We’ll certainly leave pennies in the “take a penny, leave a penny” trays – not out of interest in helping a future stranger but just to unload the worthless, unwanted hunk of metal on some other poor sap. Purses and coin jars are overflowing everywhere with useless, coppery garbage that is illegal to destroy. The government itself is losing money minting pennies, spending 1.7 cents for every 1 cent coin they create.

Which leads to the question: Who on Earth is keeping the penny alive? The answer is Big Zinc. I’m not kidding. The main pro-penny advocacy group is sponsored primarily by Jarden Zinc, which makes about $48 million a year supplying raw coin materials to the U.S. government. They gave their organization a cutesy, groan-inducing name (Americans For Common Cents – ugh) to make it sound like a homespun, grassroots sort of venture, but it looks like the same old story of a company trying to protect its golden (or zinc) goose.

5 Outdated Things That Are Still Around For Some Reason

Title: By Tomorrow We’ll be Swimming with the Fishes

Fandom: MCU

Characters: Pietro x Reader, rest of Avengers

Word count: 1132

Notes: this is seriously teeth rotting fic, Anon, I tried, but I ended up writing something fluffy and what hopefully is funny. Gosh the fluff.

Request: X

It wasn’t supposed to be a hard mission, just picking up some loose ends and go back home in time for dinner. At least that had been the plan initially. It was mostly a recon outing, so Maria Hill employed Wanda, Pietro, Natasha and you for this one. She decided that bringing the big guns would attract unwanted attention (it did anyways) so it was better to stick to subtlety (not really). In retrospect, the plan was a terrible idea, because the moment you stepped within the military base area you were intercepted by a defense group, that apparently sprang from the ground like daisies.

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Oliver’s Polaroid Journey #3– May 22, 2015
Coronado, California

The pair walked down the beach, the newest member of their entourage walking perfectly next to them.  Oliver had actually fallen a bit in love with the dog once he realized she wasn’t going anywhere.  Felicity had decided a good name would be Ophelia and Oliver couldn’t find fault with it.  Felicity smiled, stopping and picking up the small piece of driftwood, drawing a heart with an arrow through it in the sand. 

“Really Felicity?”
“Really Oliver.”

Felicity took the camera from the bag they’d been keeping it in, snapping a photo of it just before the water came up and started to wash it away.

“It’s okay to embrace it Oliver.  I know deep down you’re just a big sap.”
“Only with you Felicity, only with you.”


Lime Nail Gall

A ‘gall’ on a leaf is a microhabitat of a small herbivorous organism; these nail-shaped galls on a Linden (Tillia sp.) are caused by Eriophyes tiliae, a mite.

This mite exclusively lives on Lindens, spending winters in the bark of the tree, and crawling out to the leaves to feel on sap in the summers.

Only 2 mm long, E. tillae lives inside the galls (sometimes called shielings or huts) for the duration of the growing season. The mites are protected from predators, and do little to no harm to the tree itself.

The galls aren’t ‘built’ by the insect, so much as they result from a chemical reaction in the plant tissues that is induced and controlled by the mite, which affects the tissue to blow up in colourful tubes.

Hani kızlar iki sevgilinin  evde yaptığı güzel şeyleri paylaşıp paylaşıp duruyorlar ya o paylaşanların sevgilisi olup eve çağırsanız  kız tarafından sapık damgası yersiniz.

fatherjerusalem asked:

You seem the be the person to ask about this, but now that it's summer tv season and there's nothing on, would you recommend going and watching those Chicago shows?

Oh, FJ, it’s like you couldn’t help but notice my degeneration into a Chicago Fire trash person over the past few months. I don’t watch Chicago PD (you can ask leoth3lion or cainc3 about that) but I am nevertheless honored to have received this ask.

I’m not going to front with you about it being, like, award-winning drama or anything, but there’s so much stuff in there I love. It’s not really a procedural; each episode has a bunch of different kinds of calls. I’m hugely pyrophobic, but I love the excitement of each of those mini-adventures. It’s a drama with its heart in the characters, based around these men and women who are devoted to a calling to the people of Chicago, and to each other. I’m a huge sap, so the whole firehouse family thing just makes me want to hug the world (and makes my brother mock me relentlessly. “The firehouse is their house, and the people in it are their family, and you never give up on your house or your family” is something he’s said to me at least three times. Which is basically accurate, I just resent the tone).

It’s not without its problems, which I see particularly with its treatment of female characters, and it can be soapy, but man, do I love it anyway.

So short answer: yes. And thank you for giving me to opportunity to recommend it.

((Helloooooo everyone! SO, yeah, I s'pose this is me popping back in! Kinda looks like some stuff went down…

In any case, sorry for the sudden inactivity. Work became sorta killer and my time and energy got sapped for various reasons.

However! I’ve fixed my recording setup, more or less, and I’m ready to poke around here again. Missed you guys~))

I was planning on seeing the movie again but I really don’t think I’ll enjoy it now, these messages have sapped all of the joy out of it for me.

anonymous asked:

Bana göre yalnızlık uğurun hesabına girip sap sap takılmak sana göre kardeşim?

benim blog kötü mü aaa .s


I was listening to the song “Oh It Is Love” by Hellogoodbye while I drew this AND I JUST. IT’S SO CUTE AND HAPPY ////////. Also! Somebody made a Connverse mix on 8tracks, WHICH MAKES ME FEEL SO HAPPY AND MELTY INSIDE, pls listen to it, it’s rly cute. (✿ ◕ᗜ◕)━♫.*・。゚

Edit: I uploaded a slightly smaller version to replace the original size one, tumblr made it look super shitty, hopefully this makes it look a little better?