Sunken Japanese WWII Battleship Located in the Philippines

More than 70 years after it sank during World War II, the legendary Japanese battleship Musashi has been discovered off the coast of the Philippines.

Billionaire Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has been leading an expedition to find the Musashi — one of the biggest battleships ever built — aboard his high-tech 414-foot-long (125 meters) yacht, the M/Y Octopus. The team announced this week that they finally located the shipwreck in the Sibuyan Sea.

"Mr. Allen has been searching for the Musashi for more than 8 years, and its discovery will not only help fill in the narrative of WWII’s Pacific theater, but bring closure to the families of those lost," a statement on Allen’s website said. Read more.

Makorra pissbabies: Wah why’s it KORRASAMI aRT AND NOT tEAM AVATAR aRT! or jSUT Korra

Uh cause they couldn’t show a fucking korrasami date in the show and they’re giving us one now, like I get ur mad ur bland str8 ship sank but like canon queer dates, let us have that.

I mean it’s a fuckin LOK/ATLA tribute show anyway so like why wouldn’t they draw Korrasami, there will be plenty of team or Korra art, like jeez.

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what is the French joke I don't get it

80 in french is quatre-vingts which translates to four twenties ((420) and 5 is cinq ((pronounced ‘sank’))) 🍁

New Days Mean New Beginnings

The sounds of chirping, the warmth of the sun, a breath of air tinged with the scents of healing herbs and slight perfumes. These were the things that tugged at him and made him open his eyes, despite the protests of his eyelids to the contrary. The familiar and vacant space of the ceiling hinted he was indeed back in his own room, but a creeping thought began to eat away at his sense of security. That thought grew until it was an actual memory and as the monk realized what it meant his body tensed and sprung up on instinct. A second wave of panic hit him as a pair of hands braced him down, and the panic died away somewhat as he looked up into the concerned eyes of another elf.

His sister.

"Easy," she pleaded sternly. "Just lie down! You’re safe now, I promise."

The siblings stared at each other for a long moment before Rook grunted and sank back into the mound of pillows under him. This certainly seemed real enough he thought, eyes beginning a slow roam of his surroundings. This was without a doubt his room, the Registry. He found it hard to think, but harder still to look on the worried face Amariesse Starsinger was bombarding him with. The deep furrows in her brow line, the uncharacteristic frown on her lips. Her whole being looked tired and heavy but still.. there was something different in her eyes. Rook smiled as he recognized it for what it was - clarity. A sharpness he hadn’t seen in ages. He found himself surprised, letting out a soft, hoarse chuckle.

"You look terrible," the violet-eyed elf chided with a faint smirk. "Don’t let Voltos see you like that."

Riesse’s face changed instantly to an irritated pout, and despite the great care she had taken with him a moment ago she gladly slapped his bare arm.

"Don’t be rude Rook! None of us have gotten much sleep thinking YOU might never wake up!" In the ever changing expressions the blonde mage wore, relief and fear began to mix and show. Her lip trembled suddenly and the beads of tears began to appear in her eyes as she lowered her voice. "You really.. had us worried you idiot. What you did was so foolish.."

Riesse bravely fought off a further sob; it took every bit of her strength to keep herself composed. Rook expected the same wave of emotion to begin affecting him but much to his shock.. it never came. In fact the realization kept him dumbfounded for a moment, but as he lay there watching his sister struggle with her emotions he reached to to lay his hand gently atop her head.


Riesse took a shuddering breath before meeting his gaze and speaking up. At least here she seemed to smile wistfully.

"All safe and home," she breathed. "Just a little worse for wear. And the Isle… well, when you’re ready, you should see it for yourself. But nothing to worry about right now. We won."

Rook nodded and closed his eyes, bringing his hand back to rest over his heart. That’s when he felt the faint, bumped line. This too was a quick realization, and he peeked his eyes open just a bit to note what he already expected - a scar, barely there, running over his heart. He knew it had its mirror in Carro’wyn, who seemed to absently rest her hand over her own heart, through the fabric of her robes.

"One step closer to being twins," she mused oddly. "Though I had mine first, so I suppose that makes me much more fashionable ..big brother."

Rook chuckled a bit and let his lids fall closed again. This was one scar he would wear gladly. Riesse smiled down at him and wiped at her eyes before putting on a face of good cheer, and genuine love for her Guardian and sibling.

"Now then," the Head of the Registry chirped. "How about.. a cupcake?"


Day 220 of #backbend365 and taking a break from making art to crank those shoulders wide open in a #downdogonthewall!! Such a blissful release as I sank deeper with my breath, my chest opened further and motioned deeper towards the wall. Lovely!!
by ewanyoga

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Nobody asked for it but here have Tessa/VampireSimon 18. Set a good 150 years after canon (and presuming Simon never got unvamped). It isn’t fluffy or romantic. It’s kind of awful and gory. 

This has the potential to be a long ass fic. I can see this becoming a full story. I can see where it starts and where it ends. I can see how the relationship would develop - weaving back and forth over the ‘just friends’ line. I did not intend that when I started typing. This just came out. 

Tessa sank down and leaned against his shoulder. She looked up at the ceiling and watched the lights cast by passing cars make the shadows of the tree branches dance. Suburbia. She hated suburbia. On the floor near them was a dead woman. She had died screaming and the room was splattered with blood and something viscous and silver.

“Too slow,” Simon said looking down.

“We aren’t always,” Tessa told him.

“Doesn’t matter for her,” he said

“It mattered to Annabeth, to Lauren, to that girl in Cincinnati,” she said.

They were nearly motionless as they sat on the dead woman’s sofa. Simon was a vampire. He was very good at still and Tessa was more than 300 years old. She was patient enough to sit without moving. Her long hair was held in a braid and when she took Simon’s hand the pearls on her bracelet brushed his wrist. Simon glared at the floor, at the things they would have to do to hide this so the mundanes never knew.

“Do you ever think we should just stop this?” Simon asked.

“And what? Go live on a beach and pretend that bad things don’t happen?” she asked.

“Leave it to the Shadowhunters and the Councils?” he suggested. Tessa looked over at him and raised her eyebrows. He laughed. In spite of how tired he looked, how angry he was, he laughed because he was Simon. He looked even younger than she did and she absently reached out to play with the bit of brown hair that flopped over his forehead. He leaned into her hand just a bit. They didn’t talk about these moments but they didn’t stop them either.

“Fine, that’s a ridiculous suggestion,” he said, “I just want this bastard thing dead before it kills anyone else. It tortured her. Look at the way the blood is, it didn’t just kill her because it was hungry, it made sure that it hurt.”

“It’s a demon, Simon,” she said. “Yanluo has been hurting people for a very long time. It likes it.”

Simon didn’t know why it was personal that this particular demon had made it back into the mortal realm. She never shared why this battle hurt more than the others but he knew that it did. He lifted his arm without disengaging their tangled fingers and dropped his arm over her shoulder. He held her tight before they stood up to do what needed to be done to sweep it all under the rug and then go look for the next nest and hope that no died before they found it.

Found | Charming and Regina

Regina had slipped a healing amulet into Jefferson’s pocket and watched it heal him. She grabbed her side in pain. This wasn’t going to work. He could risk hurting himself more to help her. She moved into the forest. Her leg kind of dragging behind her as she walked. Pain continued to slice into her body and she stopped more times than she wanted to. She had left a note telling him to not worry about her and that she would send help immediately. 

Limping through the trees, she eventually couldn’t go any further. Slipping to the ground she let out a sound and sank to ground. Leaning against the tree she watched as her blood pooled out around her.

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If Takao-kun had the ability to time travel in a machine, but was limited to only one use, where would he go?

"Hmm…. Maybe I—" Middle school. Second year. The fated match against Teikou. The soaring arc of the impossibly high shoot from a single Midorima Shintarou. The feeling of despair before the match even ended and hard, cold wood against his knees as he sank down and lost all hope.

If it had been last year, Takao wouldn’t even think about going back and replacing his younger self, as if maybe then he’d be good enough to get that infuriating Miracle to look back and acknowledge his team.

But that was then, and this was now. “Maybe I’ll just give it to Hyuuga-san. He likes the Sengoku period, right? ‘Cause honestly, I don’t really have a need to go back in time. I’m perfectly happy with where I am right now.”


Melinda listened to David say he never wished to leave a child parentless. Her heart sank and stomach twisted in knots. It would have killed him to know that he had, and that he had a child out there somewhere. It would kill him even more to know that she had never told him, and that she had abandoned her too.

Of course, David left before she knew she was pregnant, but she was positive he would never return. She tried to raise their daughter, and when she was old enough to be in school and see the other kids’ parents, she asked about her father. Melinda had simply told her that her dad had left when she was little, and that she probably wouldn’t remember it. She was lucky that her daughter was foolish enough to believe it. She wasn’t very smart, and she was extremely troublesome. She was rude to everyone, never speaking or saying thank you. Melinda hadn’t had many high hopes for the girl, and really she was just a nuisance in her life, so it was easy to leave her to her sister.

"Sutton," David said, pulling Melinda out of her thoughts. Their adoptive daughter walked into the room and hugged him.

"Dad, you know I hate that name. Why don’t you call me something else? Call me by my middle name!" She asked.

"It was the name your mother gave you when we adopted you, you should at least tolerate it," David laughed.

Melinda turned back to the stove and stirred the pot. “I agree with your father. I picked that name for a reason, you know that. Now, go get ready for dinner, and bring down your report card and laptop.”

"Okay," Sutton sighed and started to walk away.

"Excuse me?"

"I—I mean, yes, ma’am," Sutton scurried away before anything else could be said.

"…All this is just a new beginning."


And cue my AU!!! XD

Well, I’ve been home all day with pink-eye (ow BTW) and I was here when Scott released his new image, and honestly, once I figured it out (which was fairly quickly), My heart just sank and broke.
The idea of FNAF ending just hurts in a way. But, I started trying to think of something else, but then my AU popped into my mind. “What will I do with you?”, I kept thinking for a bit and looking at that picture that Scott posted with Freddy’s hat, and then an idea struck me. The canonical ending for the series matched up almost perfectly with what I had already of my own AU. Not only does it seems to take place a little bit before the time period of my AU, but most of the animatronics were destroyed in the fire, which would be a good reason to start over with new designs for them.

But I’ll fill in more about my AU at a later time.
But I hope you all arent taking the ending of FNAF too hard, I’ll admit, even though I made this to try and help, I’m still feeling quite down, but I have a feeling that, even though there may not be anymore OFFICIAL games, the Five Night’s at Freddy’s Fandom and series will still be reigning supreme for at least another year.

Unless Scott somehow tops huimself and makes an even MORE amazing series XD
But nothing will EVER be able to replace FNAF.
This has been THE BEST experience Ive ever had in ANY fandom.
But it isnt over yet guys, lets keep this hype train at full speed!!!