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GoT meme | Relationships [5/9] → Sansa Stark & Tyrion Lannister

 “I know I am not the sort of husband young girls dream of, Sansa,” he said softly, “but neither am I Joffrey.” I could be… I could be good to you.” [dedicated to alayneestone & sansalayned]

I could literally rant for hours defending sansa she is a child who watched her father murdered & was left in the hands of people who only really care to keep her alive as long as it benefits them…she’s lost a lot of her family and & basically had her childhood ripped away from & her she is surviving the only way she knows how. she is not weak just because she doesn’t grab a fucking sword and try to fight her way out of kings landing she is incredibly strong & is just doing what she has to to stay alive I s2g I could go on for hours

fat-walda asked:

What is a network exactly??? I saw your post and for now I'm only liking it because I have never understood what it is aaahh

Basically a network is a bunch of people who chat together about a specific subject/character/ship they love, do edits, gifs, write metas and all that stuff…. <33

itr would be cool if you could join the Robb & Sansa defense squad… <333 especially since greywwind is on full hiatus i’m all alone managing it sooo… <33