose to wear colored contacts using a single color that has personal meaning to them. May have long nails and fangs.

-Born Mixed or Turned Monochromatic (female model): Either just the skin or hair is a shade between white and black. Also, the forehead Prismatic mark is turned upside-down. These mixed Monochromatic still retain a bit of the “good” from their Prismatic side, but with a few quirks in their personality. ie: A sarcastic and short-tempered candy shop owner. xD A turned Monochromatic can be converted back into a Prismatic, with lots of help from positive emotions 

Style inspiration: Goth, Industrial, Punk, Cyberpunk, Visual Kei, Harajuku

Some common names: Angst, Weep, Snarl, Granite, Obsidianite

Okay! That’s it for the main “races” of planet Prisma. I might go a bit deeper into the cheesy lore of the planet that’s in my head some day, but I hope you liked this! >.<

colaxsprite asked:

What about the following Solangelace headcanon in which Jason is Nicos boyfriend and Will is Nicos very best friend? ♡ [I totally love the idea of Will being Nicos best friend!]

Aw, yes me too c:

  • They have one of those extremely close friendships
  • Like, over time, Nico gets so comfortable around Will that they hug and cuddle and even hold hands sometimes
  • They totally share clothes, hoodies and jeans and scarfs and if it wasn’t for the fact that most of Nico’s stuff is dark, they probably wouldn’t even know what belonged to whom anymore
  • Jason doesn’t even mind like, people constantly think he’s jealous, but he’s just not?
  • He trusts Nico enough that he would at the very least tell Jason when something more than friendship developed between him and Will
  • And anyway, Jason likes Will a lot, he’s good for Nico and he’s a great friend to Jason too
  • They have cuddly movie nights, and they go out together, and in many ways it’s like Will is their boyfriend too, just that they are never once trying to get sexual with him (that sounded strange… but you get what I mean I’m sure ;) )
  • It’s not even that the lines blur, which is what part of Jason expects to happen, because when you are so close to someone, everyone expects you to fall on love sooner or later

and you can take this into two directions here: 

  • a) they never do fall in love, because not every meaningful connection in life has to be romantic and/or sexual. 
  • Jason and Nico are happy together, and they are happy to include Will closely into their lives, maybe they even exchange a kiss once every blue moon, but neither of them wants more than that. 
  • they are happy with how things are and they see no need to change that

  • b) they do develop feelings, slow and steady, until one day when they wake up all curled around each other, Jason realises that he doesn’t want Will to be anywhere else but beside him and Nico
  • he takes Nico to the side while Will is still fast asleep, because they always have been honest about things like that and Jason is not about to change that, and he admits that he feels like he might be falling for Will too
  • Nico looks from Jason to the curly head peaking out from under the covers and smiles so incredibly fond, Jason just knows that Nico feels the same
  • It’s not for another week that they bring it up to Will though, both of them trying to gauge his reaction before they do. 
  • Nico kisses him once, the same way he kisses Jason right before he leaves for school (or uni. something like that), and even though Will blushes to the roots of his hair, he doesn’t hesitate to kiss Nico back
  • when Nico comes back later, it’s to see Jason and Will standing close to each other in the kitchen. foreheads resting against once another and smiling both like absolute idiots
  • (as it turns out Jason worked up the guts to just talk to Will. because you know, that’s far easier than some angst-inducing dancing around each other :D)
  • Nico is just so in love that very moment, seeing them like that makes him feel like he’s gonna burst, so what he does is wiggle between them and tell them just that
  • and yay, they live happily in love ever after c:

Misawa/manjoume is so cute like ok just think about

them sitting there discussing cards and strategies and Misawa trying to reason with Manjoume like “listen, big monsters are very co and get the job done, but if you had a few more strategies lined up your deck would be flawless!” And Manjoume just replying with “ok but consider this: Ojama King” and Misawa just sighing.

Or! Both of them wanting to kiss the other, but being to nervous to initiate it.

Also, Manjoume being visibly smitten and him snapping at his brothers because no he’s not a sap why do you keep calling me that I’m acting totally normal

Also Manjoume spending the night at Misawa’s and being flustered about sharing a bed even though it’s a California king and there’s more than enough space for the both of them.

Or, Manjoume trying to crawl into Misawa’s lap but no, get off of me until you wash your stupid jacket because you smell like something dead

Imagine hairbrush and baseball bat lipsyncing concerts in front of the bathroom mirror

Misawa blushing like a schoolgirl when Manjoume first calls him “Daichi”

Misawa being a total gentleman and asking Manjoume if he can kiss him, or touch him

Manjoume breaking out into a full body blush when Misawa tells him he wants to “go further” and trying to play it off like “uh, is your ac broken? It’s really hot in this room suddenly…”

( yo-queen I think I’m a convert 😩 I have so many feelings about this! )

ok, i think i’m done here.

i hate the show.
i’m not willing to ‘wait and see’ what happens at the next con.
i’ve blocked or unfollowed everyone who discusses the social/cultural damage done by fanworks (not saying i always disagree, just saying the subject is sapping my will to live).
my dash is 85% content for shows i’ve never watched. (that’s not a complaint, just a measure of how disconnected i am from the sherlock fandom at this point).

i’ll leave the blog up for a while if you want to mine it for anything, and i’ll post my 'saved as a draft’ folder next because the things i saved were useful references for fic mostly.

i haven’t decided about the unfinished stuff on ao3, but i won’t delete without notice.

i will always be grateful to sherlock fandom for giving me the ttobb experience (my first novel!), and the experience i had at the second 221b con which was just fantasic and a memory i absolutely treasure.

eta: anon-ask is now off, but way to confirm i’m making the right choice here.

personally, i love how mothy puts effort into making his characters not all good but not all bad, even the minor ones. a few examples of this from the pere noel novels:

  • marx felix, who entered his daughter in what would become a horrible marriage and supplied the police with a fake autopsy, examined his daughter 10 times in order to find a cure for her sleepless condition and earnestly thought the arranged marriage would make her happy.
  • egmont, the phramacist who saved everyone’s lives during the toragay serial killings, bought new millennium tree sap from the black market.
  • rita flohn, the midwife who delivered margarita felix and ran an orphanage, judged mayrana without even knowing her and decided in her mind she was an awful woman.
  • phoebe aymiex, the abelard servant who was caring towards lemy and felt indebted to julia, knew about their roles in pere noel and did nothing to inform the authorities.

see? mothy could have chosen to make these characters into flat, satellite ones. instead, he gave them moral ambiguity, to drive home one of his motifs in evillious chronicles: no one is purely good or purely evil.

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Spill it what do you love most about Bucky?

My muse has just taken a Truth Potion, send “Spill it” plus a question and they will answer. // accepting

“Everything.” Sam chuckles. “He has a good heart, deep down. Well, sometimes deep and deeper down but it’s there. Ya gotta look past the grouchiness and sass but he wouldn’t be him without all of that too, y’know.”  

Toprağa beraber dalacağız.
Ve bir gün yabani bir çiçek bu toprak parçasından nemlenip filizlenirse sapında muhakkak iki çiçek açacak:

biri sen, biri de ben.

Nazım Hikmet Ran    

Rambly Text Post

I know I haven’t been very active lately and I’m not sure anyone has noticed, with how fast tumblr moves, but I just wanted to pop up and say hi and let you know I’m around and I still have the same interest in the Sims. There’s just been a few things keeping me from it lately. 

One is the same as before, my husband and I have been trying to build a house for ages. We’ve been trying to close on a piece of land for months and we’re still not sure if it’s going to happen. So that has just been sapping up a lot of time and energy (mostly spent worrying and being anxious). 

Two is that I have way way way too much custom content for my game to run stably and I know I just did a cleanup but the task of going back in and cleaning it out is daunting. I think I might have two accounts on my computer, one for playing and one for building, as I tend to use way more content when I build. But I want to keep Mayhaven because it’s coming along so nicely. 

Three is that my stepdaughter is here for seven weeks so I like to spend a lot of time with her…HOWEVER she’s now nearly twelve and I will soon have two computers available for simming SOOO I might introduce her to the Sims 2 properly! (She likes to watch me make people and build houses but hasn’t really watched me play.)

So I guess my point is that I’m here but I have to figure out how to make the game playable for me since I really just want to play the game, but also keep all of my custom content for builds and things. 

I wish there was an easier way to accomplish this. But my methods still require me to go in game and go through every single thing. And while I’m organized, I do not have the time or patience to go into my downloads folder and take a picture of everything and put it in there. Plus, I feel like some of the downloads I do have are harder to find now that the Sims 4 is out and older content is being abandoned or links are breaking. 

Maybe I’ll do the account thing at least today or I can pare things down on my other computer. I don’t know. I just have to reformat my laptop and install everything and remove SecuRom and install the crack. I should have that done Tuesday night. At which time I will promptly be going on vacation with my husband and stepdaughter. ACK!

Signs and Wonders

If the dance of a leaf in the wind
is not a woman in disguise,
then I am not a man
and know nothing of holiness.
If the wind is not a plea
to change my ways,
the sap of maple
not an expression of mother’s milk,
the autumn rain
not a lament for Adam;
if papers dropped by strangers
are only papers,
and not reminders,
and peeling paint not portent;
if dreams are only dreams,
and not stories my father neglected,
what’ll I do.

Ted Eisenberg

In other news, I miss my girlfriend and I would really like to be laying next to her right now cause I love her and her body saps my warmth so I don’t get too hot under tons of covers cause I put the fan on high so my room is super cold and the blankets become an igloo of comfort.

Sev­gi­li Dost,

Bu sa­bah kuş ses­le­riy­le uyan­dım. Ne gü­zel de­ğil mi?Ha­yır, gü­zel de­ğil! Açık pen­ce­rem­den ok gi­bi da­lıp yas­tı­ğı­ma sap­la­nan kar­ga ses­le­riy­di. Kuş ses­le­ri de­di­ğim­de ak­lı­na as­la kar­ga­nın gel­me­di­ği­ni bi­li­yo­rum. Bu, kar­ga­nın da bir kuş tü­rü ol­du­ğu­nu bil­me­yi­şin­den de­ğil, kar­ga­nın tü­rü­nün en önem­li özel­li­ği olan gü­zel bir ötüş­ten mah­rum olu­şun­dan el­bet­te. Yü­zü­mü yı­kar­ken, aca­ba di­yor­dum; aca­ba tü­rü­mü­zün en önem­li özel­lik­le­ri­ni ta­şı­yor mu­yuz? Ha­re­ket­le­ri­miz ve söz­le­ri­miz ne­re­le­re sap­la­nı­yor? Aca­ba “in­san” de­nin­ce ha­tır­la­nı­yor mu­yuz?..

Ali Ural

okay but like why am i the biggest sap in the world tho?? being at that rehearsal dinner made me be like “wow i wanna get married when do i get to do that”