santosat said:

Anna! Lol, again.

Anna is such an intelligent person. She’s smart, funny, and beautiful. I see her so dedicated to everything she’s part of. And she’s one hell of a great dancer! (Winter Dance Concert is Dec. 1 & 2!)

At first, I never would have thought we’d be good friends. I knew we’d be friends, but never good, good friends. As I think about it, we’ve never met each other formally. It was the classic ‘meet new people in class and they’re just classmates for a long time’ kind of thing and I guess it was that we were in the same classes for 3 years (includes this year). And then of course Quynh and Kelsey brings us all together more closely, which is a wonderful thing! We have our little “best friends’ double date”!

I like your taste in clothes, admire your passion for learning, a love that you are a foodie (I’m getting there!). I also see that you’re taking up baking a lot now. I’m so jealous that you have a working oven and time to bake such delicious goodies. And may I add that I haven’t gotten the chance to eat one of them yet! ):

Hopefully, by the end of this semester I’ll be able to write more about you, which means we have to hang out more!

On a side note: Today, when Kelsey, Quynh, and I were at Tapioca Express, Kelsey and Quynh were expressing how jealous they were of you because you received the longest response back from Mr. Duran on Thanksgiving Day. We missed you today too! We can never be complete. However, me must stay true to our words about going ice skating.


You’re my number 1 tumblr crush. Look! You have a heart eye-patch! haha

Tumblr Crushes:

Meet my tumblr crushes. Don’t be too hesitant to drop a little note in their ‘ask’ box! They’ll appreciate it greatly, trust me. Crushes, keep doing your thing of maintaining a wonderful blog. Much love from your tumblr fan!

santosat said:

♧: Share the story of something that makes you smile.

I was in San Diego for a retreat with my brother and Dad. On the day Henry and I were given our Mindfulness certificate, my dad sat in a row that faced me; so we literally were sitting next to each other but a few open square boxes away. I turned my head to my right and saw him sitting there, not smiling. Then as I kept staring at him, he smiled at me in a huge grin. He doesn’t smile a lot at these functions, but then, when he smiled I began to laugh and smile. That moment there was pretty funny and will always make me smile.

Of course there are plenty of other things that make me smile. (:

santosat said:

Good morning Cindy! I wanted to wish you a happy day and remind you that you are a wonderful friend to me.

Oh! Well, good evening to you Anna! I had a good day, quiet day today. It was a bit unusual at school too… You, too, are a wonderful friend to me. And to remind you that our (Quynh, Kelsey, you, and me) Ice Skating day will be around Thanksgiving Break! My persimmon tree has been growing too! So I’m getting ready to pick some for you, Quynh, and I!