I have been tagged by anotherfrankiewarrior, thank you! ily

ive been really bored yet kinda busy ;)

What was your:

Last beverage: wildberry juice.

Last phone call: with my mom, probably to bitch about something haha

Last text message: to a guy i used to like but not so sure anymore :/

Last song you listened to: shut up and dance - walk the moon

Last time you cried: like 4 hours ago, but then again, it is a part of my daily routine

Have you ever:

Dated someone twice: well, yeah.

Been cheated on: numerous times. fucking sucks.

Kissed someone and regretted it: oh yeah.

Lost someone special: if this means death, then no. but if it just means fighting with someone and then losing them in your life, then yes.

Been depressed: currently.

Been drunk and threw up: let’s not even get started on this.

List 3 favorite colours: purple, fuchsia and turquoise.

Last year, have you:

Made a new friend: yes!

Fallen out of love: unfortunately

Laughed until you cried: yes, thanks to my family

Found out who your true friends are: hahahaha, oh yeah.

Found out someone was talking about you: maybe? it happens to everyone 


How many people on your facebook friends list do you know in real life?: what’s facebook?


First surgery: never had surgery.

First piercing: bellybutton

First best friend: sadie, kindergarten.

First sports you joined: soccer.

First vacation: mexico when I was seven

Right now:

Eating: rice crackers

Drinking: wildberry juice lol

I’m about to: fall asleep with a box of rice crackers in my hand

Waiting for: my life to really begin. and to meet lee pace. (sorry, i just wrote the same thing twice, just worded differently. my bad.)

Your future:

Want kids: Yes. Lots.

Get married: Obvs. To jack gilinsky. ;) but seriously yeah I do

Career: animator for pixar. or anything in film in general.

Which is better:

Lips or eyes: LIPS.

Hugs or kisses: kisses. everywhere.

Shorter or taller: lee pace.

Older or younger: honestly, I don’t care. if we connect, we connect.

Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous. I don’t like planned out shit.

Nice stomach or nice arms: stomach. I want a toned stomach so bad. unfortunately, i also want chocolate so bad, and one is easier to get to than the other.

Sensitive or loud: this is a weird question, can I say both?

Hook-Up or relationship: Relationship. 100%.

Trouble maker or hesitant: Hesitant ngl

Have you ever:

Kissed a stranger: maybe when intoxicated

Drank hard liquor: yes. malibu is my shit.

Lost glasses/contacts: 20/20 vision ppl :-)

Sex on first date: Nooooooooo.

Broke someone’s heart: wish i could say I haven’t :(

Arrested: No.

Turned someone down: unfortunately yeah.

Cried when someone died: wtf????? obviously. have you seen titanic?? boy in the striped pajamas?? MARLEY AND ME????

Fallen for a friend: nope.

Do you believe in:

Yourself: meh. maybe a little, in certain ways.

Miracles: yes.

Love at first sight: yes.

Heaven: no.

Santa Claus: how is this even a question i saw him at the mall like a month ago alive and well

Kiss on the first date: yeah.

Angels: no.

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Tally Ho - Hike to bed, folks, here comes WC ‘Santa Claus’ Fields and four of his rein-dears, namely, Harriet Haddon, Joyce Matthews, Blanca Vischer and Alma Ross.  They are Paramount’s Christmas present to the country in The Big Broadcast of 1938.  It is the first picture the famous wag has mad in about two years.  He returns to the screen funnier than ever but as an added measure, Martha Raye has been cast as his dizzy daughter.  Jingle Bells.  Jingle Bells


【卓球部がサンタに望んだもの】〜 卓球芸人ぴんぽん

【What the table tennis club member wished for from Santa】〜 卓球芸人ぴんぽ

To Santa, I want to be good at table tennis.


So he means “go practice”…