Register to the Advent Calendar!

This christmas will be held an Advent Calendar filled with goodies for your Sims 3 games! Just like a chocolate calendar, all you will have to do is wait for the days to pass, open this page to check each new day what gift have been made for you.

This post is a call for gift givers, be it sims, houses, paintings, poses, clothes, etc… Instructions for gifts are here, the calendar can be found here. If you can create something and you are willing to participate in this event, then send us an ask and pick up a day in December (from 1 to 24) where you would like to give your Sims 3 gift to all the community. Keep your gift a secret, even for us!

Don’t forget to tell us your sims blog username on tumblr if you are messaging with your personal blog. There will be no secret santa or trade, all gifts will be available for everyone! Don’t worry, if more than 24 persons participate they will be added too, the more, the merrier :)

It’s very soon to even think about christmas but at least everyone will be able to create their gifts with no hurry ;)

Reblog and spread the word!

All questions will be added in a FAQ if needed!

Artworks by simsinastorm

Thanks to the folks at the sims daily for the calendar idea!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you liked all the wonderful gifts every participants made this year. Make sure to leave a nice message on their own inbox to tell them you like their work! The wishlist event is still going on until midnight today, so go around and leave a gift to someone, can be someone on the list here, one of the creator who did a gift for this blog or someone on your own friend-list. 

Have a nice holidays, see you all next year!

Wishlists event!
For the 24th and 25th everyone will be gifting and receive gifts via the official Sims 3 Store! In order to be gifted something, you have to gift to others!

How does it works?

  • Send an ask with your sims blog username on tumblr and your username on the official site to be added on the list! 
  • Fill your wishlist with items from all prices, from 25 simspoints to 100, to give people choices. You can have more expensive items like sets or worlds but make sure you have enough small priced items!
  • Buy a simspoints bundle (as you can/use the points you have left) and pick random person(s) from the list to gift them item(s) from their wishlist on the 24th and 25th December.

We could make you prove by showing a screenshot of your purchase history that you did give to others but we won’t, it’s between you and your conscience ;)

Check out the list, the more people here the more fun!