Sword Art Online Vol. 4: Fairy Dance
The soul went on a journey. From one world to another world.
From this life into the next life. And, longing for someone. Strongly calling to each other. In the past, in the big castle floating in the sky, a young man dreaming of being a swordsman, met a girl who cooked wonderful
food, and fell in love.

Although they no longer existed, their hearts after an endless
journey, finally met again.
-Chapter 8, Fairy Dance

I’m waiting for a better scan of this picture to edit! ><

This was one of the illustration included in the extra story wrote by Kawahara Reki and illustrated by abec-san! The story is included in the limited Bluray edition! I believe it’s related to Kirito and Asuna getting married. Not 100% sure though! Either way, this is a nice illustration!

Sword Art Online - First Day [Volume 8: Short Story] || 

This short story tells the continuation of the events that follow the announcement made by Kayaba Akihiko in the Starting City (first floor Aincrad) during the first day of SAO’s official service. Read to find out what happens to Kirito after he leaves Klein behind in the Starting City!

[Sword Art Online] Kirito Icon Set A

  • 100px by 100px
  • 20 Different Icons
  • Choice between border & no border

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