hear me out though

having feelings for someone is like schrödinger’s cat

the cat’s in the box with the poison and the thing and it could be dead, or alive, and both are possible, but you can’t know for sure which it is until you open the box

and your feelings are the cat. and telling the person would be like opening the box

as long as the box stays shut, the cat could still be alive

and so could your heart

anonymous said:

Oh hey, I have a prompt for the gaming au. Everyone forgot about Weiss' birthday, and she's really upset about it. She decides to try to cheer herself up with some online gaming. When she logs on she finds that her online friends all remembered. They even tried to do something special for her, despite not being able to see her IRL.

Poor Weiss, will anyone cut her a break?? Set post-convention. (Also, I am completely aware that I am a huge sap!)

The door slammed shut behind Weiss with just enough force to rattle the frame. “Stupid ‘friends’ and their stupid empty brains.” She angrily jabbed the power button for her PC. “Stupid father and his stupid works hours.” She typed in her password and swore loudly when it was rejected. “Stupid sister and her stupid self-absorbed crap. Argh!” Finally she opened up World of Remnant and leant back in her chair, trying to take a calming breath. “We better kill something huge tonight.”

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Dear boyfriend!!

omg here comes a cheesy letter

Dear SB,

I’ve never been in a relationship that lasted over a year, and I know hope we will live long, happy lives with each other. A year ago we were three months into this relationship. All smiles, giddy, and still figuring out how to comfortably cuddle. We’re still the same except we’re expert cuddlers. Practice makes perfect, which can apply to something else too if ya know what I mean ;). There’s never a dull moment around you and I feel ridiculously blessed. 

Thank you for giving me a chance after I got myself together. You were patient and never asked for anything more than friendship. Even though some of our mutual friends hinted we should get together freshmen year, I’m glad we waited. We got together at the perfect time. 

I’m really excited for what the future holds for us! I know we’ve already had the “well we might get married ” and the “let’s not get a place together til we’re engaged or something” talks, so that’s relief. Everyone seems to know it’ll happen. Your mother even referred to your grandmother as my grandmother when I last talked to her. That’s a definite sign she sees it happening, yeah?? Yeah. 

I can’t imagine a life without you. I can’t even try to picture it. I can picture a future full of laughter, fantastic puns, and overly done home videos of our family. You





I love you a lot, I guess

so yeah

Love you,


Oh! I’ve just realised that Bodie wasn’t directing Doyle to the opposite side of the car in this scene from Backtrack because they planned to sit in the back together. It was because Doyle was probably planning to sit in the passenger seat all along. And Bodie couldn’t let that happen because he wanted to be next to him.

do you ever just start thinking about your best friend and how great they are and how, even if they can’t see it, you somehow know without a doubt that they’re one of the most incredible people you’ve ever met and it’s just like, they’re funny and cute and kind and beautiful and just so freaking important that you can’t even believe that you’re lucky enough to be friends with them??? i mean wo w

  • It’s just an L

  • It’s just a stare

  • It’s just a smile

  • It’s just a wink

  • It’s just a look

  • It’s just a lovebite

  • It’s just a jacket

  • It’s just a hug

  • It’s just a grip

  • It’s just a whisper

  • It’s just a tweet

  • It’s just a meal

  • It’s just a touch

  • It’s just a snuggle

  • It’s just a boy

  • and another boy

  • in love with each other

credit to the owners of the gifs

and here we are, 19 hair colours later, all grown up and not sophisticated at all but that’s why we love him :-)


Dear Matt,

I was just another girl in that huge line at Amoeba Music two years ago. I smiled and asked you and Karen, “Can you sign my bow tie?”

"Of course we can sign your bow tie!" You grinned at me.

I know I probably looked completely calm, but I was shaking and my heart was hammering. Meeting you meant so, so, much to me.

Because you don’t know, but saved my life. You, and your Doctor, saved me. Those years were the hardest I’ve ever had to live through. But I had Doctor Who— I had the Doctor and Amy in the TARDIS, and whenever I watched an episode (or had a day-long marathon— too many of those than I’d care to admit, haha), I felt so much better. I could escape, if only for a little while.

So thank you, Matt. Thank you for playing the Doctor. Thank you for those long hours on youtube watching your silly interviews. Thank you for the Christmases where the Doctor Who specials were the perfect present. Thank you (and Karen!) for signing my bow tie. Thank you for for being you. 

I will miss seeing your Doctor, my Doctor, my raggedy man on my television screen. But I can’t wait to see where your acting career takes you.